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Selection Criteria: Games that parody or satirize popular media, often with adult themes, explicit content, or suggestive material.

Download hilarious adult parody games and experience your favorite franchises with a naughty twist! Laugh at raunchy humor, indulge in mature content, and have a blast with these irreverent titles. Get ready for a wild ride through parody and satire!

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If you want to experience the best and most naughty adult parody games, you have come to the right place! We have put together the most epic selection of lewd parody games here. From games that poke fun at your favorite anime, movie, or another game to games that kick the sex factor up several notches!

As we have so many great games in this section, we wanted to highlight a select few that we feel would be a great place for you to start as you check out our XXX parody games section.

When it comes to adult parody games, we would wager that no game has been parodied more than Five Nights at Freddy's. It is hard to pick just one lewd parody based on this game, but we feel Fuck Nights At Fredrikas is a great place to start. This is exactly what a XXX parody game should be! It has the same kind of gameplay and story as the FNaF series where we are working as a security guard trying to keep these animatronics at bay. However, everything here is sexed up and these animatronics want to have their wicked way with you!

Next up we have one of the adult parody games that is not just a XXX parody of one particular franchise. Parody Sex Life is like a lewd visual novel/dating sim kind of game. You have characters from many different anime series that you can try and get to know better. We are talking stuff like One Piece, Dragonball and Naruto! You can try and find that special someone, or you can go the harem route and have a whole load of anime babes who are willing to do anything that you want!

There are many My Hero Academia games such as My Hero One's Justice 2, however, we are talking about adult parody games here and this series has a ton of them! One that is very popular is Hero Sex Academia. This fun lewd parody has us playing as a character whose powers have not yet manifested and our superhero dad has disappeared! It is a fun and very XXX story that has a lot of twists and turns with gameplay that offers you a mixture of lewd visual novel and RPG combat.

While there are certainly more than a few games based on the awesome animated series, Ben 10. There is also a whole host of adult parody games based on the popular Cartoon Network series. A Day with Gwen is a fantastic short, but sweet lewd parody game where we are spending the day in the RV with a Gwen that is all grown up! This is a very well made lewd visual novel that has a lot of fun fan service and some epic XXX scenes!

If you are someone who is a huge fan of Pokemon games, we have a ton of awesome, hot, and fun Pokémon adult parody games such as Pokesluts here. If you have always thought that there was something sexy about Dawn and Misty, this XXX visual novel is the game for you. You get to see your favorite Pokémon trainers in some fun adult situations. This is a fantastic lewd visual novel that has a lot of hot and steamy action, but it also has a very fun sense of humor about things.

We have one more recommendation for you and that is the over the top and crazy Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex! This whole series is fantastic and it is one of the most fun adult parody games. It has a story that has Master Roshi really wanting to get a bit of action and he is willing to travel the multiverse in order to make this happen! If you want to have some laughs, this game is perfect for you! It is a very well made lewd RPG and if you are someone that loves your Dragon Ball games you are going to get a massive kick out of this.

We are always going to be adding more awesome adult parody games here so be sure to keep checking back as who knows your favorite show, game or movie could get the XXX treatment next!

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