Delta Force 2

Download Delta Force 2 and join the elite special forces in the heat of battle! Engage in stealthy missions, take down terrorists, and save the world in this thrilling tactical shooter. Gear up and play now!
a game by NovaLogic
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.4/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 23 votes
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Delta Force 2
Delta Force 2
Delta Force 2

It kind of blows my mind that as I write this Delta Force 2 is now 20 years old! It was re-released on Steam a few years back, but with no major changes made to the game. This is a tactics based first-person shooter and one that I had a lot of fun with back when it was first released. I was lucky in that my old man, loved stuff like this so I always got to play games like this growing up, but how does it hold up?

The Mission Is The Story

The single-player aspect of the game is not as cinematic as you would get with a modern first-person shooter game. Instead at the start of each mission in Delta Force 2, you are giving a rundown on what the deal is. It is more than enough to give you a reason to be kicking the ass that you are going to be kicking. However, I must admit I do wish that the game offered more in terms of its story.

The visuals are what they are, at the time this was a good-looking game. Now, things are not as detailed as I remembered and the whole game has a kind of “brown” and “grey” color pallet going on. The sound design though is pretty awesome and really does rock, especially the gunfire.

Your Mission, Your Way

There is a nice amount of missions for you to complete. The missions tend to fall into one of three different categories. One, you have to kill al the opposing forces that are in your way. Two, you have to rescue hostages and three, you have to blow something up. There are little variations here and there, but that is the basics of what you will be doing.

At the time Delta Force 2 was released one of the things that I really liked about the game was how you could complete a mission anyway you saw fit. You can choose your loadout at the start of a mission. So, you can play as a sniper and try and sneak around, or you can strap on an armored vest and go in guns blazing, it is up to you. There is an online component with a solid selection of game modes such as capture the flag and team deathmatch, but in all honesty, I am not sure how active a community there is for this game anymore.

Bang, Bang You’re Dead!

This game is notable for its difficulty. It is aiming to be a more realistic kind of shooter. This means that you cannot just soak up bullets. It is not uncommon to be taken out with a single hit! However, most of the time you are looking at three hits max before you are dead on the ground. This can be rather frustrating as in going back and playing this again for the first time in a while. I realized just how unbalanced the AI is! They are either complete morons just standing around waiting to be shot or they are a one-man army like a military John Wick!

Before I played Delta Force 2 again for the first time in many years I would have probably scored this at 8.5/10 as I had so much fun with it back in the day. I still had a lot of fun playing the game again, but I must admit that father time has not been incredibly kind to this game. I still had a fun time, but I do feel a lot of that was nostalgia-based. If you played this game back in the day, I am sure you will still have fun with it. However, those new to the series may wonder what all the fuss is about.


Final Score


  • There are plenty of missions to do
  • The missions have a nice amount of variety to them
  • I like how it tries to be realistic
  • You can tackle a mission anyway you want
  • If online works, there is a decent selection of game modes


  • The game has aged in pretty much every regard
  • The AI is either dumb or way to smart!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

In the first-person shooter Delta Force 2, a specialized squad dedicated to destroying the enemies of state and peace fights for the peaceful sleep of the civilian population. Stop your enemies from carrying out their evil plans by showing them the full power of a trained Special Forces fighter.

It's up to the player to save the world

The hottest spots on Earth await your heroes. Participate in one of two campaigns and complete more than twenty missions that will save not only the life of another soldier, but also the civilian population. The main campaigns of the game are:

  • The fight against a terrorist group that is going to take possession of biological weapons. The fight for the right of the population to continue to live in peace on their unpoisoned land.
  • Fighting against the forces that are trying to get hold of nuclear weapons. The whole world is in danger if a terrorist group gains access to nuclear weapons.

Weapons will be everything

The gameplay consists of over forty missions that are scattered around the globe. Travel to Africa or Siberia with a large arsenal of available weapons left over from the first installment, Delta Force, and updated with new firearms.

Operations or unconventional travel?

The game will please you not only with standard missions with jogging through the location, destroying everything alive on your way. Landing missions have been added for a more vivid experience. Jumping from a helicopter onto the moving train - only superheroes, stuntmen and professionals like you can do that. The water element will also take its place in the gameplay, so future marines are waiting for a little training in the field.


Travelling the world to save it is every soldier's dream. Terrorist groups with truly villainous ambitions and battles with intelligent artificial intelligence await you in the arcade shooter - Delta Force 2.


The Delta Force is the Army’s group of top-secret elite Special Forces soldiers trained to infiltrate and eliminate terrorist bases and eradicate hostage situations in any environment around the world. In Novalogic’s Delta Force 2, you play the role of a Delta Force soldier equipped with a limited arsenal of weapons with a multitude of various missions from which to choose. If you ever played the original Delta Force, you will be in for much more of the same great gameplay with new missions and some added weapons.

