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Explore games like Teaching Feeling and delve into a world of meaningful connections! Develop deep relationships, affect destinies, and make impactful choices in these character-driven games. Start your immersive gaming journey now!

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One of the most emotionally impactful lewd games you will ever play is Teaching Feeling. Here at Gamefabrique, we know just how much of a landmark title that game is and that is why we have a section dedicated to games like Teaching Feeling. These are lewd games that do offer you a lot of lewd content, but we felt for them to make our list here today they also needed to have a strong story and interesting characters for the player to interact with too. If you want a lewd game that is more than just sex, this is the right section for you.

If you want a game that has a very a very similar story driven vibe like you get in Teaching Feeling, we highly recommend that you check out Love At First Sight. This game is incredible and one of the better lewd visual novels that you will ever play. It may seem like a typical high school setting kind of story, but there is far more at play here. The story and characters are so strong that they will sit with you for a few days after you have played through the game as it is very impactful stuff!

How can you not fall in love with Liru as soon as you start playing Wolf Girl With You? This is one of the most visually impressive lewd games that you will ever see. What we have here is a game where you interact with this gorgeous looking wolf girl. You get to know her better and eventually, things start to heat up. With some of the best art and animation that you will ever see in a lewd game, it is impossible not to get sucked into this story and want to see all that it has to offer.

We really wanted to include a fantastic lewd JRPG style of game on our games like Teaching Feeling list and we feel that Princess Maker is a game that more people need to experience. This is a lewd game with a fantasy twist to it. What is great about this is that you are not only getting a fun lewd story to play through. The RPG gameplay from the management aspect, skill tree, and the tactics based combat are all very well thought out and a lot of fun.

Out of all of the games that we have looked at today perhaps Nai's Training Diary is the most similar to Teaching Feeling. Although, we do feel that this one here has a bit of a darker story with it which can make it a rather brutal story to play through. Still, if you want to experience a lewd game that does have a much darker and more impactful kind of story that is going to stick with you for a few days after you have played through it, this one here is going to tick all of those boxes for you. It looks great, but it is the writing that is the real star here.

We have suggested just a few of the amazing games that we have in our games like Teaching Feeling section. These are games that are more than just sex or big boobs! These are games that have some real substance to them. Be it, in the form of deep and complex gameplay or a story that is very well written with characters that show a lot of emotional depth so that the experience you get is a very memorable one. Be sure to check out all of the games we have here as there are some true gems for you to play!

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Family Feud

Based on the hit TV show of the same name, this game pits two families against each other in an attempt to guess the most popular answers to survey questions.
Sega Genesis

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