Pokemon Platinum Randomizer

Download Pokemon Platinum Randomizer and experience a fresh twist on a beloved classic! Discover randomized Pokémon, unexpected encounters, and unpredictable challenges. Embark on a unique Pokémon adventure and play now!
a game by PointCrow
Platform: PC (2009)
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User Rating: 8.0/10 - 37 votes
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Pokemon Platinum Randomizer
Pokemon Platinum Randomizer
Pokemon Platinum Randomizer

If you’re tired of replaying the same game you’ve been playing for the last 13 years ad nauseam, add some spice to your adventure with the versatile Pokémon Platinum Randomizer. This handy tool lets players customize the aging NDS game to their liking, including an array of nifty options that lets them create the ultimate Nuzlocke experience.

The added challenge of a Nuzlocke run is the perfect way for trainers to test their abilities, and it’s even better for those players who already have some experience with the base Pokémon games. That said, new players who are not looking for an insanely difficult challenge might prefer to look away, as this is a severely punishing experience.

Nuzlocke’s Horror

Veteran Pokémon Platinum players, or players from any other Pokémon game for that matter, must certainly have heard of Nuzlocke runs. This challenge, originally created for Pokémon Ruby, involves handicapping yourself to a maximum degree, punishing players severely for any and all mistakes during battles.

The rules for a Nuzlocke run are simple:

  • Players may only catch the first Pokémon they encounter in a new area.
  • If a Pokémon faints, they’re considered lost and must be released via a PC.

Some players have also taken to naming each Pokémon they catch as a third rule, but this has no bearing on the actual gameplay. A Nuzlocke run is essentially a permadeath mode for Pokémon, giving veteran players of the franchise a taste of what playing a Fire Emblem game is like for a change.

Random Encounters

Now, what does a Randomizer have to do with Nuzlocke runs? Everything, actually. The Pokémon Platinum Randomizer adds an extra layer of uncertainty to any Nuzlocke challenge run, making them all the more unpredictable and difficult. Imagine not knowing what level or species the first Pokémon of every area is going to be.

The Randomizer, much like the popular Universal Pokémon Randomizer, mixes all the content in Pokémon Platinum and gives players no clue of what they’re going to get. Everything from a level 100 Lugia to a level 1 Magikarp could be the first Pokémon you find in the wild. This means that players will have to build their parties on the go, with little time for preparation or even strategy.

While that might sound hard for a normal Pokémon Platinum playthrough, it’s pretty much hell for a Nuzlocke run. As such, this Randomizer can only be recommended for veteran Pokémon players, as the experience can be downright frustrating sometimes.

Catch ‘em All

Another side effect of using the Pokémon Platinum Randomizer is that players will be, in theory, capable of completing the National Pokédex without the need to change with some other version.

Pokémon from other generations are available in the wild thanks to the Randomizer, letting players catch elusive Pokémon that were first seen in the previous three generations.


Players who aren’t looking for an intense battle challenge might still find some enjoyment with this game, but the chaotic nature of the random encounters and the insane difficulty make Pokémon Platinum Randomizer a tough sell for anyone who’s not entirely interested in hardcore Pokémon challenges.


  • Great for Nuzlocke runs
  • Tons of Pokémon to catch
  • Refreshes the Pokémon formula


  • Insane difficulty might feel unfair
  • Some randomizations leads to players getting inevitably stuck

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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