Latex Dungeon

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 7 votes
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Latex Dungeon
Latex Dungeon
Latex Dungeon
Latex Dungeon

Man did I have a lot of fun with Latex Dungeon. As I write this, this is a fairly recently released lewd RPG and it is one that has a lot of hentai style porn in it. We are talking monsters, tentacles, and everything in between. Truth be told, this kind of thing usually does nothing for me, but here, thanks to the MC being so hot. It appealed to me way more than it usually does. Plus, this is an RPG that I managed to get through in around 10 hours so it did not ask a ton from me in regards to my time.

A Mysterious Book To Another Land

The main character in Latex Dungeon that we play as is a super-hot chick called “Laven” I put that in quotations because this is clearly supposed to be a take on Raven from Teen Titans and I am more than ok with that. Anyway, Laven has this magic book and when she reads it, she is transported to a strange and sexually depraved land. Here she can try and free the land or just embrace all the sexual chaos!

Ch, ch, ch, Changes!

Before I get to the core gameplay of Latex Dungeon, I have to talk about the awesome leveling up system that the game has. Laven can pretty much “transform” her look. You can get different pieces of equipment for her four different body parts and these are a lot of fun and give you different benefits, but they also look different too. This was a very clever idea and made me want to play around and look at different combinations. Now, I never had this problem, but I did read that a few people reported the transformations would not work on occasion, but again, that never happened while I played.

One Monster At A Time

The gameplay of Latex Dungeon was way faster paced than I thought it would be. You roam the different areas, fighting any monsters that come your way. It is not super deep for an RPG, but to be honest with you that was one of the main things I ended up liking about the game the best. You get to take place in turn-based battles and these are pretty easy to figure out, but due to how over the top they were, they never got boring.

An Acquired Taste

The visuals of Latex Dungeon are great! The game has a very high-end pixel art style that is a lot of fun. The sex in the game is some of the most extreme that I have ever come across, but that is to be expected in a hentai game like this. Seriously, this stuff is as hardcore as you can get and while the monsters are gross and it is not usually my kind of thing, I dug it! The pixel art and the animations are all very well done and overall, I was impressed with how much variety to the XXX content there was.


Usually, I hear that a game has tentacles and that is me pretty much done. However, Latex Dungeon was different. I loved Laven as the main character and felt that the pixel art and the animation were first rate…. Yes, some of it is gross, but you cannot deny that it is very well done. Overall, the RPG gameplay here is solid, it may not be the deepest, but I liked how streamlined and straightforward it all was.


  • I thought the story was crazy and all over the place!
  • Laven was a fun parody of Raven!
  • The RPG gameplay was actually way more fun than I thought it would be
  • The pixel art hentai in the game is very well done


  • Some of the hentai scenes were more on the gross side
  • The gameplay is a lot of fun, but may not be in-depth enough for some RPG fanatics!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Latex Dungeon is an erotic role-playing game in which you have to find a way to choose from a crazy world that is enslaved by a sexual curse.


A beautiful girl named Laven finds a book on the street, very old in appearance. She takes it home, starts reading it, falls asleep, and wakes up in a strange world. It is inhabited by all sorts of creatures who constantly want sex. They can mutate right into battle, growing extra limbs, tentacles, and genitals. And Laven is surprised to find that she can do it too!


The developers from GODNASK DIGI CO made their project using the rpg maker program. It contains almost a thousand hentai-style animations. Here you can be raped at every turn by both cute characters and not-so-cute ones. But they all wear sexy clothes made of tight multi-colored latex.


If you don't mind erotic content in games, try similar games Action Taimanin, Summer Memories and H-Isekai Loves.


  • Colorful fantasy setting
  • Lots of unusual characters
  • The cute main character


  • Although you can get through the game without engaging in sexual intercourse at all, it's still only for adults

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