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a game by Turtle Rock Studios
Genre: Action
Platform: PC (2015)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 19 votes
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Today I am talking about a game that I feel should have been a much bigger deal than it was and that game is Evolve.

4 V 1

The core gameplay of Evolve is a 4 vs 1 style of game. The idea is that in the future mankind has started to colonize other planets. On this particular planet, there are “monsters” that are making things tough and it is up to an elite team to track and kill these monsters. Four players get to play as hunters who are tasked with tracking, trapping and killing the monster. The other player is the monster, which is a ton of fun to play as. Let’s face it who does not love playing as a monster?

Plenty Of Class

If you are playing as one of the hunters, Evolve offers you the choice of many different characters to play as. These characters are split between four classes with each class having four characters in it. Assault, trapper, support, and medic are the different classes. Like most other class based shooters, working as a team and working to your classes strength is going to be what gives you the best chance of victory. The hunters are quite nimble and athletic and you can even use a jetpack to help you get around the map quicker which is a lot of fun to do.

What’s That Coming Over The Hill

Well, it’s a monster! There are five different monsters to play as. Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth, and Gorgon. As well as each monster having its own style and personality, each monster also has its own attacks, advantages, and disadvantages. You play as the monster in the 3rd person instead of in 1st person like the hunters. The idea when you are playing as the monster is to eat as many other animals as possible. This is going to give you XP which is going to allow you to evolve into a more powerful creature that has stronger attacks which makes killing the hunters easier. Playing as the monster is an absolute blast and you really do feel like a powerful beast.

A Whole Lot To Do

One of the things that Evolve did not get enough credit for was the fact that it had many different game modes. Hunt, rescue, nest, arena and defend are the different game modes you can play. You can play these with four other human players or with bots. There is even a kind of story mode option called Evacuation where as well as story playing out through the five rounds you will be playing. The winning team from each round gets an advantage in the next one.

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

For whatever reason, Evolve just never caught on. Before it was released it was very positively spoken about. Many thought that it could perhaps become the next big thing in the world of E-Sports. Evolve though never caught on like the folks at 2K thought it would. They even tried switching it to a free to play game and still, that was not enough to make the game gain truly mass appeal. It is a real shame too because Evolve is actually a really fun time.

Evolve is one of those games that many people ignored, but for those who got into it, it was a lot of fun. Playing as the different hunters was cool, the monsters were awesome and the whole setting was like something out of a sci-fi movie. It is a shame that 2K has decided to no longer support the game due to a lack of interest. I wonder how the game could have gone if 2K had supported it just a little longer.



  • The monster designs are really cool
  • Plenty of characters to play as
  • Playing as the different monsters is a lot of fun
  • Game modes are quite varied
  • There is even a story running through it


  • No longer supported
  • Some feel the monsters are too overpowered

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

After collaborating with Valve on the immensely popular Left 4 Dead, developer Turtle Rock Studios is back with Evolve, another game looking to do something different with multiplayer.

Imagine left 4 Dead, but give it a sci-fi spin--crazy weapons, gadgets, jetpacks, the works. Strip away the Infected, of course, and replace Pennsylvania with Shear, a lush alien world uninhabited by any advanced civilizations. The four player-controlled Survivors become four Hunters hired to tame these uncharted lands and keep the colonists safe. And instead of facing off against four Special Infected, there's one creature controlled by a fifth player--something monstrous, hulking. That, in a nutshell, is Evolve.

Like Left 4 Dead, Evolve represents a hybridization of co-op and competitive multiplayer. Unlike Left 4 Dead, it's asymmetrical. The four Hunters play in first-person, while the monster is controlled in third-person. The asymmetry extends into the way players are expected to behave in Evolve, too. Like the Survivors in Left 4 Dead. Hunters need to work together as a team and communicate in order to bring down the beastie they pursue.

Turtle Rock has only revealed one of the playable monsters so far. a bruiser called the Goliath that looks like a cross between an ape. a snake, and a xenomorph from Aliens. That last one is unsurprising, since Evolve strikes us as partially inspired by James Cameron's follow-up to the much-adored Ridley Scott original. Playing as the creature, despite its size and feral nature, is not a role defined by aggression, but rather planning. Early on, the monster is at its weakest and needs to run and hide from the Hunters while consuming local wildlife to grow strong and--you guessed it--evolve. Once it does, it becomes all manner of fearsome. Dragon-like fire breath? Check. The strength and size to hurl boulders at the Hunters? You bet. Massive, powerful legs to perform devastating dash attacks and leap great distances? Affirmative.

It's this gameplay asymmetry that has us interested in Evolve. Giving one side a very different role than the other has proved successful in the past. (Just ask anyone who's played Splinter Cell's Spies vs. Mercs.) It's nice to see another instance of online multiplayer moving away from the indistinguishable Call of Duty clone territory that we've been mired in for more than a few years now. Supposing Turtle Rock didn't get just get lucky with Left 4 Dead and delivers the goods with Evolve, the game may represent another example of just that--evolution.

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