Download Euphoria and see if you can handle its extreme XXX content. Many regard this as one of the most lewd, extreme, and hard visual novels ever made. It features some very interesting sexual content that you are sure to never forget!
a game by ClockUp, and Devu Entertainment
Platform: PC (2011)
Editor Rating: 8.2/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 38 votes
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So, you think you’re ready for Euphoria? Let me tell you now, you aren’t. You may have looked this game up because you heard some stories about it. Well, those stories are likely all true. This title really switches things up and pushes the envelope in a way that I really wasn’t expecting when I first loaded it up. There is something profoundly unique about this game and I’m going to continue using language like this throughout the review. All in all, if you can separate the explicit things that occur from the fact that this is essentially a bunch of drawings, you probably won’t have too much of a problem with the game.


As a visual novel, the gameplay of this title is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. You go through the motions, read a bunch of conversation between multiple characters, make a decision here and there and then watch the game unfold as you reap what you have sewn. This game is actually quite well made as the although the gameplay is quite simple, there is a surprising number of options available and the ending changes drastically depending on what you chose. There’s a lot more variety than with what I’ve seen in many other places. Like Clannad or Steins;Gate but in a way that somehow outplays Doki Doki Literature Club, this game is jam packed with some interesting stuff.


Okay, as the story is very prevalent in this title, I can’t really say too much in regards to what it consists of, but I can say that there is astonishing amount of diversity in regards to the choices it offers the players. You make a few key decisions in a few key places and all of a sudden you have a completely different ending and learn a whole heapin’ helpin’ of stuff you were completely oblivious to in a previous run. The replay value is brilliant, I really must say.

Now onto the less palatable aspects of the story. There is some real mind-messin’ stuff going on in here. You witness some truly brutal moments, some of which I cannot speak of but they are definitely sexual in nature more often than not. If that’s something you think you’ve got the pallet for, go ahead and play. This game explores some truly disturbing things yet manages to tell a pretty good story despite all that.

Art Style

The art style of this title is actually pretty good. Although much of the gameplay takes place in the same 4 locations, the characters are unique and well designed. The sex scenes are well framed and clear to see. Sometimes you will have a visual novel that struggles to differentiate in its character designs, but that is not the case here. Each girl looks distinctly different and you quickly connect with them thanks to that.


Despite the fact that this game is a brutal and somewhat scary sex-fest, its writing isn’t too bad. Not recommended for the weak of heart.


  • Great visuals
  • Interesting Story


  • Sometimes feels a little over the top

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Wow did Euphoria shock the hell out of me! Let me tell you fine folks right off the bat that this game is possibly the most extreme lewd visual novel game I have ever played. A friend of mine recommended this to me and told me it was like a horror movie franchise I like, but not to read anything about the game before I played it. I can see why he said that as if I had read what some of the fetishes and content here were I may have not even tried this! I am glad that I did I play this, but I can see why for some it is far too extreme.

Awakening In The White Room

What we have here with Euphoria is a story that is kind of like one of the Saw movies or even Battle Royale as it is mainly made up of high school aged characters. We play as a guy that wakes up in this strange place that is called The White Room. We have no memory of how we got there and we have no idea what the heck is happening, until we hear a voice! If you like “torture porn” stuff like Saw and Hostel, you will get a real kick out of this story.

Never Alone!

This White Room that Euphoria takes place in is like a playground for the twisted person running this thing. We are the only guy here, but there are other people here with us, a group of girls, one of which is our friend, a few classmates, and even one of our teachers. What the person who has taken us here wants us to do is have the most extreme and brutal sex that you have ever seen. Now, while this is extreme, there is a lot of character development here and I liked the overall direction that the story was going in and was very interested to see how it all turned out.

