Team Fortress Classic

Download Team Fortress Classic and dive into the original team-based shooter that laid the foundation for the popular Team Fortress 2! Choose from a variety of unique classes and work together with your team to achieve victory in this fast-paced, competitive game. Play now!
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Platform: PC (1999)
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Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress Classic

The dream of online team play comes ever closer to its glorious reality, thanks to Sierra. The company recently released an add-on for Half-Life that puts a new face on the most popular Quake mod ever: Team Fortress Classic. Within a few days of its release, TFC was the game of choice on close to half of WON's Half-Life servers. Why? Because its know-your-role, work-together game-play is cooler than a refrigerated penguin. Tribes? What Tribes?


The first Team Fortress, a mod for the original Quake in which players assumed various roles on a military-style squad, presented group play in a genre that didn't even know teams existed. But with Tribes, Quake III Arena, and Sierras own Team Fortress 2, the first-person fragfest is gradually evolving beyond mindless point-and-shoot gameplay.

Gabe Newell, managing director and co-founder of TFC and TF2 developer Valve, says the release of TFC will help introduce gamers to the team play they feel is critical to multiplayer gaming. "Prior to shipping TF2, TFC was the best way we could think of to say to people 'Check out this type of game--it's a lot of fun,"' Newell says. "It was also a great way to help keep the Half-Life multiplayer community growing by leaps and bounds, and to help us test the Half-Life software. Plus, it gives Half-Life mod authors a lot of motivation."


The TFC mod contains near-limitless team-play possibilities. How about six maps and several different team modes from Capture the Flag (including Two Fortresses and an excellent rendition of the well-balanced Quake TF map, 2Forts) to football (similar to Quake's Kick mod) to escort/ assassination and more.

In addition to the mass variety of modes, differences between original TF and TFC abound. First off, TFC uses the Half-Life engine, so it looks great. The weapons and character-specific skills are also different; depending on which of the nine classes you select, you'll be armed according to your skills and responsibilities. For example, the heavy-weapons guy is loaded down with artillery, but he moves much slower--markedly so, when firing--than the lighter-armed scout or spy.

The development of TFC may have set the release date of TF2 back a bit (it's currendy slated for fall), but Newell says it also gave the team an opportunity to make TF2 a much better product. "We're getting feedback from several hundred-thousand people on how to make better social action games that we wouldn't have gotten without TFC."


You can access Team Fortress Classic through the Auto-Update feature of Half-Life or at Sierra's Web site. From there, check out Mod Central's Guide to Team Fortress Classic at modcentral/tfc/tfc.htm. The sooner you prepare for the future of gaming, the more likely you are to survive it.

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