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We live in a golden age when it comes to pixel graphics games these days! It is an art style that has really exploded over the last decade and there has been a ton of awesome games that go for this art style. We have a huge selection of modern games that go for a pixel graphic style here at Gamefabrique and we wanted to showcase just a few of them to you guys. These are games that not only look awesome thanks to their pixel art style, but they are also a ton of fun to actually play.

The first game we are going to highlight for you is one of the all time greats when it comes to pixel graphics games and that is Undertale. This is one of the greatest RPGs ever made and features a story with engaging characters that you will grow very attached to. It is one of the most unique gaming experiences around and there is a very good reason as to why those who love this game, really love it!

Next up we have a game that is just so charming, it is impossible not to get hooked on it. Unpacking is a fun puzzle game where we play through the life of a young woman as she moves into new homes. From her teenage bedroom to a home with her own family. We have to unpack her belongings and find the right spot for them so that they all fit. This can be quite challenging, but there is something so very relaxing and engaging that it really is one of the most interesting pixel graphics games ever made.

The Binding of Isaac is a game that truth be told, needs no introduction! This is a classic rogue like style of game where we play the young, troubled Isaac who is fighting for survival from his religious nut of a mother that is offering him as a sacrifice! When it comes to pixel graphics games, The Binding of Isaac is arguably one of the most famous ones that has ever been made over the last couple of decades! It is fun, but also very challenging so it really does hook you right from the start.

If you want to talk about a truly groundbreaking game and one of the pixel graphics games that everyone knows about, Shovel Knight is what we need to discuss. This is such a fun action platformer that kind of plays like the NES classic, Ducktales which got an awesome remake in Ducktales Remastered. Anyway, this is a funky game that has some of the best pixel graphics you will ever see, but it also has a fun story, with lots of charming characters.

We just talked about a frantic action game, but if you want to take things a little easier, we highly recommend that you check out, Stardew Valley. This is one of the best farming/life sim style games ever made. We inherit a run down farm and need to bring it back to its former glory, all the while making friends, memories and maybe even finding love along the way. Pixel graphics games do not get any more wholesome than this one right here.

The last game we want to shine a spotlight on is a real classic, it was actually an instant classic as people went nuts for Super Meat Boy. This is one of the most challenging platformers ever made. It is the kind of game that will make you scream with frustration, but it is so much fun that you will want to keep trying until you finally beat that level!

We feel that we have covered some of the real heavy hitters when it comes to pixel graphics games here today. This is just the top of the pixel iceberg though as we have a ton more epic games that have a retro style for you to check out here at Gamefabrique!

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