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a game by TOYBOX, and IDEA FACTORY
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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I have to say that 7'scarlet is one of the weirdest names for a game that I have heard, but this is a game I was meaning to try for quite some time. It was originally released on the PlayStation Vita before making its way to the PC a couple of years later. It is a visual novel game and one that has a bit of mystery to it so I was very excited to dive into this strange and mysterious world.

I Am Looking For My Brother

The story of the game is about a young girl called Ichiko whose brother has gone missing. She knows that his last whereabouts was the town called, Okunezato. This town is odd in that it first of all is shaped like a crescent moon. However, many people have gone missing here over the years.

In 7'scarlet, Ichiko has been doing some detective work and has uncovered some strange and unusual things about this town. She, along with her friend Hino head to the town and discover that this place is even stranger than she thought it would be. The story was very, very engaging and it has a real mystery and even supernatural vibe about it that I loved. It does have voice acting which is very, very well done, and makes the story even better in my opinion.

I Just Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

The visuals of this visual novel game are incredibly eye-catching. It has a very movie-like quality to it all and while I cannot confirm it. I get the impression that they have used some real-life locations here and then drawn over them. It sounds odd, but it works and makes the backgrounds look very interesting which adds to the strangeness of this place. 7'scarlet also has some fantastic character models. There is a nice amount of animation too which helps the game have a real mystery movie vibe to it.

The Mystery Gang

I will admit that at first, I thought this game would be much more linear than it turned out to be. This is the kind of game that you are going to have to play through multiple times in order to get the whole story and see every outcome that you come across. You have choices to make during the story and they can sometimes alter things quite dramatically.

7'scarlet at its core is very much your typical visual novel style of game, but it is one that is done very well. If you enjoy this style of game then I do not doubt that you are going to get a great deal out of this.


I had a fantastic time playing through this game multiple times. It is a very well-made game that looks like an anime and it has a ton of interesting characters you can interact with which along with the different outcomes give the game a ton of replay value. It also looks fantastic and it is the kind of game that is a lot of fun to talk about. If you enjoy visual novel games and like them to have a really interesting mystery to them, 7'scarlet is a game that you have to sink your teeth into.


  • The whole premise of the game is very interesting
  • The story has many different paths
  • Lots of interesting characters that you can interact with
  • The visuals are truly fantastic
  • The voice acting adds a great deal to the game


  • It does not do anything new to the genre
  • If visual novels are not usually your cup of tea, this will not win you over

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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