Conflict: Global Storm

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Conflict: Global Storm
Conflict: Global Storm
Conflict: Global Storm
Conflict: Global Storm

Nazis, Eh? If they're not providing inspiration for our monarchy's fancy dress costumes, they're busy being the most vicious and notorious bad guys in history. The latest PC game to get the evil jackbooted psychopaths into its sights is Conflict: Global Terror, the fourth title in the hugely successful consolecentric franchise. Set in the near future. Global Terror avoids using easy targets such as Islamic militants as its inspiration, and instead plumps for an almost James Bond-style plot. After being in hiding for many years, Nazis have re-emerged in South America and have begun funding terrorism around the world to destabilise western democracies in the hope of establishing a New Order. It's up to you and your squad of four counter-terrorist soldiers to quell the growing violence in six different locations including Kashmir, Columbia and Siberia.

Developer Pivotal has reintroduced the four Delta Force characters from Desert Storm 1 and 2, but after Foley goes MIA in the game, he's replaced with a brand new female character - a sniper called Carrie Sherman. She, along with Bradley (team leader), Jones (all-rounder) and Connors (heavy weapons), takes part in 15 missions that include infiltrating various buildings such as nuclear power stations and sarin gas plants, rescuing hostages and destroying terrorist cells.

War On Terror

The first big improvement from previous games is the graphics engine, which was looking rather tired in Conflict: Vietnam and has been almost rewritten from scratch. Characters' faces and clothing have much more detail, a new animation system has smoother movement and there's full ragdoll physics. Your squad members can now climb ladders and jump over objects (pretty essential in the world of anti-terrorism I imagine) and have the ability to hack into computer systems to retrieve information. From a tactical point of view, you can now delay orders to your soldiers for better co-ordinated attacks. In Global Terror, when you want to perform a room breach, you can send your sniper to watch the windows, make your other squad members guard another door and when the last order has been made, the team will all react at the same time to storm the enemy position. On-screen indicators have been added to point out useful items you can interact with, and there'll also be a stats screen after missions have been completed with information such as number of headshots and civilians killed.

Another criticism of Conflict: Vietnam was that levels were very linear, with the level design forcing you to go through a very narrow corridor in the jungle environments. Global Terror promises multiple paths through missions, larger open spaces and a more realistic use of height for setting up snipers' nests or surveillance posts. Finally, the new Conflict will for the first time include online multiplayer modes, although what form these will take has yet to be revealed. All in all, while Conflict: Global Terror may not have the draw of a SWAT 4 or Star Wars: Republic Commando, this squad-based tactical shooter certainly has ambitions to be a PC big-hitter. And with Nazis in it, even Prince Harry might approve.

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