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Sim Earth

If you've ever wondered what it's like to create and maintain a complete ecosphere, here's your chance to give it a try.

Wings 2

Wings features a mixture of gameplay styles including 3D dog fights, top down bombing missions and scrolling strafing sections.


Isometric arcade game with a puzzle elements.

Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games

Arcade game featuring the Lion King characters.

Super 3D Noah's Ark

The level layouts, weapons, and enemy behaviors in the SNES version is identical to Wolfenstein 3D, but the graphics were changed to reflect a non-violent theme, instead of killing Nazi soldiers in a castle, the player takes the part of Noah, wande..

Space Ace

Space Ace follows the adventures of the musclebound hero Ace. At the start of the game, the villainous Commander Borf attacks Ace with the "Infanto Ray", a weapon that transforms him into an adolescent version of himself, and kidnaps his girlfriend..

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire

Players choose from one of six scenarios that determine the initial layout of power in ancient China.

P.T.O.: Pacific Theater of Operations II

P.T.O. is a WWII simulation on the Pacific. Relive this theater of war by either taking the side of the Japanese or Allied forces.

Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods

The player adopts the role of a deity and assumes the responsibility to shepherd people by direction, manipulation, and divine intervention.

Metal Marines

After a massive Anti-Matter chain- reaction accident, the shattered Earth is in chaos. The only order is a cruel empire ruled by a former Federation general. This dictator's only opponents are you and your Metal Marine warrior robots.


Most of the gameplay in Dragon View takes place through a side-view Action RPG hybrid system.

Dragon View

Most of the gameplay in Dragon View takes place through a side-view Action RPG hybrid system.


Brandish is a dungeon crawler with plenty of creatures to defeat and many weapons, armor, and other treasure to collect and top-down view action RPG and adventure hybrid series.

Time Gal

Keep the roads safe from the forces of evil with this new CD driving game!

The Adventures Of Willy Beamish

Journey back to the time when you were an adolescent brat without a care for the world. Take part in The Adventures of Willy Beamish for the Sega CD!

Star Wars Chess

Ini nyone who plays chess can enjoy this game. It is a standard chess game, with the Star Wars characters as the game pieces.

Deep Fear

For you Saturn gamers out there who want more Resident Evil-style action--and don't mind getting it from Japan--considerDeep Fear

Bloody Wolf

If a shooting game with graphic/text screens, multiple weapons and eight different levels of play sounds good to you, then check out NEC's new Bloody Wolf.

Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished

Those of you who are familiar with the Sega 8-Bit version of Y's won't be strangers to this game, but you'll also be very surprised!

X-Men Vs Street Fighter

X-Men vs. Street Fighter is expected to grab home players' attention as much as its premiere form did this past year in the arcade.

X-Com Ufo Defense

X-Com: Terror of the Deep is the latest computer port for the PlayStation.

WDW: Magical Racing Quest

That's Walt Disney World in case you couldn't figure it out.

VR Soccer 96

Gremlin Interactive and VR Sports have teamed up for VR Soccer.

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 is nearing completion, and we have played an early version of what very well could be even more fun and impressive than the first.

The Namco Collection Vol 1

Lastly, Pole Position, the first big racing hit and Toypop are the last two games on the Namco collection.

Ten Pin Alley

American Softworks Corporation is planning to bring bowling action to the PC and the PlayStation with this fall's release of Ten Pin Alley.


German developer Sunflowers is bringing out this expansive RPG adventure sometime early in 2000 in the U.K.

Suikoden 2

Fans of Konami's popular PlayStation RPG, Suikoden, will be happy to know the company is putting the finishing touches on its long-awaited sequel, Suikoden II.

Sno-Cross Championship Racing

The balance between keeping a racing title realistic and fun is a precarious one, and only a few games--Ridge Racer and Gran Turismo, for example--have ever truly achieved it.

Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001

So here I am getting ready to play High Heat 2001, and all I can think about is how bad the original PS version was.

Rollcage Extreme

RollCage has certainly held my attention longer than S.C.A.R.S did.

Resident Evil: Survivor

Sooner or later it had to happen--a bad Resident Evil game had to make it to market.

Re Loaded

Interplay and Gremlin have teamed up once again to create a sequel to their smash Hit-Re-Loaded.


Spaz Games, a division of Working Designs, makes their PlayStation publishing debut with RayStorm.

NBA Basketball 2000

A comprehensive Create-a-Player mode is another key feature. Look for NBA Basketball 2000 this October.

Metal Gear Solid Integral

The most highly acclaimed game for the PlayStation (it was the first to get straight 10's from the EGM Review Crew) has spawned something new.

Megaman X3

In Megaman X3. you can jump from character to character, utilizing each character's best features to get him/her through the challenging levels.

Mega Man Legends 2

When Mega Man first appeared on the PlayStation in 3D, purists cried foul.

Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends (known as RockMan Dash in Japan and formerly known as Mega Man Neo and Mega Man Nova here in the U.S.)

Mass Destruction

The thing about Mass Destruction that's weird is that even though the graphics are more or less untextured polygons. it's alright-it works.

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega CD was one of the best 16-Bit RPGs ever released.

Lemmings And Oh No More

I never played any of them (except for Adventures of Lomax, the side-scroller spin-off), so what you're reading is a fresh perspective from a new addict.

Lego Rock Raiders

Lego's latest (and greatest) line of building blocks involves a bunch of cosmic miners called Rock Raiders.