Waiting For The Next Click

There is a lot of clicking to do in Euphoria as the story is so in depth, you always feel like you are either clicking to the next bit of dialogue or one of the many “actions” you have to do. This is a lewd visual novel that gives the player a ton of choice and that is something I am very happy about. There are many different paths and endings that you can experience and I fully intend to play through this again as some of the choices are very extreme so I do wonder how things would have played out had I gone a different way.

Not For Those Who Are Easily Offended

Think of an extreme movie like Antichrist and let me tell you that has nothing on the extreme content of Euphoria! This game is all about sexual violence and it is some of the most extreme stuff I have ever seen. We are talking about a chick getting an injection in her tongue and then it pulled with pliers, two girls going butt to mouth with tubes like it is the Human Centipede! It is crazy the stuff that goes on in this game and the anime style of the visuals is impressive, but I can see why some people would find this too much.


To say that Euphoria is an extreme XXX visual novel is a massive understatement! If you are someone that has found movies like Saw, Battle Royale, or Antichrist too much, you need to stay away from this game! While the sex may have been too much for me and did not turn me on at all. I found myself very interested in the story, and the characters and wanted to find out what would happen at the end with the choices I made.


  • This is a very thrilling XXX story
  • Those who like extreme movies such as Saw will like this
  • Some of the stuff in this game shocked me and not much shocks me these days
  • It looks like an anime movie


  • If you are easily turned off by violence and gross stuff, stay away from this
  • I am not sure if the shock factor will be there with my second play through

Euphoria is possibly the most disturbing and dark visual novel that I have ever played! You need to read as much as you can about this game before you jump in as I can see more than a few people being offended by what this game is offering! Still, even though this is a very extreme kind of game, I found the whole premise of it really captivating and kind of like a messed-up horror movie.

The White Room

The game feels like a more extreme version of the Saw movies…. Yes, an even more extreme version! Plus, it is more about sexual violence than just violence and torture. Euphoria takes place in what is called The White Room. Our protagonist a guy called, Takatou wakes up with no memory of how he got here. Also in The White Room are six women, ranging from his best friend from childhood, a few classmates, and even a teacher.

The Unlocker And The Keyhole

In The White Room, the people hear a voice! This voice tells them that Takatou is an “unlocker” and the women are “keyholes” and if they want to get out, they need to do what they are told. Euphoria is all about making the characters do the most extreme sexual stuff you have ever seen, there is even poop and pee in this game and it can be pretty brutal to see. I really do think movies like Saw and Hostel are the best comparison for what is going on here. While there is a lot of shock value, there is also a lot of character development too and you get to know each character a little bit as the story the progresses.

Walking Different Paths

Euphoria is a lewd visual novel, but it is one of the choicest heavy visual novels that I have played in quite some time. You see, especially early on in the game, you get to make some major decisions and these can radically alter the way things progress and the relationships with various characters. You can get a walkthrough, which I would recommend for your first playthrough of the game. However, there is certainly a great deal of replay value here.

I Want To Play A Game

The presentation of Euphoria is first-rate all of the way. This is a very, very impressive looking game. The anime style visuals really do pop, but the sexual content here is going to be what makes or breaks the game for you. For example, there is one scene where two girls have tubes going from their butts to each other’s mouths…. Yeah, you know where that is going! The content here is very shocking, but to be fair, I think it fits the story they are telling. There is also some voice acting here as the girls make all kinds of sounds, but after a while, I did find this aspect of the game to get rather annoying.


If I read on a sheet of paper the kind of kinky stuff that was in Euphoria, I would for sure think that this is not a game for me. However, I found myself completely captivated by this, I think it is because I am a fan of movies like Saw that I got really into this and wanted to see if any of these people were going to get out of this messed up situation that they have found themselves in! While the content is certainly very hardcore and shocking, if you feel like you can handle it, be sure to give this game a try.


  • The game is very similar to the Saw movies in its town
  • Some of the content is very shocking
  • I think the game is actually more shocking/scary than it is sexy
  • The presentation is incredible


  • The content may be too violent and gross for some people to handle
  • I found the character voices annoying after a while

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