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The Super Mario Bros. game series is probably one of the most popular and known video game series across not only the nation but the world. It begun with a 2-D side-scrolling display and evolved into what we know today. The newer games are displayed in 3-D and give the player the ability to roam within an open world.

Super Mario Bros. is the first game within the series and it introduces two brothers, Mario and Luigi, who live in a place called the Mushroom Kingdom. They set out on an adventure to rescue Princess Toadstool, who we now know as “Princess Peach”. The player must complete various levels within eight, different worlds which lead up to the castle where Princess Toadstool is held hostage by Bowser. Once the player is within the castle, a final battle ensues between Bowser and Mario or Luigi where they defeat Bowser and save the princess.

Super Mario Bros. was later paired with a famous game on the Nintendo Entertainment System called, Duck Hunt. The title of the game is quite self-explanatory. Duck Hunt is a game in which the player and their loyal pet dog go out duck-hunting. With this pairing, the player decides from the two games on the main menu and this compilation was widely successful.

The sequel to Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, much like its predecessor, is a 2-D, side-scrolling platform. Whether this game is all within Mario’s dream state or not has yet to be proven, but the game begins with Mario climbing a ladder to a door in which reveals itself to be a door to an entirely different world. This world is Subcon also dubbed ‘the land of dreams’ has been taken over by a villainous amphibian, Wart. Unlike the first game, there are more character choices: Luigi, Toad, Mario, or Princess Peach. Beyond just appearance, they each have different strengths within the game. Luigi can jump higher, Princess Peach can jump farthest, and Toad can pick up more items quicker than other characters. They must defeat villains within 7 different worlds that consist of 20 different levels to ultimately defeat Wart and return Subcon to its former glory.

With Super Mario Bros. 3, the brotherly duo returns to save the day. Much like the objective of the first game, Mario and Luigi must save Princess Peach from the recognizable villain, Bowser and Koopalings (his children). There are a few contrasts that set this apart from the past games like new villainous characters and a world map to use to change through levels. This game also provides a multi-player option unlike previous games.

The platform of Super Mario Advance 4 is similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 in the way that remains 2-D and side-scrolling as well as gameplay in which plays are able to choose between Mario and Luigi. The brothers take a journey through 8 worlds within the Mushroom Kingdom. This is where they must defeat Bowser and his Koopalings whom of which has stolen various magical rods from the rulers of each of these kingdoms. These magical rods then turn them into different various creatures. Mario and Luigi take to each level by either: jumping, running, or swimming through each one.

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Super Mario Bros. 3

The indomitable brothers, Mario and Luigi are back with their hopping antics in the second sequel to one of the most spellbinding video games in the world, Super Mario Bros. 3.
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2-in-1 Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt

The First game is Super Mario Brothers and The Second one is for Duck Hunt.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Mario Brothers. Could there be a better set of three words to define the generation of video games that we're currently absorbed in?

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