Violated Heroine

Download Violated Heroine for a fun, sexy lewd RPG. It has a very hot protagonist that gets up to all kinds of sexy fun in mature missions that are a ton of fun. The sexy XXX pixel art is awesome and sure to get you hot under the collar.
a game by Shitaraba
Platform: PC (2009)
Editor Rating: 7.1/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 47 votes
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Violated Heroine
Violated Heroine
Violated Heroine

Eroge games can be much more than illustrations with some text and we've seen proof of that repeatedly. Violated Heroine is an eroge game developed entirely in the RPG Maker 2000 Engine, so not only there are no dialogues, but there aren't actual drawings either. RPG Maker 2 used to be pretty popular, and other engines like Game Maker have been the main tools for indie developers for creating their own titles.

But can an engine made for basic game creation deliver a good experience? And how does an eroge game with no illustrations and no CG scenes work? Well, it's not the first one like this we've seen, but it's an interesting title. So, let's talk about this game so you can decide for yourself.

About the game

In Violated Heroine, we take the role of Nanako, a young girl that's set to go on an adventure. Whether she becomes a valiant hero, a noble fighter or a depraved sex addict it's up to your choices. Life's not as simple as just going on an adventure, and for Nanako, the world is very rude. Remaining pure and keeping her chastity could be the toughest of the quests she'll have to face.

You can customize the skills and points of your character and make her better at different abilities. Your choices affect the development of the story and of the character itself.

Is RPG Maker good enough?

Long story short, yes it is. It's actually a powerful and very customizable engine. A lot like Game Maker, it allows for tons of creativity and will turn out in excellent results for your game. Sure, it's all pixel art, but it allows for amazing games to be developed by one or a few persons.

Unlike games like Kingdom of Deception, Violated Heroine doesn't have many "illustrations" and only a few appear in full screen. The gameplay here is more like an RPG, but it's not very solid.


Violated Heroine is a strange project of a game. Not because of the themes or the general idea, but rather for its development. It started its development by anonymous people and was abandoned. The translation is incomplete and most of the game feels incomplete too. Even though many users have taken on the task to translate and finish the game themselves from time to time, it's still not finished.

To cut things short, the game's not good. It's still unfinished and will probably always be. Still, this game has some nice ideas, and the RPG maker engine makes it look like something retro. So if you're into pixelated erotic scenes, this game is for you.

  • Graphics and visuals: The game looks nice, the artwork is adequate. It's solid even though it's not very animated. Keep in mind it's very simple though. The overworld sprites are mostly low quality.

  • Gameplay: It sure has an RPG setting, but it isn't all that great either. Even though it looks like an old Final Fantasy game from time to time, it certainly isn't one. It can range from repetitive to straight-up boring.

  • Sound: A lot like the visual part of this game, it's strange. It's pretty basic. There isn't much to say about this aspect.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Violated Heroine is a lewd RPG that at first, I was pretty excited to check out as it was made using RPG maker and I have played quite a few fine lewd RPGs made with that engine. However, I soon realized that this is a game that has characters that are not just “young looking” these are actually young characters! That is a huge turn off for me in a lewd game and as a result, I had a hard time playing this, plus, the game from what I understand is abandoned.

Choose Your Own Adventure

For a lewd RPG, Violated Heroine is not as story driven as you would think. Our main character is a young warrior that is called, Nanako. Nanako is a brave warrior that wants to be the best warrior she can be and it is up to you what kind of hero she ultimately becomes. She is “pure” at first and you can fight to keep her this way and I would say that is the good way to play. However, there is more that can happen.

Did R. Kelly Make This?

Sorry if that joke was in poor taste, but the fact that Nanako is only 15 in Violated Heroine is a huge problem for me. She is a decent enough character, but when you consider that the other main path in the game is her getting basically abducted and used like a sex slave. Look, if Nanako was not 15 I would not have an issue with this premise at all. Hell, you make her 18 and I think we have a damn solid premise for a lewd RPG. It gets even worse as there is another character, Serena who is even younger than Nanako!

