World Series Baseball 95

Many gamers thought the original World Series Baseball was king, but the monstrously cool refinements in WSB '95 send that game and the competition back to the minors. Remarkable graphics, realistic sounds, and smokin' new features earn this game a trip to the All Stars.

Great Seats

WSB's hallmark was dazzling digitized graphics, and in this version, they're even more impressive. You bat and pitch from the same astonishingly realistic close- up view, and phenomenal backgrounds depict all the actual pro stadiums. This game really shows you what it's like to step up to a major-league plate.


  • Develop a feel for which combinations of pitches, speed, and aim work well for your pitchers.
  • Watch your pitcher's stamina; when he starts slowing down, warm up someone in the bullpen.

The fielding-view sprites remain a tad on the small side, but much more detail has been brushed into both views. The players and umpires move with lifelike realism -- the second baseman even fidgets if you're slow to select your swing.

Over the Fence

The killer features and customizable options will blow baseball fans out of the park. WSB '95 sports two new modes -- Playoffs and Classic Home Run Derby -- that nicely round out the strong original lineup of Exhibition, League, Batting Practice, and Home Run Derby.

Choose from all 28 major- league teams, three All-Star teams, and three Legends teams that feature historic greats like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. Stick with the real rosters and make trades during the season, or draft your own teams from a pool of all the major-league players.

With the Strategy option, you can fine-tune your fielders' positioning to match each hitter's tendencies, which are shown in a chart before each at-bat. Unlike other games, however, you can't adjust the batter's position or steer a pitch in the air, but you can switch teams at any point.

Grand Slam

A1 Michaels no longer calls the shots, but the clear, generic announcer keeps the pace lively, and the hissy choppiness that marred the original has been cleaned up. Striking sounds, such as the echoing announcement of batters, deepen the realism despite the feeble crowd noises.

  • Watch the shadow of the ball to determine the speed of the incoming pitch so that fastballs and changeups don't surprise you.
  • When chasing a long fly ball, start moving your fielder into position as soon as the view starts scrolling after the ball.
  • Prepare for each batter's strengths by using the Strategy option to reposition your fielders.

The responsive controls help you react quickly in the field, on the mound, and at bat. Stealing and leading off still demand awkward taps, though.

With adjustable difficulty and unending features, WSB '95 packs enough punch to entrance you for the whole season. Grab your glove and get ready for a great game!

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World Series Baseball 95 Downloads

Sega Genesis World Series Baseball 95 download
  • Sega for Genesis Sports

What we have here is a truly great baseball game. The developers included everything they left out in the previous version. Get this game!

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Genesis

Everyone knows how I feel about baseball, but our reviewer gave this such a good rating, I just had to put it up here. Get this one, it rocks (Did I say that?)!

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Genesis

Everyone knows how I feel about baseball, but our reviewer gave this such a good rating, I just had to put it up here. Get this one, it rocks (Did I say that?)!

reggie posted a review

Ball fans, beware -- Sega turned the top Genesis baseball game into a lame 32X game.

This WSB retains many sharp features and controls from the Genesis version, so you'll find big-league teams, modes, strategies, and moves. But virtually no improvements in the features or gameplay distinguish this game from the Genesis game. Why was a 32X version even necessary?

The lone 32X graphical innovation, a close-up on outfielders as they chase the ball, only interferes with the game. The graphics otherwise maintain the high Genesis standards, but you'd expect more from a 32-bit game, especially since the abysmal sounds earn a trip back to the minors.

Stick with Genesis World Series for a great ballgame.


  • Jump for homers as they fly by the fence -- sometimes you can spear them.
  • Track the shadow of the ball to determine when you should swing.
reggie posted a review
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