But I'm the Bad Guy?

Play But, I’m the Bad Guy if you have always wanted to play as a grade A jerk in a video game. This is an adult visual novel where we get to perform all kinds of sexual acts with sexy ladies.
a game by DLGB
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 6.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.6/10 - 11 votes
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But I'm the Bad Guy?
But I'm the Bad Guy?
But I'm the Bad Guy?
But I'm the Bad Guy?

But I’m the Bad Guy? Is a game that has some things that I like, actually it has quite a lot of things that I like. However, it has one thing that is a real turn off for me which kind of sucks as this is a game that I think I could like way more if it were not for that one thing! How about that for a cryptic opening? You no doubt are so intrigued by what the thing in this game was that turned me off you will have to keep on reading.

A Bad Dude With Attitude!

The premise of But I’m the Bad Guy? Is something that I can actually get behind. We play as a guy who is pretty much a jerk! There is a good and bad dynamic thing at play here in the story, but for the most part, our main dude is a major jerk. I do think him being bisexual does make him a bit more interesting though. Plus, I think that this game is mostly played for laughs, well sometimes at least it is and that makes it a bit more fun to play.

From One Guy Or Gal To Next

The problem with the story But I’m the Bad Guy? Is telling is that it is all over the place. We pretty much get invited for dinner by a neighbor and then just start trying to hook up with the family members and be a jerk. I think that there is some fun to be had here, but the story lacks any real direction and just seems to go from one random encounter to the next without anything of any kind of substance tying it all together. I do think that if you take this as more of a comedy and just go with the flow, you will have a much better time. That was what I did and I got a kick out of the absurdity of it all.

The Absolute Wrong Side Of The Tracks!

Ok, so we are finally at the point where I am going to tell you what turned me off about But I’m the Bad Guy? This game has character renders that look far too young. I honestly think that many of the female characters in this game look like they are 16 at the most which just feels so wrong. Granted, this is how I am viewing them, and from what I understand they are all supposed to be at least 18, but they look far too young in my opinion. It is a pity too as the game does have a decent level of quality to it as far as the visuals go.

A Bit Of Bad Or A Bit Of Slightly Less Bad?

But I’m the Bad Guy? Is a lewd visual novel and one that is not trying to do anything too crazy. Most of what you will be doing here is reading the story and to be honest, while the story makes no sense in an overarching kind of way, the bits of interactions you get with the character can be so zany and weird, that it does make you pay attention. As you would expect from a lewd visual novel you get to make choices here and there and this is what makes up the gameplay of this game.


I think if the character renders looked a bit older, I probably would have given this like a 7 maybe a 7.5. However, for my personal taste, these girls just look way too young, so young that while I can appreciate the work that went into the character renders, there is no way that I can find them sexy or hot. Hey, if you think I am wrong and that they do look like they are 18, go for it, I am sure you will have fun with this as the story is so strange that you may get a few laughs out of it.


  • It is a fairly solid lewd visual novel from a gameplay POV
  • The story is so wacky that it kept my attention
  • They try to do something interesting with the good/bad dynamic
  • There are some people that really highly rate this game so you might be one of them


  • The female characters for the most part look way too young
  • The story can be hard to follow

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

With a title like But I’m the Bad Guy? It should come as no surprise that the main character is a real creep and we are going to be getting up to all kinds of questionable things. However, I think that this game took that a tad too far in some cases. It could be fun and I do kind of like the idea of playing as a jerk, but there is a thin line between playing as a jerk and some guy that looks like he should be on a register and not allowed near schools if you know what I am saying.

The Wrong Guy To Invite Round For Dinner

I wish I could tell you what the actual story of But I’m the Bad Guy? Is, but I cannot. You see random things just seem to happen, but the catalyst seems to be when this neighbor invites our MC around for dinner one day and the MC then starts terrorizing his family in some very sexual ways.

It is the kind of thing I have seen and done before in a game, but there is no big narrative linking it all together, we just have a creepy MC that does what he wants.

A Little Young For You Isn’t She Ritchie

How about that an It reference… although I think I may have used this one before. Anyway, the main problem that I have with But I’m the Bad Guy? Is not that we are playing as a creep, it can actually be quite fun. It is the fact that the daughter character looks way too young. Like she looks 14 at the most and it just is very, very creepy and something that does not sit right with me. It takes our creepy and does what he wants MC and turns him into a sex offender and that right there just turned me off the whole experience. I am not saying that the character was designed to be 14, but she looks way too young.

Finding The Humor

As this is a lewd visual novel game, But I’m the Bad Guy? Has you following the story and then decided what goes down next. It is easy to follow and you just go from one extreme to the next and that can be easy to get into. It can also be a bit jarring as you get thrown from scene to scene. It is a real mixed bag too, some of them are funny and will make you laugh or even give you a sense of power, but others are way too creepy for my liking.

I think that But I’m the Bad Guy? Is the kind of game that you will either get a kick out of or just see the funny side of? Or, you will be turned off by how young the daughter character is and it goes from being funny to straight up creepy and that was the case for me.


I think that there are some good-looking character renders here and the idea of playing as this macho jerk who does what and who he wants could be fun, but the execution was not my cup of tea at all.


  • If you want to play as a jerk, this game lets you do
  • There is a decent amount of XXX content
  • Some of the writing can be funny
  • It does not take too long to get to the XXX stuff


  • The young character looks way too young, like way too young!
  • Because of that, I had a very hard time getting into the game

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