Going Back To Basics

From what I understand, Violated Heroine is made using an older version of RPG Maker and that means that they basically had their hands tied as far as the game goes. What we have here is a more old school kind of RPG. You basically go around taking on quests, improving your stats, finding new gear, and your typical RPG gameplay. It is basic, but it does have a solid foundation and if you made those characters at least 18, I would probably be telling you that this is a decent lewd RPG.

A Sign Of The Times

The fact that Violated Heroine is made with this older RPG Maker engine means that the visual style is a bit old school too. The game is made with pixel art and there is a portrait of Nanako on the side of the screen. To be fair, if they said she was 18, I would believe it so I am not sure why they specify that she is 15! You get some lewd content in the pixel art style and there is the odd picture here and there, but there is no animation. Again, if she was not 15, the visuals would be fine.


I hate to sound like a broken record here, but the fact that the main character is 15 makes this game a no go for me. I just do not understand what they were thinking here as Nanako does not look 15, it is such a strange design/story choice for the developer to make and it is sure to have made many sites not want to carry this. The frustrating thing is that this is a decent old school style lewd RPG at its core!


  • The gameplay has a bit of an old school charm about it
  • I think that the story did have some potential
  • If you like lewd pixel art, you will probably like this


  • Why is the main character under 18?
  • Why is there even younger characters in this game?
  • The fact they went so young just makes the whole game have a very creepy vibe

Violated Heroine is an RPG game that lets you take control of one of a large selection of girls. These girls range from palace whores to dainty ladies, but your goal in all of them is the same—to complete that girl’s quest without getting every possible orifice raped.

The land they live in is a completely sex-crazed world where every male from slimes to humans has an interest in having sex with you. The game allows you to decide how often you want that to happen, ranging from being an unquestionable slut to playing it as a straight up RPG. If you’ve ever played Meltys Quest, you’ll have a fairly good idea of what you’re in for. The games are very similar as far as rape, sex, and heroines.

Realistic Pregnancy Simulation

Get raped or have sex one too many times, and you’ll end up pregnant by what ever beastie got to you last. Pregnancy simulations are realistic in this game, including morning sickness, growth around the midsection, and the eventual awareness of the heroine when they realize it wasn’t too many cupcakes causing that belly fat.

Your heroine may react in any way from beaming delight to horror, depending on who they are and what caused the pregnancy. They also will experience labor pain and give birth. Giving birth in your bed is optional, but you may end up giving birth in the street if you delay too long. Sadly, villagers don’t seem to notice or care if this happens.

Invisible purity stat

Interestingly enough, there is a purity bar not visible to the player. The more often she has sex with dragons, cephalopods and the family dog, the more depraved she gets. What was once painful becomes pleasurable.

Game issues

Advance far enough in the game, and you may discover one drawback to playing Violated Heroine—it’s not completely translated. One minute you’re quest is humming along just fine, the next you’re trying to guess what is happening or painstakingly looking up Japanese translations symbol by symbol.

Another common issue is that the game isn’t easy to get hold of without viruses attached to it. Many download sites offering it are actually offering empty folders with viruses in it—so be cautious when looking for a copy of this game.

So-so graphics

Overall the graphics are decent, if nothing to write home about. Most of the sex/rape scenes are low quality pixels of your character and various mobs humping each other. Occasionally there are well drawn graphics that show more.


If you enjoy hentai games where the point is to let your sexual fantasies free, this game has a lot going for it. Unfortunately the game has been abandoned, so we won’t see the finished translation or any improvements from here on out. You’ll have to enjoy the game as is, lack of translation, so-so graphics, and all.


  • Lots of quest options
  • Realistic pregnancy
  • Unique invisible stats


  • So-so graphics
  • Incomplete translation
  • Possible viruses

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