Playhome Illusion

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
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Playhome Illusion
Playhome Illusion
Playhome Illusion
Playhome Illusion

I have to start this Playhome Illusion by stating that this is a game that deals with rape, molestation, and other horrible acts. If that kind of thing offends you then stop reading and walk away from this game as it really is not for you. In all honesty, this is a game that I had a very hard time getting through for this review.

The Story

The basics of what the story Playhome Illusion is telling are kind of messed up. The main character of the game was accused of being a child molester and now the main character is out for revenge. He is going to do this by going after the accuser’s family and doing unspeakable things to them. There are plenty of girls in the game and I do appreciate the way that the game lets you tinker around with them to make them the way you want. You could probably spend hours and hours here as there are many different options available to you.

Is This A Tech Demo?

The people that make this game have been said to care more about the presentation than the gameplay and I can kind of see why. The character models in the game look great. The art style of Playhome Illusion is going for a more realistic look than an anime one and I am not sure how I really feel about this to be truthful with you guys. Usually, I much prefer the more realistic look. However, as some of the character models have a more realistic looking face, I found some of the things you had to do to them a little more unsettling if you know what I mean.

The overall presentation though is well done. They certainly know how to make very alluring character models and if anything, I can see that being the main reason that people want to actually play this game.

Do I Have To?

There is not exactly a ton of what you would call gameplay in Playhome Illusion, but that is probably to be expected. You are basically trying to get from one sex/rape scene to the next. That is something that many games do, but this one I feel has just a tad too much padding. It can feel like it goes on forever and that if you really want to get to the sexual content, you are going to have to grind quite a bit.

I am not one to judge at all so for the right kind of person I feel that this could be a game they get a great deal out of. In my case, the subject matter is just not for me. I get that games like this are supposed to deal with the taboo, but for my taste, I must say that Playhome Illusion was just a bit much. I would highly recommend that you read more about this or check out an uncensored video to see if that might be the case for you also.

Final Score: 5/10


  • The presentation is good
  • Characters have a realistic look to them
  • Different things you can do
  • The idea of revenge is interesting
  • It is a game that will get a lot of discussion going


  • The subject matter is not for me at all
  • There is a lot of padding in the story

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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