Spindizzy Worlds

a game by Ascii

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

Spindizzy Worlds

It's the 24th century and Earth's energy supply is seriously depleted. However, in Spindizzy Worlds, a nearby solar system, there's a vast cache of energy rich jewels. The only problem is that the Spindizzy Worlds have gravitational pulls that are unbearable for humans. Enter GERALD (Geographic Environmental Reconnaissance and Landmapping Device), your vehicle that spins rapidly to counteract the wild rotations of the Spindizzy Worlds. You're on a one-man mission to save the Earth from global blackouts.

ProTip: When your craft moves onto a switch, pause the game and survey the land to see what was affected.

A New World Disorder

This challenging, compelling puzzler sports killer graphics and requires a balance of nimble movements and carefully planned strategies. The basic goal in Spindizzy Worlds is to maneuver your spinning top (the GERALD) from the Start platform to the Finish platform while solving dilemmas and avoiding obstacles,such as a Gargoyle's head blocking the Finish platform. A switch will raise the head, but you can't avoid the other switch that lowers the head and blocks the path. This, among others, requires carefully planned, lightning-fast moves.

The game's levels are the moons that orbit larger planets. There are 30 planets and up to 15 levels for each planet.

The controls are very responsive. With a single button press, you can activate a really cool option that rotates your over-head 3/4 -- view perspective by 90 degrees. You may recognize the graphic style and perspective from Marble Madness for the Genesis. The soundtrack is repetitious, but not bad enough to make you dizzy.

When a wall hides the action, use the R or the L button to move the screen in 90 degree increments until you can see what's going on.

Take It for a Spin

This game definitely deserves notice, even if you're not a puzzler fan. The graphics and control are enough to wow you, and the puzzles will keep you up at nights. But, hey, don't take my word for it.

Go a few rounds with Spindizzy Worlds yourself. This game is tops!

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  • Super Nintendo

Just how far can you take it?

One look down, and you'll never know. After all, when you're racing along narrow catwalks, searching frantically for energy-crystals, there's no time to dwell on a fear of heights. Especially since the clock keeps ticking and you haven't even begun to explore this intergalactic maze. Maybe... over there! Another quick turn, and you're racing down a ramp so steep, you want to shut your eyes. Fighting to slow down, you catch some major - and totally unintentional - air. Mid-flight, you spot the crystals, but it's too late; you're already over the edge. Before you know it, you're learning what it's like to bungee jump without the cord. With thirty completely different worlds, and fifteen levels to each world, you may not make it on the first try - but you'll certainly get hooked along the way.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: ASCII
  • Machine: Super Famicom

ASCII is taking an Activision game and transferring it to the Super Famicom. Somewhat like Marble Madness, you must maneuver your top through a maze avoiding the obstacles and staying on the course. It's hard to control your top but, the game isn't done yet. Look for Activision to do it for the S-NES!

reggie posted a review
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