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Download and delve into the complex world of Netorare games! Explore intricate relationships, navigate emotional turmoil, and experience stories that push the boundaries of traditional romance. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a realm where love and betrayal intertwine? Your heart-wrenching journey begins now!

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We love lewd games here at Gamefabrique and we have a whole section of Netorare and Cuckold games for you to check out. Now, if you want to know exactly what kind of XXX games we are talking about here, Neotare (or NTR) is basically games where cheating or forced cheating is a major theme of what is going on. Cuckold games are where a guy is put in his place by his partner as she bangs other dudes and makes him feel small! If that is your kink, you have well and truly come to the right place.

We have so many great Neotare and Cuckold games that we had a hard time picking where to start and we decided to go for, Ntraholic. This is a very popular lewd game that is great if you love corruption in your lewd games. There is a bit of a supernatural, deal with the devil type of thing going on here too, and a fantastic art style that gives the game a kind of lewd The Sims thing about it which is pretty cool.

For those of you that want an engaging story in your Neotare and Cuckold games, Hiroki: NTR is something that we highly recommend you check out. What we have here is a lewd visual novel that has some amazing art to move the story along. It is a game about a love that seems to be perfect, but when one character cheats on the other, things start to change and we see a very different side of these characters.

Next up we have the hilarious Cuckold Simulator. With a title like this, we could not leave this off our list here today. This is an open world kind of game where we play as a cuckold dude with no balls and no chin! It is funny stuff and the kind of game that you will have a ton of fun with. The game has a lot of XXX stuff going on, but it is all the wackiness and over the top nature of the game that is going to make this one of the more memorable Neotare and Cuckold games you will ever play.

What we have here with Cheating Wife is rather interesting. You catch your wife banging another dude, but you can decide how you want things to progress. You can either just accept this for what it is and you are a cuckold and just make the most of this new life. Or, you can use her cheating to your advantage to get what you want out of life and we kind of then go down a corruption or even domination route. It makes for an interesting lewd game that you may want to play through more than once.

Watching My Wife is another one of those Neotare and Cuckold games that has a lot of fans due to it being about a cheating wife. What is neat about this is that you can go down the route of being cool with this and encouraging her to have sex with as many guys as possible. Or, you can try and see if you can change her ways and make it so that she only wants you. It is a solid lewd visual novel game and one that has multiple ways that you can play through it.

If you want a lewd visual novel that has a very stylish anime look about it, we highly recommend that you check out Please Bang My Wife. First of all, the title of this game is awesome. However, what we have here is a fun lewd visual novel that gives you some neat choices to play and some truly epic and very hot XXX scenes that you are sure to have a whole lot of fun with.

Thanks for checking out our Neotare and Cuckold games section! If you love lewd games, especially those that do have cheating or cuckolding in them, you have come to the right place! These are just a few of the games that we have here at Gamefabrique that cater to this fetish!

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