Download Intoxicant and play as a bartender trying to have sex with a hot chick that walks into your bar. Mix drinks, listen to what she has to say, and then if you do it just right, you can have sex with her in this fun lewd game!
a game by HotPink Games Circle
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 29 votes
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Man, Intoxicant is a game that I feel is a great “proof of concept” kind of game and something that I would love to see fleshed out into a more fully developed game. This is a very short lewd game, but it has a very cool presentation and the premise of the game is something that I found to be interesting. There is no actual way to fail in this game so once you have seen all the stuff it has to offer, there is nothing really here pulling you back. However, I do feel it is worth playing as it is a pretty neat experience.

Out Of All The Bars In The World, She Walked Into Mine!

The plot of Intoxicant is that you are a bartender just working your shift and minding your own business when this super hot chick walks in and asks for a drink. She eventually opens up to you and you learn more and more about the girl. I really like the idea of this and think that with a bit more fleshing out it would have been really awesome. The chick is pretty interesting and I legit wanted to learn more and more about her so the game did a good job in making me feel a connection to her.

Pixelated 3D

The art in Intoxicant is very interesting and pretty unique. The game is done in a 3D way but the chick and the world, in general, has a pixel art style. It is very hard to explain and I know it sounds like it could be a mess, but that is not the case at all. From the bar, to the bedroom, this is a damn fine game, plus the girl is very attractive. There are only three different sex scenes for you to work towards, but I think all three are done very well.

Shut Up And Dance

Nice little Aerosmith reference for you guys there. Anyway, one of the things that most surprised me about Intoxicant was that it featured voice acting. The chick in the bar is fully voice acted and she talks in a pretty slow and deliberate manner. I can see this being something you either think is pretty hot or you will find way too slow and off putting. For me, I found her voice to be pretty attractive so I liked it.

Mixing A Cocktail For Love

The actual “game” portion of Intoxicant is very simple. You have to make her a series of drinks, but the twist is there is no way to fail. You just make whatever the hell you want and you do this by clicking on the various ingredients. I think that they were going for a nice, easy and relaxing kind of experience here and they certainly achieved that, but I think making it so it is impossible to fail is a mistake. Some kind of consequences for getting it wrong or even a high-score system would have made it more engaging.


As there is no way to fail in Intoxicant it is the kind of game that anyone can play. I had fun with this and think that it was a good way to relax after I spent three hours slogging through Guardians of the Galaxy on Xbox last Saturday. I do think this is worth your time, but I do not see anyone coming back to this once they have seen all of the sex scenes. I do think that they have something special here and I would love to see them take another crack at this and make more of a game of it.


  • I loved the art style they went for in this game
  • It is a pretty relaxing game to play as there is no way to fail
  • The chick in the bar is very attractive
  • I think with a bit more work, they have a game that could be very special here


  • There is no real challenge here at all
  • The lady's voice might be a bit slow paced for some people

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Bars, clubs and other places closely connected with alcohol - a whole collection of all kinds of stories of human destinies, a lot of such stories can share the hero of the erotic clicker - Intoxicant. Pick the right cocktails and the right words to get one pretty customer to trust you with her whole self.

Entertainment After Sunset

An ordinary bar that was popular only with drunks and passing office workers. The faces have long been familiar and the main character, the establishment's bartender, could have long ago completed a course in psychology, because listening to people's problems has become his extra job. But one rainy night a stranger with a rich mop of fiery red hair burst into the semi-darkness of the room. It seems that the girl will share her stories, but only after the right cocktails. Becoming a regular customer girl becomes something more to the bartender than just another drunken face who decided to tell about his wife.

The Right Approach

The right drinks are the way to a lady's heart. A girl enjoys chatting about herself and her life, but the more you get to know each other, the greater the chances of getting closer. Create the right drinks and give the right advice, then the girl will open up to you from her lustful side.

Love doesn't get in the way of work

The gameplay will involve not only talking to the girl, but also creating cocktails. No one will allow you to mix a disgusting potion, because the game has a pre-made system:

  • View menu with recipes. Three categories of alcohol: whiskey, vodka and rum. Each drink has at least five more recipes, following which it will be difficult to go wrong in the mix.
  • Mix the alcohol. First, find the right ingredients and throw them into a shaker. But even this part requires instruction, because you have to stir for a certain amount of time and with a certain frequency.
  • Present the lady with the finished product. She will not be upset, even if it is not exactly her order, but definitely will delay the moment of your rapprochement.

With such uncomplicated manipulations, you can reach all sorts of erotic scenes. Some of them don't even require the perfect cocktail. What alcohol didn't do, charisma will.


A little work, a little carnal fun, a little philosophical reflection-the perfect cocktail of happiness for the provincial bartender. How else to build a personal life if you're sitting in a dark basement all the time? Find out in the squeaky-clean, erotic bartender-canova simulator, Intoxicant.

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