Coco Nutshake

Download Coco Nutshake and make the finest drinks around with bit titty milk! If you love your lewd games to be fun, simple, and very addictive, these bouncing boobs are the most addictive thing you will ever see. You will have lots of sexy lewd fun with this game.
a game by AheGames
Platform: Android (2022)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.4/10 - 7 votes
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Coco Nutshake
Coco Nutshake
Coco Nutshake

What an awesome game Coco Nutshake is! As someone who has played a ton of lewd games over the years, I always love it and welcome it when something comes along and surprises me. Well, what we have here is one of the most fun and unique lewd games I have played in quite some time. While this on the surface is a very simple arcadey style of game. I feel that there is a brilliance in its simplicity and that is what kept me wanting to have just one more go!

You Put The Milk In The Coconut And Throw The Can Away

If you get that Simpsons reference you are epic and we can hang out anytime! Coco Nutshake is not the kind of game where you have to follow a deep and complex story. The whole idea of the game is that you need to make some tasty milkshakes on the beach, but the twist here is that you are not using the milk you got from Walmart! Nope, you are using mother natures milk and by that, I mean milk from a hottie's giant boobs!

A Tropical Loop Of Lewd Goodness

There is a very simple gameplay loop in Coco Nutshake and it is one of the most addictive that I have come across in a long time. This is the kind of game where you are going for a high score and it is this classic arcade style gameplay that made this a game I had a lot of fun with. The first thing you need to do is get rid of the coconuts that are covering her boobs. You just swipe them and her boobs pop out.

This Is Where The Real Work Begins!

After this, you need to grab those massive jugs and start milking which is the real draw of Coco Nutshake! You need to squeeze as much milk as you can into the coconuts, you have to get into a bit of a rhythm here. Then once they are full, you connect them and shake them like you are Tom Cruise in Cocktail. That is the whole game, yes, it is simple, and yes it is over in a couple of minutes, but you are driven to try and break your high score and that is where the addictiveness comes in.

Look At That Pixel Jiggle!

To say that I have played a lot of lewd games with pixel art is a massive understatement, so you can take it from me when I tell you that Coco Nutshake looks amazing. This chick is so hot and her pixel boobs have the best jiggle around and look amazing. The jiggle physics defies so much belief that they had to have gotten someone like Stephen Hawking to design them! The only thing I do not like about the visuals is that bar which is across the girl's eyes, why they did this I do not know, but it is rather distracting.


I cannot sing the praises of Coco Nutshake high enough. I know that for some people this is a short and silly game, a one time playthrough style game, never to be touched again. However, if you are someone like me that gets a real kick out of games where you are always trying to get a high score, you will have a fantastic time with this. I wish this was in my arcade when I was a kid…. Although my mother may not have been as keen to give me a bunch of change and then let me go to the arcade!


  • The pixel art in this game is amazing
  • The gameplay is simple, but it is also very addictive
  • I had so much fun trying to break my highest score
  • The way those boobs jiggle is mesmerizing!


  • The bar across the eyes is a bit annoying
  • If you are not into simple high score style arcade games, you may have your fill with this fairly quickly

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Coco Nutshake is a fun and addictive arcade style lewd game that kept me saying “just one more game”. There are not too many lewd games like this and I have to say that I had an absolute blast with this game. It has some fantastic lewd pixel art and while you see all that the game has to offer in around three minutes, it is so addictive that you will want to keep on playing to try and smash your high-score!

Do Not Be “Coconut” Shy!

The premise of the game is to whip up an amazing batch of milkshakes… made with titty milk from a hot chick at the coconut stand! There is no more story than that, but that is all you need. Like all good classic arcade games, Coco Nutshake gives you a basic premise and then lets you just run away and play the actual game. Even though the whole lactation thing is not something I usually like in a lewd game, I like it here.

Cut, Milk, Shake, Repeat

The gameplay loop of Coco Nutshake is short, sweet, and addictive. We start off by having to cut the coconuts off her breasts. This is the first part of the game and with a quick swipe and the coconuts pop off and her big boobs are out! Stage two sees you have to do the… milking. You grab her boobs and then you have to time it just right to get as much milk out of them and into the coconuts as you can. The third and final stage has you putting the coconuts together and shaking the milk inside to make a milkshake. That is all there is to the gameplay, but it is the high-score mechanic that keeps you coming back. I wish that there were some dedicated high-score online leaderboards for this!

A Pixel Work Of Art

Coco Nutshake has some of the most amazing pixel art boobs that I have ever seen. Scratch that, this game HAS the best pixel art boobs I have ever seen. The game has some of the most charming pixel art of any lewd game and it is just done to such a high level. Not only does it look amazing, but the boob jiggly also makes this one of the best animated pixel art style lewd games that I have ever seen. The bar across the chick’s eyes is a tad annoying if I am being honest, but I get why they have done this. Even though you are seeing the same thing over and over again, it never gets old!


As someone that loves old-school arcade games…. and big boobs, Coco Nutshake is a game that greatly appealed to me. I just had so much fun with this and I always wanted to try and get the highest score that I could. While the gameplay loop is simple, there is some real brilliance to its simplicity and I had so much fun with it. This is the kind of game that I can see myself coming back to time and time again.


  • The game just “jiggles” with charm
  • I love the old-school arcade style gameplay
  • You do not even have to be into the whole lactating thing to enjoy this
  • This game has the greatest pixel art boobs I have ever seen


  • While I love the simple gameplay, I can see some people getting bored
  • I wish we could see her full face!

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