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Alone In The Dark

Derceto, with its steeply angled roof and sinister appearance, guards in--its basement the secrets of Astarte, the goddess of fertility to whom the house was dedicated.

Fox Hunt

Of all the companies that have produced FMV games, Capcom is probably the last name you could possibly think of, but Capcom is responsible for Fox Hunt.

Midnight Raiders

Midnight Raiders for the Sega CD system is a combination of land and air combat.

The Lords of Tantrazz

And I quote: "Join super-agent Veronica Callahan on a deadly seek and rescue mission! And just when you think you've got it all under control, all hell breaks loose!"

Snow Job

One of the latest titles for the 3DO, Snow Job is a mystery set in New York.


You supply the mechanics behind this new category of gaming called gagventure! Switch contains an unprecedented 1000+ jokes, each with its own unique punchline.

Bounty Hunter

American Laser Games (well known for their excellent shooter games like Mad Dog McCree and Who Shot Johnny Rock?), has a brand-new shooter on the way.

Noir: A Shadowy Thriller

The year is 1940. Your friend Jack Slayton, a "dick" of the first class, has disappeared.

Psychic Detective

Electronic Arts takes a hand at trying out the full-motion video genre with Psychic Detective.

Supreme Warrior

The video in Supreme Warrior looks good (a rarity), but the actual game isn't much fun. The enemy attacks are hard to block.


Yep, it's Twisted with a twist. Set in a fictitious country in ruin, this game show has all the political intrigue of a Leave It to Beaver episode. Although not informative.

Brain Dead 13

Interactive video-game cartoons have come a long way since the first Dragon's Lair.