Dragon Sleuth Brittany

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a game by Cherry Blossom Games
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dragon Sleuth Brittany
Dragon Sleuth Brittany
Dragon Sleuth Brittany
Dragon Sleuth Brittany

Dragon Sleuth Brittany is a fantastic lewd adventure game that I have been following for quite some time now. I have spent a lot of time with this game and do not feel comfortable saying that this is one of the top lewd games of the year. It is just so well made and so much fun to play. I know that it does have a “furry” tag, but these are dragons so are they technically classed as furries? Anyway, with interesting characters, fun and varied gameplay, and some awesome art, if you like adventure games, you are in for a huge treat with this one.

The World’s Greatest Detective

No, we are not talking about Batman! In Dragon Sleuth Brittany as the title gives away, our main character is Brittany. Brittany is a dragon and she lives in a world where anhomomorphic dragons live. I thought that Brittany was such a fun character, she works in an office, but she has her heart set on becoming a detective and it just so happens that a case may have fallen into her lap that could kick start her career.

Who Stole The Dragon Eggs?

What we have here in Dragon Sleuth Brittany is a mystery about a bunch of dragon eggs that have gone missing. Brittany sees this as her chance to prove her worth as a master detective. I got a huge kick out of this story as it is all told with its tongue firmly in its cheek. I know that there is a lot of dialogue here, but most of the characters are interesting and as this is a “mystery” you do want to pay attention as you try and crack this case. It is fun stuff and if you come into it with a fun mindset, you will get a chuckle and enjoy what is going on.

A Real Scaly Super Sluth!

I guess you may call Dragon Sleuth Brittany a lewd RPG due to the kind of top down exploration stuff that is happening. However, after spending some considerable time with the game, I feel that it has way more in common with classic adventure games. We have a world map and a selection of different areas that we need to explore. We need to chat with other dragons, take part in a series of mini-games, and try to find all of the dragon eggs. The gameplay is very varied, but a few of the mini-game type scenarios do take a while to get used to. I would not say that they are janky or anything like that, but I do think you need to get to grips with them.

A Classic Detective Story With A Fiery Twist!

When it comes to the presentation of Dragon Sleuth Brittany, it really is something quite special. I know we have seen lewd games using pixel art a million times before, but this game has a very classic adventure game style to it that I just adore. I know the characters may not be sexy thanks to them being dragons, but they look cool and are brought to life with some awesome voice acting that is all in English! This along with the amazing animation really does make you feel like you are in this incredible world, trying to crack this case!


I have played so many great lewd games over the years and Dragon Sleuth Brittany is a game that is right on the best of the best list! This was just such a fun experience. I loved the story, the world, and the characters and felt that the gameplay was awesome, especially as I grew up playing classic PC adventure games. I enjoyed playing this when it was in an early stage, but now that it is more fleshed out, I truly would have to say this is one of the best modern lewd adventure games ever made!


  • I enjoyed Brittany as the main character
  • The voice acting surprised me with how good it was
  • It has amazing art and a very fun world
  • The adventure gameplay was engaging and a whole lot of fun


  • The mini-games do take a bit of getting used to
  • While the game looks amazing, I did not find the characters sexy at all

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

2023 has some epic lewd games, but Dragon Sleuth Brittany is easily in the top five that I am most excited about. As I write this, this game is not yet released, but I still wanted to talk about it as it is one of the most fun lewd games to be showcased in quite some time Hopefully, I can get a few more of you guys to get excited about this game and want to give it a chance when it is released.

A Part Time Detective

The main character in Dragon Sleuth Brittany is a dragon called Brittany. The game is about dragons and the people who make the game do say that it is aimed more at the furry demographic. Anyway, Brittany already has a job as some kind of admin assistant, but she has dreams, dreams of becoming a top detective and she may have just stumbled on a way to make this happen.

The Case Of The Missing Eggs

Dragon Sleuth Brittany is a game that is not taking itself too seriously and it has a story that is a lot of fun and is sure to make you smile and laugh. The basics are that a bunch of dragon eggs has gone missing and Brittany is going to use her detective skills to try and find them. Oh, and if she gets into a bunch of lewd and naughty situations along the way she will take that as a bonus and a welcomed perk of the job.

Not Your Typical RPG

I guess I would probably put Dragon Sleuth Brittany into the lewd RPG category as there is a lot of exploration that you have to do in this game to try and crack the case. However, rather than having the standard turn based combat approach to things. This is a game that is keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting with some different mini-games. Now, as I write this, I do not know what they all are, but they have talked about how you can fight in a dragon wrestling arena, play a game of beach ball and even take part in a milk collecting game. It sounds to me like they have gone above and beyond to take this game as fun as possible.

A Clear Step Above The Rest

One of the most amazing things about Dragon Sleuth Brittany is the presentation. The pixel art in this game is epic, not just the in game stuff, but the lewd CG content as well is all done incredibly well and the animation is truly some of the best I have seen in a lewd game that uses pixel art. The game is packed with lewd scenes and they flat out tell us that they will not waste our time and make sure the lewd scenes happen at a regular rate. As well as looking great, this game has full English voice acting that brings the characters and this funny story to life.


I meant it when I said that out of all the lewd games releasing in 2023, Dragon Sleuth Brittany is one of the top games I am most interested in. I know that as this is a preview, I cannot give the game a score, but this would easily be a nine or ten for me. I love the humor, the wackiness, the lewd content and it is even going out of its way to try and be a fun and exciting game to actually play as well. Plus, dragons are cool, but in this case, dragons are also very sexy too.


  • The detective style story is fun
  • Brittany is an awesome character
  • This game has some of the best lewd art I have ever seen
  • It is full voice acted!


  • As of me writing this no release date has been given
  • Will there be a reason to play through it more than once

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