Wagamama High Spec

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a game by Madosoft
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Wagamama High Spec
Wagamama High Spec
Wagamama High Spec
Wagamama High Spec

While Wagamama High Spec is an erotic visual novel game I have to tell you this is far more of a comedy than anything else. Many of the negative things I have read about this game or even the positive for that matter seem to ignore the fact that the real purpose of this game is to make the player laugh and it will certainly do that.

A Man Can Dream, A Man Can Dream

I found the story of this game to be hilarious. The main character is called Narumi and he writes a manga that is a bit on the risqué side. So much so that he keeps it a secret from everyone he knows apart from his two friends, Toa and Mihiro. Through a series of events, he finds out that the Student Council President is the person who illustrates his manga! He joins the council to try and keep his secret just that, but things start to get very strange and out of hand for poor Narumi.

I thought that Wagamama High Spec was a fantastic comedy and the writing is some of the best I have seen in a visual novel. Far too many games try way too hard to be funny, but this game nails it. I love the way the characters interact and even when there is sex, the way it happens feels more natural and real than in many other visual novels I have played.

What A Way To Live!

The artwork in this game is truly amazing. If you just have a quick look at the images you will be blown away. I bet a lot of people play this game based on the artwork alone and then are pretty shocked at the fact much of the game is played for laughs. The different girls that you come across in the game are awesome and each one has a spark about her that makes you want to see her route through to the end. The sex in the game is also very well done. It is not animated which is a shame and while it does have that Japanese censorship, I still liked it and thought it was pretty hot. I think the fact that the game makes you connect with these characters makes the XXX content even better.

Four Lays Are Better Than One

While you want to keep your secret manga writing life to yourself, getting laid is also a goal. The game has different girls you can try and get with so you have different routes that you can do down depending on the choices that you make. Wagamama High Spec is not trying too much new here and while the stories are very well done, I must admit a few of the endings to not pull things to a close as much as I would have liked.

Still, even with that being said. I did actually play this game so that I could see all four of the routes and none of them I would say are bad. I do think that most people who play this will try and get more than one route done, not just because of the story, but so they can see the girl in all her glory.


I thought that Wagamama High Spec was a very fun time. It was so refreshing to play a lewd visual novel game that was more about having fun and the fun side of sex that trying to be all serious and sexy. While I do think they struggled with the endings, the majority of the game is great and one of the more memorable visual novels I have played. I have played a ton of these games and this one here would easily make it into my top 20, maybe even top 10!


  • The story of the game is weird and fun
  • I loved the comedy aspects of the story
  • It has some of the most beautiful characters you will ever see
  • You have multiple routes to experience
  • It is a game that just oozes charm


  • I wish there was animation in the sex scenes
  • I could do without the Japanese censorship!

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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