Echidna Wars DX

Download Echidna Wars DX if you are a lover of lewd action games, but also love mature XXX themes in your games. You get to punch, kick and screw your way through different levels as you kick butt all the while trying to get a piece of it as well!
a game by D-Gate
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 8.4/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 145 votes
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Echidna Wars DX
Echidna Wars DX
Echidna Wars DX

Echidna Wars XD is a pixelated side scroller/beat em up game following the dangerous adventures of its four sexy lead characters. There’s Mirea, a sexy valkyrie with a cool sci-fi aesthetic. Sachiho, a fire loving wolf themed monster girl. Another animal themed girl named Usaco. And finally, a multi purpose android named TGO-0. All of them together are well designed and very attractive to look at in their pixelated forms and together form the main cast of playable characters. There isn’t actually any real story to follow though which is expected from this genre of games.


Each character has their own completely unique mechanics that can be used to triumph over the enemy monsters trying to destroy your harem of sexy animal/cyborg girls. Each character has combos they can perform which feel great to pull off with the game’s very tight and responsive controls. You can learn enemy patterns to give yourself a better chance at surviving their onslaught of destruction. Enemies are all unique too with only a couple of reskins or pallete swaps, even though these are also different in terms of mechanics as well which is very appreciated and shows quality.


The game, as you’d expect, follows a similar formula to other classic beat em ups such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. You continuously move towards the right side of the screen while trying to destroy as many enemies as you possibly can. The game features plenty of gratuitous content including an actually well implemented form of clothing destruction. The same resource used for tracking your state of undress is the same as the one used for performing special attacks leading to some pretty interesting and amusing budget balancing to stay ahead of certain sexual defeat.

Audio & Ambiance

The game features a very beautiful and creative art style that feels really good to look at in motion and not just for its erotic content. Which is very well done though and focuses on the vore fetish. Your characters will routinely get devoured by terrible monsters should they take too much damage and fall into their clutches.

This prevent this challenging game from being frustrating as its colorful and arousing visuals will keep you motivated to die over and over again to satisfy your naughty perversions. Eventually you might even win the game should you feel so inclined.


A very well done erotic game that is well worth the time and effort it’ll take to complete it. It won’t outstay its welcome and with its in depth combat and character variety as well as multiple challenging difficulty modes, it’ll be you who keeps knocking on this game’s door looking for more satisfying victories and erotically punishing defeats. Beautiful artwork wraps up the whole package to create an adventure that you won’t soon forget. All in all a wonderfully satisfying experience that’ll challenge you in the best ways possible in between causing raging hard ons. Very recommended.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Echidna Wars DX is a damn fine 2D action beat-em-up style game that I have had a lot of fun with. It has a really lewd style to it and while it does get lumped into the “vore” category of lewdness, I have to say that it did not put me off or become something that I felt was too much. As I have played through this game several times, I thought I would get my opinions out there on this game and let you know why I feel you should give it a try.

Aliens Always, Aliens!

I was kind of surprised at how much effort went into the story of Echidna Wars DX. This is a sci-fi story and Mila and her friends are just living a normal life. One day, an invasion happens and these beings known as The Echidna have invaded and they want to do some very naughty things to Mila and her friends. Look, the story is not going to blow you away, but for a lewd beat-em-up, I am very impressed that they put as much effort into the story as they did.

That 2D Plain!

Now, I myself have called Echidna Wars DX a beat-em-up, but I do feel that this is also a bit of a shooter as well. The game has you moving through each level, trying to make your way to the end. The way this game works is very interesting in that only a few enemies will try and hit you. Most enemies will grab you and want to insert you somewhere. It is interesting, but I will admit that when you are grabbed, grabbed again, and then grabbed again before you can get one hit off, it can become a tad annoying. I think that had more enemies hit you and fewer grabbed you, it would have been a much better game for it.

Watching Those Meters

You have three different meters in Echidna Wars DX. You have your HP meter which is your health, but you also have a special meter, SP. The SP meter will deplete when you are grabbed and if you lose it all, you lose HP and that is when you can die. You also have an XP meter and as this fills you can become stronger as you progress through the game. There are some powerups that you can pick up along the way that give you more health, SP, and XP.

Cheeky Pixel Style

I am not someone that is into the whole vore thing at all, but Echidna Wars DX despite being called a vore game by many people never bothered me. I think the reason for this is the fantastic pixel art style the game has. It is more charming and funny than it is sexy or gross and it is something I got a kick out of. The animation is very well done, especially this spider enemy when it grabs you and puts you in what I think is some kind of yucky alien spider egg sack!


I would not say that Echidna Wars DX is a perfect game, but it is still a very fun one. I can see why some people may be put off by the vore tag or the fact that most enemies grab you instead of hitting you. However, if you can look past this, you will have fun. I eventually got the hang of the way the game wanted me to play and I found it to be a very fun time. I say give this one a try, just make sure you give it long enough to get to grips with how to play the game.


  • I thought the lewd sci-fi story was fun
  • The pixel art had a lot of charm and style to it
  • The game controls really well
  • It is much more challenging than you would think


  • The whole vore thing is sure to be a turn off for many people
  • The constant grabbing can be annoying

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