The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin

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a game by NTRMAN
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin
The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin
The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin

While The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin may sound like the title of some kind of storybook, this is about as far from a sweet fairy tale as you can get! This is a lewd visual novel and one that has a fair bit of charm to it. What I liked about the game was that it did not ask for too much of my time and I was done with it in just a couple of hours so I was actually able to beat this in one sitting.

To The Victor Go The Spoils

What we have here with The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin as far as the story goes is a fantasy kind of NTR thing. The Kingdom of Golden Kine has just won a fierce battle and in the process, they have decimated the goblin arm. As the King and his Queen, Priscilla stands victorious, she notices a lone goblin still on the battlefield. Rather than destroy him, she decides that she will take him in and see if there is any chance that humans and goblins can get along and live in peace.

Yeah, You Know Where This Is Going!

Look, Queen Priscilla getting corrupted and banged by the goblin is what The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin is all about, I am pretty sure we all knew that right off the bat. However, what is different about the way that this game tells its story is that we first play it from the point of view of her son, Prince Deren and we spy and see his mother get banged by the goblin and then we see the events from her point of view. You are kind of playing through the same story twice, but I thought it was neat and you get to see different things too.

I Would Bow To This Queen

The way that The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin looks is a bit of a mixed bag for me. It is like 95 percent perfect. Queen Priscilla is a real knockout and there is a scene where she is in the shower being spied on and it is awesome. She has a great body and I love her design, the whole game has this watercolor type thing going on and it is very nice to look at. Now, where the game falls flat for me is seeing this delicious looking milf getting banged and her boobs sucked on by this ugly little green goblin! Hey, some people like this kind of thing and if you do, more power to you and you will love this! There is a little bit of animation here and there, but nothing all that spectacular.

Only One Way This Thing Goes!

One thing that I liked about The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin and I am sure a lot of other people will like too is that this is a pretty simple lewd visual novel. You only have a couple of branching paths and from what I could tell, the ending was going to be the same no matter what so once you have beaten both POVs that the game has, you have seen and done it all. I love all styles of visual novels, but I sometimes am just in the mood for something a bit more basic, something I can beat in one evening and that is what this offered.


I was very impressed with The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin. I am not sure if there is going to be any more content added as what I played seemed like it was complete. If you want a lewd visual novel that is not going to take up much of your time and is fun and has an amazing looking milf to see naked, you certainly should make the effort to play through this game.


  • I thought that Queen Priscilla was very hot!
  • The game lets you experience the story from two POVs
  • You do not have to worry about this taking up a lot of your time
  • If you are into monsters banging hot chicks, you will get a huge kick out of this


  • That little goblin fellow may be packing downstairs, but man is he ugly!
  • I think a bit of humor in the story could have been good

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sometimes the rapprochement of opposing races comes much closer than you'd like, and so it did in the erotic visual novel The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin. What art of diplomacy do you need to master to establish diplomatic relations with a goblin, and how will this affect life in the royal castle?

Prosperity is inhibited by war

The great human kingdom of Golden Kine has prospered since its founding and knew no trouble until the announcement of the vile goblins in their lands. The hordes of little eared hunched and green creatures were as advanced in military technology as humans and posed a danger to the entire human race. Years of exhausting warfare ensued. There were many casualties on both sides, but the human kingdom won a long-awaited victory.

Victory and reconciliation

The Goblin Horde fell, the leaders fell, and the remaining goblins scattered and created small settlement camps from small groups. The king decided not to finish off the survivors and happily declared his kingdom the victor. The king's faithful wife rejoiced along with everyone else, but this outcome of the war did not please her at all. She had to do something and make friends, get to know these creatures, who immediately became enemies at the first contact with humanity. Lucky for the queen, a surviving goblin was found in a catapult, who could tell a lot about their culture, but in what way - find out in the plot of the short story.

Choice Without Witness

The gameplay is standard for the genre and somewhat reminiscent of Milfy Day. Make choices and influence the course of the story. It seems the queen has gone too far in her attempt to get to know the goblins better and now has a close bond with the picked creature. Hiding in corners of the castle for intimate encounters with a goblin is basic gameplay. But you have to choose places wisely, because the queen can get caught and report her adventures to the king. One such eyewitness chose not to report her presence and the player can choose from whose position to observe:

  • Queen Priscilla is a queen who has crossed the line in her attempts to get to know goblins better. Priscilla now uses the goblin as her sex toy.
  • Prince Deren is the queen's son, crown prince of the kingdom, and an unwilling witness to his mother's adventures with a goblin

The choice will only change the point of view of the story, do you want to be the center of events or a mute observer? Decide for yourself in the visual erotic novel The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin?


Watch the palace passions in the visual novel - The Queen Who Adopted a Goblin and become a participant in the scandalous events. Collect quality erotic scenes in the gallery and just enjoy the vulgarity of the human queen.

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