By Midsummer Moonlight

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a game by Mimir’s Lab
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
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By Midsummer Moonlight
By Midsummer Moonlight
By Midsummer Moonlight
By Midsummer Moonlight

Sometimes one person's decisions hurt an entire company of people, as was the case in the erotic visual novel By Midsummer Moonlight. Going off to war is not an easy and responsible decision that not everyone dares to make, well, in this game the hero just doesn't want to go there.

Unloving and freeing

Sometimes it is impossible to feel happy even in your own home. A cold mother and an indifferent father are conditions that have surrounded the protagonist all his life. However, even such conditions were mitigated by the appearance of his best friends in his life, who helped him cope with the life of a lone wolf. School is ending and there is no reason to continue to sit on the necks of unloved parents, in addition, his mother has repeatedly hinted about moving her son and starting an independent life. Find out how Aedan Miller will find his way in life and how his loyal friends will try to talk him out of making mistakes in the story of the visual novel.

War as a way to move out of your parents

Miller's old cousin friends and new girlfriends, their move to college and future plans for life all have little concern as war rages outside their town. Army losses are enormous and the protagonist decides to join the army of his native country. Having survived the cold war with his family, there is not much difference where to look for peace. Although the main character is ready to die, but his many girlfriends are not willing to put up with it. What desperate steps can the ladies take to keep their beloved friend from making a deadly mistake?


Throughout his life, Aedan has accumulated many female friends who clearly have more than just friendly feelings for him. Surrounded by female care, Aedan resembles the protagonist of Milfy City. Of course, when the girls learn of the hero's desperate move, they direct all their energies to dissuade the stubborn guy. Among such a group against the army are:

  • Junie - an acquaintance of the protagonist from high school. Winner of several volleyball matches and a future sports star and favorite of the main character's strict mother
  • Audrey - shy and homely, Audrey has always been a role model. The youngest of the Aedan cousins, but the most caring of them all.
  • Hannah, the explosive blonde with the temperament of a school bully, can put anyone in their place. A rising kickboxing star and the biggest bully in the neighborhood, the eldest of the cousins is always there for her with advice and a good fist.
  • Victoria - her name means victory, which is exactly what the girl herself does, wins at everything and gets everything she wants. But can the beastie win in the fight for the heart of the protagonist

Care is not always what you can get from your parents and this is perfectly felt by the hero of the novel. Quality character models and their varied characters will guide the player through the drama and love of the erotic visual novel, By Midsummer Moonlight.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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