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The blood-soaked game Forsaken is gearing up to shock PS owners early next year.

Metal Head 32X

The game uses a first person view looking through the windshield of one of the game's 'Metal Head' Mechs.
Sega Genesis


If you've been around since the 16-Bit days, the name Treasure should resonate deep sentiments of awe and respect.
Nintendo 64

Wings of Wor

The heavens are being attacked by the demons of Iccus, led by a being known only as the Destroyer. The angel Wor must bring the fight to Iccus itself and put an end to the Destroyer's dark plans.
Sega Genesis

Iron Angel of The Apocalypse

This game really could have been cool if only it was laid out a bit better and the control was improved.

Realms of the Haunting

Forged in the beginning and protected by the Seven Seals, there lies a place where thought and creation intertwine.


XS is set sometime in the future, and your goal is to defeat all the bad guys by fighting arena-style through levels until you win.


The elemental differences between technology and magic have finally boiled over into all out combat.

Team Buddies

Originally part of Psygnosis' lineup before they closed up shop, Midway has decided to release this funky puzzle/party game.

Total Carnage

Along the way, Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem fight various mutants and monsters and eventually General Ahkboob himself. Ahkboob transforms into several forms, including a series of three giant heads.

Red Faction II

So you've an enhanced super soldier designed to be the ultimate weapon. Vastly superior to your enemies, what could possibly cause you any concern?

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Sometimes, the best games aren't the ones that innovate or try something entirely new.

Second Sight

While this game does look particularly good and seemed to have entertaining gameplay, it's got an incredibly painful learning curve.

Armed and Dangerous

Humor doesn't always work in computer games, but the laughs blend well with the non-stop action in this third person shooter set in an alternate Scotland filled with robots, projectile land sharks and portable black holes.

Battle Engine Aquila

Before I begin, I should mention one thing. The only place that Aquila can't go is in the water.

Tunnel B1

Tunnel B1 is sub-terrain shooter which takes place in the apocalyptic future underground Earth.


This sequel promises to pick up right where the original left off, with a revamped cast of characters just waiting to blast anything and everything that crosses their path.

Captain Quazar

Captain Quazar is a hot new action title developed exclusively for the 3DO by the hotshots at Studio 3DO.

Soldier of Fortune: Gold Edition

You are John Mullins, a Soldier of Fortune. A mercenary employed by the Shop, you're a Vietnam veteran trained in many different forms of warfare.

No One Lives Forever

It is not that I found this game particularly bad; it just felt too routine for my tastes.


In the ancient days of humankind a line of God-Kings watched over the people, guiding the actions of nations, kings, and priests to plant the first seeds of civilization.

Krazy Ivan

Krazy Ivan is another Psygnosis title that is close to completion. So far it looks phenomenal.