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3D Lemmings

Your favorite, mindless green-haired characters are back to wreak havoc on your PlayStation.


BattleTech Game
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  • G-Police
    G-Police You're a member of the G Police. As an elite undercover agent, you sink into the midst of the criminal underground...
  • MechWarrior 3

Another World

Another World is an adventure game, where the adventuring element is concealed behind what looks like a typical platform shooter.
Sega Genesis

Assault Rigs

Psygnosis' futuristic tank thriller is close to completion. Since we only had cinemas to show you before, we thought you'd like to see some actual game shots.

Andretti Racing

Strap yourself in and get ready to go up through the gears.

Alien Trilogy

Acclaim has been working on the Alien Trilogy tor the PlayStation, and it looks like a real winner.


Everyone's squishy friends are lining up to build and battle on your Jag CD.

Baseball 3D

Have you had enough baseball yet? If the answer is no, then Microsoft might just have the ticket you are looking for in Baseball 3D