Bazooka Cafe

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Bazooka Cafe
Bazooka Cafe
Bazooka Cafe
Bazooka Cafe

If you are like me, Bazooka Café is a game that caught your attention due to the ladies in the game having huge ridiculous breasts. Hey, we are all human and have our basic desires and I give the folks behind this game credit for making the characters like his as this is what grabs people's attention. The thing is, the visual novel landscape is pretty damn crowded these days so a game does need more than cute girls with giant boobs to keep people interested.

Serving Joe And Nailing Chicks!

The story that they are telling here is not going to win any awards I am telling you that right now. As the name Bazooka Café suggests, this game takes place in a café. The protagonist is a guy whose dad ran a café and one day he collapses and now it is up to you to run this place. Running a café may not sound all that exciting, but this café also has four pretty hot anime girls (with giant boobs don’t forget) that you can get with.

The thing with the story here is that it is just about banging these chicks. Hey, I love that as much as the next guy, but the writing never really does anything all that clever and as a result, I found myself just clicking away to get to the next scene.

Only One Choice Matters

Some visual novel games give you a ton of choices to make and force you to work really hard to bang a girl. Bazooka Café is not one of those games, you do have to make a couple of choices, but the game at a certain point flat out asks you which girl you want to do, and once that choice is made nothing really matters and the ending you are going to get is locked in. On the plus side, it does mean that you can skip through most of the uninteresting story to get to the good stuff if you know what I am saying! However, it makes the whole game feel rather pointless in all honesty.

The Motion Of The Ocean

This is a game that has some huge boobs and that is pretty cool, right? The thing is the game has a rather low rate anime look to the whole thing. I am not saying that Bazooka Café is a bad looking game, but it does lack that wow factor that some other visual novel games I have played have. This game is 100 percent about sex the sex that they have here is rather basic. It is not going to blow you away and plus the sex that the game does have usually only has two images. I liked the sound design of the game and think that the bits of voice acting which are here do fit the characters well enough. Plus, the soundtrack that they went for is not too grating on the ears and rather unoffensive.

I so wanted to love what Bazooka Café is offering. While I like the idea of running a café with a group of smoking hot babes that are willing to do it at a moment's notice. The game feels rather basic in pretty much every regard and there is not really enough to make you want to get super involved in the game and see all that it has to offer.


Check out the babes that the game has and if you like the look of one, you may want to check it out. Just do not expect to be playing this game for hours on end.


  • Lots of big boobs
  • The game is very easy to get through
  • Some of the characters are quite cute
  • I thought the voice acting wasn’t too bad
  • The music did drive me nuts either


  • The game does not have much going on at all
  • It is one of the more basic visual novel games I have played

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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