Pokemon My Ass

Download Pokémon My Ass and see, catch, and bang Pokémon like never before. This is the most hilarious XXX lewd game that you will ever play. This is like a classic Pokémon RPG, but with some very mature humor and tons of crazy sex scenes.
a game by Lucas urso
Platform: GBA (2010)
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 22 votes
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Pokemon My Ass
Pokemon My Ass
Pokemon My Ass

There are many Pokemon hacks out there, but Pokemon My Ass may be one of the funniest I have come across. This is actually a hack of the Game Boy Advance game, Pokemon Fire Red so if you have played that game before, you will feel right at home here. Just be warned that this is one Pokemon hack that is certainly not suitable for little Pokemon fans, but that is a huge part of the appeal for this game. It is kind of like if Seth Macfarlane made a Pokemon game!

Gotta Catch Them All Dumbass!

Where to start with the story of Pokemon My Ass? This is a more vulgar take on the world of Pokemon. What you have here is a Pokemon trainer who has some serious tude! If you are playing as the boy character you will be wearing a cap and no shirt! If you are playing as the girl character you will be playing as a girl in lingerie! What does this have to do with anything??? I honestly am not sure.


The real selling point of this game is the way it changes things. Some of the humor here is very funny and really quite offensive which I will admit made me laugh. If you like things like South Park or Family Guy, you will be fine here. Saying that though, while this is certainly a more profanity-filled take on the world of Pokemon it does not quite go as full-on as you may be thinking.

Do not get me wrong, seeing Brock have a leather outfit and not being sure of his sexuality is amusing, but the game could have been way more risqué and I think it would have been even better for it. Some of the banter between trainers is great and then others do suffer from strange translations where it is like something was missed during the translation.

What About The Gameplay?

A few changes have been made to the gameplay, but I am not so sure these are for the best. This is still a fun Pokemon game and those who have played Pokemon Fire Red before will get the hang pretty quickly. The issue with the game is that some of the trainer’s difficulties have been ramped up really high and it can be a little on the frustrating side to take them down.

Overall, I think that if you like toilet and offensive humor that you will probably get a few chuckles out of what Pokemon My Ass is offering. I just wonder what it would have been like had they gone full rated R with this instead of dancing around it a bit. If you like Pokemon and want to play a rather different kind of Pokemon experience, give this one here a look.

Final Score: 7/10


  • Some of the humor is very funny
  • The character designs are pretty fun
  • The banter between characters can be great
  • The idea of the game is clever
  • I like some of the graphical changes


  • Some of the humor falls flat
  • The difficulty is all over the place

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Today we are having some fun by checking out Pokemon My Ass. This has to be one of the most famous parodies of this series and it is something I played through a couple of times now and I think that it really is one of the best hacks we have had of this series. It pokes fun at what we know and love and it does it in a way that just hits you every time. I know that it does have a couple of issues, but for the most part, if you are a fan of this franchise, you are going to have a blast with this game!

A Tale As Old As Time!

One of the things that I got a kick out of with Pokemon My Ass is the way that it is such a fun parody of what we know and love about Pokémon. The basics are the same here. We are a Pokémon trainer and we are trying to show the region that we are in fact the best around and that we can catch them all! It is such a funny story and really does play into many of the cliches that we know of the series. I think that the person who wrote this is clearly a huge fan of the franchise.

Pokémon Extreme

I want to stick with the story of Pokemon My Ass for a second here. This is a very curse word heavy kind of story that has some hilarious crude humor that is sure to make you laugh. I have played the game a few times now and I still crack up at just how absurd and crazy it all is. I especially love how it takes some of the tropes and even the characters of the Pokémon series and makes a big joke out of it. Now, I will admit, it may seem like a foul mothed ten year old came up with many of the gags here, but I found the rather immature nature of the whole thing funny.

Hacking To Bits!

The idea of Pokemon My Ass is that they have taken the Game Boy Advance game, Pokémon Fire Red, and used that as the basis for this hack. That means you do get many of those assets from that game, but they still put a ton of work into this. There are new Pokémon here as well as some awesome, hilarious, and also disturbing redesigns of classic Pokémon and characters as well. It is all done in a tongue in cheek kind of way and it certainly made me laugh on many occasions.

