Bloody Roar 4

Download Bloody Roar 4 and unleash your inner beast in this intense fighting game! Master unique abilities, transform into powerful creatures, and dominate the competition. The battle for supremacy begins – play now!
a game by Eighting Co., Ltd.
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.5/10 - 11 votes
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Bloody Roar 4
Bloody Roar 4
Bloody Roar 4

Bloody Roar 4 is a fighting game from its early 2000s era. If you came here for the story you’ll be largely disappointed. There’s not much to talk about aside from a couple of new inclusions added in exchange for some older ones that have been axed from this sequel. It’s tolerable and you shouldn’t push it.


Bloody Roar 4 is a fighter that aims to stand out from the competition of its era by being focused more on accessibility so that anyone can pick it up and play without having to learn massive combos and frame timings. That said, the game does have its own depth so it is by no means a simplistic button spammer. Far from it, this is the type of game that lets you play how you want and the more you bother to look into its mechanics, the more interesting tools and techniques you’ll be able to find to enrich your experience. This is great for people who want something that’s more complex that Super Smash Bros. without needing Street Fighter levels of skills. Very fun all around.


The game mainly revolves around its fighting mode and a new career mode to spice things up. Fighting is what you’d expect from any fighting game; you pick your characters and take on either or a friend or the CPU on 1v1 matches. A lot of fun and the clear main focus of the game. Its career mode is pleasantly surprising though as it lets you play through a series of missions that let you level up and customize your chosen character’s stats and abilities. You can even unlock and use other characters’ moves and abilities which is a pretty cool and entertaining feature that you almost never see in fighting games. You can also take these modified characters and use them in the regular versus mode for some wacky couch play hijinks with friends. Pretty wonderful to say the least. Each character also has at least 2 unique costumes to unlock and use which is always an appreciated bonus. Everyone can be as stylish and destructive as you want them, especially when combined with the game’s fun first approach. Enjoyable all round.

Sound & Ambiance

The game’s weakest link definitely lies with its graphics and audio. The visuals are good for the time and characters look good but some of the finer details have faded through time. The sound quality is pretty bad, especially with the voice acting that struggles to even match up with the characters’ own styles and personalities. Almost nobody really sounds like they should and it can lead to it dampening the otherwise fun gameplay. Not the worst but not exactly average either.


This is not a serious, ultra-competitive fighting game. And that’s ok. You can simply pick it up and play with a friend to enjoy some fun, over the top action which this game more than delivers on. Very highly recommended.

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Playstation 2

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How this unevolved beast continues to elude extinction is beyond me. Once again, Bloody Roar's call-of-the-wild concept-fighters become the animal kingdom’s most feared killers midbout—has been tamed by woeful execution. For this fourth installment, Bloody Roar's breeders tried introducing new genes to the game’s anemic bloodline, borrowing counters, three-dimensional movement, and the notion of a fleshed-out single-player mode from pedigree fighters like Soul Calibur II. Unfortunately, something went awry, and none of it works as it should. The abilities your stripped-down combatant earns in Career mode, for instance, are already available in the standard match types. Not that it matters. I blew through the entire section without equipping a single “bonus” item. Fighting friends is equally pointless, thanks to an abuse-prone combo system that rewards frantic scrubs while punishing strategic players. Some games manage to deliver a good time despite being utterly sloppy (see Backyard Wrestling), but simple fisticuffs of this sort have no excuse for playing like Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Each of BR4's praiseworthy features is offset by one (or more) missteps in the same category. The Tiger looks badass, but one character’s alter ego is—I am not making this up—"The Spurious,” who has a blade on one arm and lichen growing on her. The nice-looking stages don’t matter, because you fight within the same tiny force-field-bounded square on each one. And there’s nothing good to say about the gameplay, which ignores skill and encourages button-mashing. Stay away from this beast—it bites.


Usually, when a fighting series reaches its fourth installment, it’s doing something right. In Bloody Roar 4's case, however, the only truly positive thing I can say is that it lets me beat on other people as a six-foot-tall rabbit, and even that got old after a few minutes. Shawn and Paul called it—Roars just a shallow button masher, one that's not much fun whether you’re playing alone or with friends. And what’s the point of even having different stages if every last one is bordered by four invisible walls?

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