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a game by Braindrop
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 27 votes
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If you enjoy lewd visual novels then I think WVM is a game that you are going to really enjoy. This is funded via Patreon and as I write this game is still not fully completed. So far it has a very high level of polish to it so I do feel that it is worth giving the guy a little love on Patreon if you are enjoying the game so far.

Holla Balla!

I am a huge basketball fan so when I heard that this was a game where we get to play as a basketball player, I knew that I was all in. The name of the game, WVM is actually the college where you are going to play basketball. This is not the best school so you may wonder why if you are such a superstar basketball player you would want to play there. Well, mom is the reason!

This is a fun story and I liked the way the game lets you play the main character in a few different ways. He is not a total meathead douche like so many other lewd visual novel game MCs are. I found him to be quite likable and the way he is this big man on campus with all the ladies loving him was pretty cool too.

The Dream Team

I love the visuals of WVM. Sasha has to be one of the cutest characters I have ever had the pleasure to hook up within a video game. There is another hottie in the game called Shauna who has something “different” about her. The ladies in this game are all appealing in their own way and I honestly think that whoever designed these characters really did an amazing job.

The whole “world” that this game is set in has a very realistic look to it and I like that. If I do have an issue with the presentation it is the animation. This game does have a little bit of animation during some of the sex scenes, but it is few and far between. I hope that as the game moves along development more animated sex scenes are added. Also, there is next to no sound in this game at all!

Be Your Own Man

I have played a lot of visual novels and I have to say that while WVM is a very good one, it is also rather basic in terms of the gameplay. Most of the time you have only two choices to make when a path opens up. I liked playing the MC as a “better” kind of dude, but you can play him any way that you want.

So far, the game is fun to play and I think that the story being interesting and the characters being more fleshed out than many other visual novel games do goes along way to making this feel like a rewarding experience while you play.


I know that on the surface it looks like WVM does not really offer anything new to the visual novel genre. However, I do have to say that this game has it where it counts and that is the story. I have found myself very invested in the tale that is being woven here and the various characters that I have interreacted with all feel very “real” and interesting. I am certainly going to keep checking back to see how the progress of this game is going.


  • This game has a great story
  • I liked how the characters all felt like unique individuals
  • The character models are some of the best I have seen in a while
  • The developer is working hard to unleash frequent updates


  • This game is pretty much silent for the majority of it
  • The sex in the game is great, but I do wish it had more animation

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I came into WVM kind of excited as it is a lewd visual novel game where the dude we play as is a basketball star and I love basketball. I know that is a super weird thing to be excited about, but it was two things that I love coming together and as a result, this game which is brought to us from Braindrop is one that I have been following very closely. The game from what I can tell is not yet finished, but you do have many different days that you can play through as of right now.

I Got Hoop Dreams Coach

The story being told here is great and it got me hooked right away. You are a basketball star, as a matter of fact, WVM has you playing as the number one wanted basketball player in the country. It is kind of weird that you decide to go to WMV to apply your trade, but thanks to “mom” you feel this is the right choice. The story is very interesting as the main character is a pretty good dude and it is up to you how you play him as. It has a kind of realistic vibe going on, but it does start to get a bit far-fetched as it is like he is the only desirable dude on campus!


One of the reasons that so many people are loving this game is one of the characters has these super cute freckles, but let me say she is not what she seems. WVM has some great-looking characters and I love how much variety there is here with the different ladies. There is sure to be one that gets you excited! While the character models look fantastic, I do wish that there was more animation. The game for the most part is pretty static as the animation is very few and far between. When it is animated it is fine, I just wish that there was more of it.

Silent, But Deadly!

While I wish the game had more animation, I wish it had a lot more sound as this game is pretty much silent! I am not even talking about a lack of voices here, WVM is a game that offers no sound at all and this can be kind of off-putting. To be fair, the game is always being updated so perhaps by the time you read this the game will have a soundtrack that is pretty damn good.

Big Stud On Campus

This is a visual novel, but an interactive one where you get to make various choices as you play. The main character is quite likable and I ended up resisting the temptation to make him a total douchebag. Do not worry, I still got laid a great deal, but I tried to walk what I felt was the more honest and good path. How you play the game, ultimately comes down to how you want to portray the main character.


I ended up having a lot of fun with WVM and I do keep checking the Patreon page to see when the next update is coming. By the way, if you do like this, throw him a few bucks on Patreon as it is well deserved. The premise of the game is great and hopefully, the presentation will be kicked up a notch as it moves along development.


  • I liked the main character
  • Freckles!!!!
  • There is a lot of variety to the different characters
  • I had fun playing through this
  • The developer seems pretty cool


  • More animation needs to be added to the game
  • I wish that there was some sound!

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