Keeping You On Your Toes

If you have played Pokémon Fire Red, you know what to expect here with Pokemon My Ass as far as the gameplay goes. This is a classic GBA style Pokémon adventure. However, the gameplay here is a bit mixed. It all plays well enough and the quests and battles are fun. However, this is way more difficult than you may be expecting. It is not so much that it is difficult, it is more the difficulty is all over the place and rather uneven. The game can verge on being too frustrating, especially with some of the elite trainers that you have to face. I think if the difficulty progression was more of a “climb” than these sharp difficulty spikes, the game would be far better.


I will say that Pokemon My Ass is a game that is clearly made with Pokémon fans in mind. This is a fun take on a GBA classic and I have played through this a few times now. I love the whole immature toilet humor style story that is going on here and all of the references and parodies are very well done. I know that the game does have some issues with the difficulty spikes, but I do not think that spoils the game at all. If you have played the GBA Pokémon games and enjoyed them, you will get a huge kick out of this.


  • Pokémon fans will have so much fun with the story
  • The redesigns of the famous Pokémon are very well done and funny
  • At its core, this is a classic (but very naughty) Pokémon adventure
  • I liked all of the awesome references to the games and TV series


  • The kind of humor here is probably going to be an acquired taste
  • I wish that the difficulty spikes were not as severe

While Pokemon My Ass has been out for a while, I recently played through it again and had so much fun, I had to come and talk about it. While there are many hacks of this series, I would probably say that this is one of the funniest ones out there. If you are a fan of this series, you are going to get such a kick out of this and probably never look at some characters the same way again. It is certainly not a perfect game, but I still had a great time with this and it legit made me laugh in many places.

You Wanna Be The Very Best?

The overall story that is being told here is not some epic adventure, but Pokemon My Ass is still a great experience. It is the age old Pokémon story where we play as a trainer that is going on an adventure to try and catch them all and prove we are the best. As this is a parody game, we get into a whole lot of naughty and funny shenanigans along the way. It certainly is not for the faint of heart as this is one of the most foul mouthed Pokémon hacks you will ever play, but that was what I loved about it!

Pokémon Guy

Look, Pokémon My Ass is not going to win any awards for its sophistication. It is like if South Park did an episode ripping on Pokémon or if Seth McFarlane decided to make a Pokémon series. It is filled with lots of swear words and toiler humor, but that is something I got a real kick out of. The game is packed with forced attitude and the fact that it takes characters and situations we know so well and puts a funny and ridiculous spin on things (Brock being a prime example) made me chuckle a great deal. However, I am also rather immature so I could see why for some, the humor may fall a bit flat.

A Fiery Red Face!

I probably should have mentioned by now that Pokemon My Ass is a rom hack of the Gameboy Advance game, Pokémon Fire Red, which itself was a GBA remake of the original Pokémon Red. The game uses the same sprite style, but there has been a lot of work done here to make things more naughty and funny. This ranges from brand new designed Pokémon to some having the funniest and strangest redesigns that you will ever see. Even the characters we play as are funny!

Laughing In Your Face

As this is a rom hack of Pokémon Red, Pokemon My Ass plays very similar to that game and that is both good and bad. There is a few “quality of life” improvements made here, like being able to evolve some Pokémon much easier. However, the overall difficulty of this game may be a turn off for some people. The difficulty is very uneven as you can go around, fighting wild Pokémon and have no trouble, the some of the trainer's difficulties are just way too high and it can become a bit on the frustrating side if I am being honest.


Look, you have to be a Pokémon fan and enjoy playing the older Pokémon games to get the most out of Pokemon My Ass, but that is pretty obvious. I found the wacky toilet humor in this game to be very funny and even though it was hard as nails in places, I had such a blast with this as I never knew what the hell was going to happen or be said next! It made for a very foul mouthed Pokémon adventure that I am pretty sure I will never forget!


  • This game will make you laugh
  • I found the Pokémon designs to be hilarious
  • They did make some interesting improvements to things
  • There are Pokémon from later generations here


  • The toilet humor may get old for some people
  • There are several difficulty spikes that may be off putting

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