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Download adrenaline-pumping Metal Slug games and take on the ultimate run-and-gun challenge! Blast through hordes of enemies, drive powerful vehicles, and save the world from tyranny. Lock and load – begin your action-packed mission now!

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Get ready for our epic Metal Slug games collection where we have the most awesome and badass run and gun shooters ever created. This series has been around for decades and it has been a firm favorite for gamers from all over the world with its hardcore action, fun style, and amazing sprites.

Since the series launched on the Neo-Geo in the 90s, the Metal Slug games series has gone from strength to strength and we have all the best games in one section right here! We wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our favorites.

While we want to try and have a few less obvious games mentioned here there was only one game that could kick off our Metal Slug games collection and that is the original, Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. There is a real basic charm about this first release. It still looks and plays fantastic, but it is a bit more stripped back compared to what the series would offer in later installments. It is still cool to look back here though and see many of the elements that the series is known for today started right here with the first game.

No doubt you thought that we were going to highlight Metal Slug 2 next, but despite that game being awesome we are not that predictable. Instead, we want to focus on one of the very few spin-offs from the main series of Metal Slug games and that is Metal Slug Tactics. Featuring many of the story elements that we know and love and the same kind of action packed gameplay, this as the title suggests is a tactics based game and it is way more challenging than you would think. If you are looking for something a bit different, this is perfect for you.

There were more than a few people who were concerned when Metal Slug Advance was announced. After all, Metal Slug games were known for their incredible presentation as much as they were for their epic fast paced shooter gameplay. The crazy thing is, that SNK pulled it off! This game is a lot of fun and they were able to squeeze every bit of power out of the old GBA to give us a fun, challenging portable Metal Slug experience. At the time this was released, it was truly mind blowing to have a game like this in the palm of our hands.

We are keeping things in the palm of our hands for a second as we want to highlight Metal Slug 7. This game was released for the Nintendo DS and it is one of the more forgotten about Metal Slug games. This is such a fun experience that makes good use of the two screens, but what makes this such a great game is the way that it has time travel! That is right, this game has soldiers that come from the future. It is worth noting that if you like this an enhanced/revised version of the game called, Metal Slug XX was later released and is also worth checking out.

One of the most popular and what is arguably the best of all the Metal Slug games is the iconic Metal Slug 3. This was the first game in the series to be released for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox and it felt like a pretty big leap over the previous awesome games. It has a crazy story, over the top action, and for many people, this is exactly what comes to mind when they think of the Metal Slug series.

Of course, if you want all of your favorite Metal Slug games in one place, SNK did an awesome thing a few years back when they released the Metal Slug Anthology. This is an epic collection that features Metal Slug 1 to 6 and Metal Slug X. As well as seven action packed shooters for you to enjoy. This also features a bunch of cool extras such as art, interviews, and various options that you can tinker with. This is such a great way to experience the whole series!

When it comes to epic shooters there are perhaps none better than the Metal Slug games! We love this series and that is why we have this whole section dedicated to it! Now lock and load and take down some bad guys and save those POWs!

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