Battle Royale

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a game by Incredible Technologies, Inc
Genres: Fighting Games, Sports
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 3 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Battle Royale
Battle Royale
Battle Royale
Battle Royale

In the wrestling world there are grudge matches, steel cage matches, and tag team matches, but what do you get when you have five crazed wrestlers in the ring at the same time? You get a Battle Royale. NEC's definitely pulled out all the stops on this game. Even the audience goes crazy throwing eggs and rotten veggies as you battle with characters like Spitfire Spike and the Man Eater. These guys look as scary as they sound, too! You can go for it alone or with up to four additional players. If you're feeling really brave you can even take on five computer opponents at once. And, with the built-in instant replay option you can have the pleasure of seeing yourself hurl the competition right out of the ring. If you get tossed out on your rear, you have the option to either quit and move on or to have rematch. There's body slammin' action galore in Battle Royale.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

You can't really call professional wrestling a sport, but you have to admit, it's a dynamite show. Even though the goofy, gaudy, gladiatorial spectacle is really just one step removed from the Three Stooges, there are still moments when you catch yourself wondering: "Is it real or fake?"

Such outrageous theatrics haven't gone unnoticed: big-time wrestling matches are always packed to the ceiling with wild and crazy fans. Now you, too, can go nuts with Battle Royale from NEC.

Rough Hasslin'

The object of Battle Royale is as simple as that of the real thing: throw all the other players out of the arena. In a one-player tournament you compete in individual one-on-one matches. Beat four opponents and they double up against you. In an actual battle royale, you're in a rock 'em, sock 'em free-for-all against four other wrestlers. If it takes more than a good head butt to get you off, you can count the cash you earn depending on how much mayhem you manage pa match.

You play one of five wrestle maniacs - the Sumo Masta, the Executiona, Mongo Kan, Spitfire Spike, or Meat-Eata. Each guy has his own unique moves - ten in all. Howeva, none of the moves are real knockouts, so to speak - no Atomic Drops, Body Slams, a Back-breakers.

Mean Looks

Similar to real wrestling, Battle Royale goes for the glitz rather than the game-play. The graphics are nicety-detailed and sharp-looking. However, the animation is slick but choppy. It's kind of a kick to watch the characters mug fa the camera with hip pumps, gruesome grimaces, and muscle-flexing, but during matches the wrestlers sashay around the ring.

Gimpy Gameplay

Battle Royale loses a few points on gameplay It's one of those carts where you keep mashing on the controller and you wonder whether or not that's doing any good. The gameplay is about as sluggish and muscle bound as the Sumo Master looks. Some moves require you to press the directional pad or Select and both buttons simultaneously - a real fingertangling exercise when some neo-neanderthal's beating your brains out.

Wrestling with a Dilemma

Battle Royale is a light-hearted, good-looking game, but it won't present much challenge to hardcore gamers. Its saving grace is the TurboTap feature: five people can jump into the ring to knock each other senseless. That's actually fun, but it has more to do with you and your friends' attitudes than the game itself. Oddly enough, that's Battle Royale's biggest plus and the main reason to add it to your collection. This is a great party game. It's easy to learn, and like real-life professional wrestling doesn't take much brain-power to get into.

If you've got a severe case of wrestle mania, you might like this cart.


  • If you pin an opponent against the ropes, try to kick him out ol the ring.
  • Don't get sandwiched between two other wrestlers!
  • You don't have to chase opponents; they'll come alter you.
  • If you get tossed out, there's a control pad- and button-pressing sequence that will get you back into the ring.
  • Spitfire Spike is the most well-balanced wrestler. Beginners should start with him.
  • Running into the ropes propels your wrestler hall way across the ring to knock down an opponent.

Up to Five Players Can Join in On the Fun As You Try to See Who Can Stay in the Ring the Longest. But Don't Get This Game Confused with a Wrestling Game Because It's Not. Each of the Five Different Characters Have Up to Seven Distinctive Moves That Can Be Mastered to Throw Your Friend(S) For a Loop.

Battle Royale is a wrestling contest that allows up to five wrestlers (via the TurboTap) to kick, punch and slam each other around and out of the ring. Matches may be played either as one-on-one confrontations (tournament mode) or as a free-for-all, with up to five human or computer-controlled wrestlers (nontournament mode). a TV announcer greets players with a menu of game choices for the BRAWL, Battle Royale of America Wrestling League.

The action begins when each player takes control of a wrestling manager and prepares to choose the wrestler that they want to represent for the upcoming matches. Sumo Master, Executioner, Mongo Kahn, Spitfire Spike and Meateater are the five professionals available for battle. Choice of who gets what wrestler is a battle in itself. the managers are lined up in a locker room, and after a short countdown, the race is on. Each manager must alternately punch at the others while trying to make it to their favorite wrestler.

Once each player has chosen a champion, the serious action commences. Each wrestler has an arsenal of seven different moves that may be used to pummel the opponents. Buttons I and II and SELECT are used in different combinations to produce two high moves, two middle moves and two low moves. the last is a special move that may only be used once every five seconds. the moves vary for each wrestler and may include any variety of punches, belly slaps or kicks.

Each player has a limited amount of damage that he may take before the wrestler slows and weakens. Some strength returns if the player moves away from the conflict a avoids battle, but to I speed up recovery, a lim-I ited amount of energy recharges are available, with the number depending upon which of the three difficulty levels was chosen.

It's easy to see how your wrestler is holding out. Each has a wrist band that changes color according to their energy level. Four different colors indicate one- I quarter to full strength. Each wrestler is rated in four statistics: hit strength, hit speed, walk speed and recovery rate. a rank of 1 to 5 is given for each, with each wrestler having different strength and weaknesses compared with the others. The point of the contest is to throw all of your opponents out of the ring while avoiding flying out yourself. While outside the ring, you may continue fighting others, both inside and out, and continue earning prize money.

Once there is a victor (an instant replay is shown of the final throw), players proceed to a statistics screen that shows how much money has been earned by each player for that round, how many hits were given, and how many were taken. Bonus cash is awarded according to how many special hits you threw, how long you lasted in the ring and how quickly the round was ended. When in the nontournament mode, players can go as many rounds as they want, but the tournament mode allows only a limited number of rematches if your player loses. Battle Royale was designed with multiplayer fun in mind and is geared mainly in that direction. While there is plenty of wrestling action to be had in the tournament mode, the most enjoyment comes when you have two or more players going at it full blast in the ring. Visually the game has its ups and downs.

The screen shots of the managers before a match and the aftermatch gloating sessions of the wrestlers are great, but the graphics during the matches don't compare. the wrestlers themselves look okay, but the animation is jerky. the sound effects are enjoyable, from the grunts, groans and slaps, to the guttural "You die!" threats, it all helps establish the right atmosphere.

Battle Royale will be enjoyed most by wrestling enthusiasts with enough players to fill the ring, but it may appeal less to other players.

Video wrestling has never been like this! In Battle Royale you command a wrestling superstar who's up against the biggest and baddest opponents of the "sport"! Manage a winner against the computer or hook up for a five-player brawl against your friends. Any way you look at it, it's a Battle Royale!

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