Super Bases Loaded 2

a game by Jaleco

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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It doesn't have name players or teams. It doesn't have the best graphics. It doesn't have great sounds. What Super Bases Loaded II does have in abundance, however, is playability. This is simply a fun and easy game to play.

Talkin' Baseball

The biggest flaw in the game is the lack of real-life teams and players. While other video baseball games sport complete Major League rosters and actual stadiums, SBLII gives you teams like Urbana and Rockford, leagues called Alpha and Omega, no-name players, and three fictional ballparks. At least your players get complete ratings in everything from power to speed, plus there are lots of top ten. But it's still hard to get emotionally attached to these never-weres.


  • If you're having trouble getting the bat around on fastballs, move your batter back in the batter's box to gain an extra split second.
  • The computer's runners are aggressive -- your outfielders can often catch them trying to take an extra base on hits to the gap.
  • Watch the computer pitcher's feet -- if he moves along the rubber, adjust your batter's position accordingly.

Balancing these shortfalls are strong graphics. Though not as involving as the up-close view in World Series Baseball, the standard behind-the-batter view works well, and the Mode 7 rotation gives you a good look at the field. This is especially true when you watch balls hug the foul lines. The players move with some choppiness and slowdown, and it can be hard to gauge where a fly ball will land, but these troubles don't impede game play.

The sounds are serviceable. That signature whooping noise on fly balls is intended to help you judge distance, but it's still annoying. Other sound effects -- the crack of the bat, the ball thudding against the wall, the umpire's calls -- are clear and effective.

Fair Ball!

The Super Bases Loaded games have always been popular, and this one will be, too, no doubt. For all its flaws, it's still a nice, uncomplicated game, as easy to enjoy as a relaxing day at the ballpark.

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Welcome sports fans to another edition of Super Bases Loaded, starring Jaleco! Once again, the field is mowed and ready to take anything you can dish out. The players are warming up in the bullpen, while the fans are just cramming their way inside. Super Bases Loaded II is full of action for avid fans of America's favorite pastime. Choose from a complete roster of the league's best hitters, pitchers and outfielders! Set up the batting order and head out onto that diamond grass field.

Throw the pitch and see a close up of the action, while the ball sails into the outfield for another perfect Grand Slam! If you thought the first SBL was good, then check out Super Bases Loaded II.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Super Famicom
  • Machine: Jaleco of Japan

One of the most impressive baseball games I've seen at the Tokyo Toy Show was Super Bases Loaded 2 for the Super Famicom. It puts to use the Mode 7 scaling, thus putting you right in the middle of the action. Everything that happens during the game, from the fielding to the intermissions, uses incredible special effects.

If a game looks cool, that's all fine and dandy, but this one also plays very well. Playability is what counts, and Super Bases Loaded 2 really shines.

The odds are very likely that this one will come to America, and if it does, I highly recommend it. Armchair athletes won't be able to put this one down, or anyone else who likes baseball.

reggie posted a review
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