Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Download Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and unleash your creativity in the ultimate sandbox adventure! Explore endless worlds, craft unique items, and build amazing creations. Experience Minecraft on your Xbox 360 and play now!
a game by Mojang AB
Platform: XBox 360 (2012)
Editor Rating: 10/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 27 votes
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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft: 360 Edition, a game developed by Mojang, is one of the world's most popular games. First announced to the public back in 2009, the game was officially released in 2011. It grew quickly in popularity and was well received by gamers everywhere. Not only that, to this day, it is still regarded as one of the best games ever. And that is well deserved, as it introduced a new way of gaming. As a player, you can spend thousands of hours in the game, and still have fun with it.

Craft Your Reality

Minecraft: 360 Edition throws you in a randomly generated world, with nothing with you. Your objective is to walk around collecting materials to build houses, and equipment to better cut down trees, mine ores, and fight off monsters. The game has no story mode, but there is a way to beat it. You must travel to a place and slay the ender dragon. But Minecraft: 360 Edition gives you the freedom to do whatever it is you want. You can build a small town and live peacefully farming, or instead create an underground base, and focus solely on mining.

One of the best aspects of the game, easily, is the fact that the game doesn’t tell you how to play it. The game throws you in the world with no quest tab, and it doesn't even tell you what it is that you need to do. That kind of freedom at the time was refreshing and delivered a unique gaming experience.

Exploration Is King

To huge forests, freezing lands, and scorching deserts, you can walk around this neverending world and build bases across all over. The world is filled with animals and monsters. With a vast selection of materials for you to collect, you can use them to build all kinds of things. Doors, windows, beds, and plenty more.

It goes without saying that although it is a fun game to play by yourself, nothing is better than to be able to share that with someone. You can invite up to thirty people to play online with you, or four people in a couch co-op. Playing with friends makes it so that you can divide different tasks among each one. For example, a team made to explore the land, one for mining, one for building. Being able to do that helps to further immerse players, and also makes it so much more fun.

But it doesn’t stop there, if you’re looking for something more challenging, Minecraft: 360 Edition has a hardcore difficulty. In it, you only have one life, so if you die, that’s it. Hardcore mode is one of the five difficulties the game offers, and they can be selected when choosing to create a world. You can choose from peaceful, easy, normal, hard, and hardcore.


Minecraft: 360 Edition will go down in history as one of the best games ever made, and it is well deserved. Even after ten years, the game still has a huge following, and still receives updates. One of the best features of the Xbox 360 version, is that it can be played on split-screen for up to four players, and it also includes exclusive skins and game modes.


The community also creates and adds countless mods, ranging from visual upgrades to game modes and skins. As a game, it was able to deliver something that is hard to find, even nowadays. It’s a perfect game for either casual or hardcore gamers.


  • Fun and smart mechanics
  • Tons of content and gameplay
  • Online services are amazing
  • Amazing soundtrack


  • Does not have the best graphics
  • Can be hard for new players

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XBox 360

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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