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There is no shortage of MMO’s these days, but Mabinogi does have something that sets it apart from the rest and that is the setting. This may at first glance to you look like another fantasy based MMO, but it is actually based on Irish mythology which is really neat and something I am not sure has been done before.

No Class!

Mabinogi is a little different in the way that it goes about letting you decide what character you play as. Instead of giving you a range of different classes to play as you just pick your race. You can choose between being a human, elf or a giant. Then you are able to customize them so they look the way you want. It is actually pretty good as sometimes in other MMO games, you are limited to what kind of stuff you can do because of the class you are. That is not really the case here and while the character creation system does seem a little weird due to the use of cards. It is actually much easier to do than you would think.

Think Before You Strike

One thing that Mabinogi has tried to do is make combat more interactive than just clicking away at the mouse. The combat is more based around skill than just clicking. You have to think and time your attacks so that they connect and you also have to pay attention to what the enemy is up to as if you are skilled enough you can counter what they are trying to do.

Day To Night

Mabinogi does actually have a pretty neat day to night cycle. The idea is that a full day in this world lasts 36 minutes. In addition to having a day and night cycle, dynamic weather effects also come into play. One other thing that is quite interesting is the way that your character can actually age. The aging process in the game can have an effect on the stats of your character, but once a week the game does let you reset your age due to a process that the game calls rebirth. In all honesty, if they have gone to the trouble of having an actual living world I am not really sure what the point in making your character age is if you can just undo it all.

Enter The Dungeon

If you play MMO’s then you know that having plenty of good dungeons to explore is a must. Mabinogi does not let you down in this regard as it has a pretty awesome system of dungeons. What makes the dungeons great is that they are randomly created so you can never get too comfortable and entering each one is a new and sometimes unnerving experience. Each dungeon has plenty of creates for you to fight and plenty of loot to score!

So Much To Do!

If you get into Mabinogi it is one of those games that can really take over your life. I say this because there is always something to do in the game. Of course, you will be taking part in all kinds of fun quests, but you can also get a job and try to find someone to hook up with! I would say that Mabinogi is one of those games where most people will spend more time just screwing around than doing the quests.

Final Thoughts On Mabinogi

I had a fun time with Mabinogi, but one thing I must say is that this is not exactly a “free to play” game. Yes, you can play it a little for free, but what it lets you experience is not a good representation of how much fun the game can be. So if you like the sound of Mabinogi I would advise actually paying for it and skipping the free to play version.



  • Being based on Irish mythology is pretty interesting
  • The presentation is quite interesting
  • Not class based which is rather unique
  • Combat requires some skill
  • The dungeons are randomly generated


  • Side content is more fun than main quests
  • The free to play version is a waste of time

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