Gameplay, Controls, Interface

After your mission briefing, you will most likely find yourself parachuting into a location near your mission objective. Unless you are spotted, you can choose to take a stealth approach by staying low and out of sight, sneaking up on terrorist guards and taking them out with a silent weapon such as your knife or silencer. If you prefer to go in guns blazing, you can start picking off terrorists as you parachute to the ground but you must be careful, because if you are hit by one or two bullets, you are dead and your mission is over! In a typical hostage rescue mission you will need to slowly sneak up on the terrorists' hideout taking out one enemy at a time, all the time trying not to be spotted. You know your cover is blown when you hear bullets hitting the ground near you and see tracers flying through the air. At this point you must either find cover fast or quickly figure out who is shooting at you and kill them before they kill you. Entering buildings is also very challenging because the combat is up close and personal but clearing a room of bad guys by throwing in a grenade before you enter is probably a good idea. Most missions have no time limit so you can take your time to meticulously eliminate each enemy soldier as you go. This is a good idea because if you miss one, you will most likely get shot and have to start the mission over.

There are 19 different single missions and two campaigns containing 12-14 missions each. Some are at night using night vision goggles and some will require you to swim and even shoot terrorists underwater! There is a wide assortment of weapons to choose from but you can only take one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, a sidearm, and some auxiliary gear with you on any one mission. Auxiliary gear can consist of a camouflage suit, SCUBA gear, a Kevlar vest, a Military Surveillance Camera, or a box of extra ammo. The Kevlar vest gives you better resistance to small arms fire and you can set up the Camera and view it when you are in a different location.

I found that in the single player game, the best chance for success is to use a weapon that has a scope on it because you can kill a large percentage of the enemy while at a distance in sniper mode. Without a scope, you have to get up close and personal and it is very difficult to succeed since a single shot will usually end your mission. There is no way to save your game during a mission so if you die, you must start again from the beginning.

The AI reacts well to assaults at times: when you start firing at an enemy encampment, you can hear panicking shouts and see soldiers scattering. Other times, the AI has got some serious problems: after the initial attack, many of the enemy soldiers will just stand at their post, while you pick off each one from a distance. I would also see some enemy soldiers running in place feverously trying to run through a wall.


As with most Novalogic games, free Internet play is available on Novaworld. Up to 50 players can compete in a wide variety of multiplayer games. The Cooperative play allows you to replay the game’s single player missions but with human teammates. Flagball, a variation of Capture the Flag, begins with one flag in the middle of the playing field where up to four different teams try to grab it and return it to their base to score one point. Other multiplayer games include Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Team King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, and Attack and Defend. The best thing about Novaworld is the ease of connecting and getting into an online game. Games can also be set up via a LAN (IPX) network for up to 16 players. Delta Force 2 also includes a microphone headset inside the box for their Voice-Over-Net feature. During multiplayer games, you can talk to other players. This comes in handy for team games such as Capture the Flag and is fairly simple to hook up as long as you have a full duplex sound card.


Delta Force 2 uses Novalogic’s Voxel Space 32 graphics engine. It works well for this type of game because there is a lot of long distance shooting and in the Voxel Space environment, there are huge outdoor surroundings without the mandatory fog effect over long distances. The drawback to Novalogic’s graphics engine is blocky graphics but after playing for awhile, you will probably forget about this. By far the best feature is the wide assortment of environments you will see. Green grassy fields, desert landscapes, harbors with ships, buildings and towers, snow covered terrain, and rolling tree covered hills are all featured. Weather effects are also very cool. It could be foggy, raining or snowing, or be a beautiful summer day. You can crawl through tall grass, canyons, and around trees and other objects and swim underwater virtually undetected.


Here is where Delta Force 2 really stands out. The sound of bullets hitting the ground near you and whizzing past your ears is enough to make you twitch in your chair. All of the gun sounds are realistic and the far off shouting of enemy soldiers conveys the panic they are in as you kill them off one by one. There is no in-game background music.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT, Pentium/Celeron 400 MHz or equivalent, 64 MB memory, Quad speed CD-ROM, SVGA video card, and mouse. Delta Force 2 and the Voxel Space 32 graphics engine support hardware graphics acceleration only for 32-bit color capable video cards. This means any gamers who have any of the current 3dfx graphics cards will not be able to use 3D acceleration and must play in software only mode. This very important fact will immediately alienate a very large percentage of prospective buyers of Delta Force 2.

Bottom Line

Delta Force 2 is a worthy successor to the original game. It is one of those addictive games that you will find yourself playing late into the night assuring yourself that you're going to play "just one more mission!" This is accomplished by the incredible variety of missions and the immersion created by excellent audio, acceptable graphics, and a wide variety of environments that will keep you playing this game for a long time. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a video card capable of displaying 32-bit color in 3D mode, you will probably be very disappointed to know that there is no 3D support for your computer.

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