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Selection Criteria: Online games that combine RPG elements with large, persistent game worlds and player interaction.

Best 50+ MMORPGs

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Guild Wars

This is because the developers have designed a system whereby they'll occasionally release expansion packs, not requiring a monthly fee to keep the game up and running.

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicles

But unfortunately it suffers from a timing issue.

City of Heroes

In a world of near-Gods I am a fleet footed fighter of the foul.


In Cabal, the player controls a commando, trying to destroy enemy military bases.

Anarchy Online: Shadowlands

A new world has been discovered. The world of Rubi Ka, for the most part controlled by the giant conglomerate.

WWII Online: Blitzkrieg

The orders came down from Strategy First at 1550 hours: "At 1600 hours you will meet up with Sgt. Primo and Sgt.


With the universe in peril from the nefarious Legion of Sludge's unstoppable conquests, the UltraCorps were created to fight them off -- but the UltraCorps.

EverQuest: Omens Of War

Sometimes, it feels like writing a review for an expansion pack is like recommending to a fish that it should stay in water.

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