Sexy Beach 3

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a game by Illusion
Platform: PC (2006)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 14 votes
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Sexy Beach 3
Sexy Beach 3
Sexy Beach 3

As the third game in the series, Sexy Beach 3 offers some improvements and tweaks over what came before it. This is once again brought to us by the sex game/hentai masters Illusion and it is more than fair to say that they have learned many new tricks for this installment here. If you have enjoyed the other games in this series and what Illusions have done in general you are in for a good time with this. It should go without saying, but Sexy Beach 3 is a game that is NSFW.

An Island Paradise

The setting of the game is a very nice and secluded island and a hotel. The idea is that you start each day out in the hotel, but from there, your goal is to date several different women and have sex with them. There are six female characters in the game, Bael, Esk, Akagi, Maria, Eo, and Ayase.

Now some of these names might seem familiar to you if you have played other games from Illusion. That is because rather than using original characters they have gone for some of their previous characters, all be it with a new and improved character model.

Smooth Moving

When you play a game like Sexy Beach 3 the presentation is a major factor in if you are going to stick with it. I feel that with this game, you can clearly see what the team at Illusion has learned. The character models have a much smoother look to them and their animations are also better. This is partially cool if you like some of the ladies I mentioned just before from other games as they look better than ever here. As well as having better character models, they have also greatly improved the camera. You now have more control over the camera and can pretty much get in and see every nook and cranny in very graphic detail.

Leveling Up To Get It On!

The gameplay of Sexy Beach 3 is more complex than you would probably expect. Each day is its own thing and each day is divided into five different time periods. You start off in the hotel and then you pick what girl you want to spend the day with and what you want to do. Doing what the girls wants, making her happy, and getting her excited for you are all things that you are working towards.

As you play the game, you level up with a heart system and once you reach the maximum amount of hearts with a particular girl, you can have sex with her. The ultimate goal is to be able to do it any way you want. When you are having sex, the game lets you click a couple of tabs on the screen to let you tinker with the action if you know what I am saying


As far as sex games go, I do think that Sexy Beach 3 is one of the better ones out there. It has some very impressive graphics and trying to level up with each girl requires more strategy than you would think. So, when you do actually get to bang them, you kind of feel like you have had to work hard in order to make it happen.


  • Each girl has her own look and personality
  • I liked how the girls were from previous Illusion games
  • Lots of different ways to do it!
  • I liked how you had to “level up” to get it on with the girls
  • The presentation is greatly improved from the last game


  • I do think high quality voice acting would have been great
  • Perhaps they could have had a couple more girls in the game?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sexy Beach 3 is an anime-inspired beautiful first-person dating simulator where you will travel to a paradise sea island and seduce attractive babes.

What a surprise

Luck favors the lucky ones:

  • Some survive a horrible car crash or even a plane crash
  • Someone happens to meet their favorite celebrity
  • Someone gets rich in a heartbeat because of a stock rise
  • Somebody was born into a Rockefeller family

The main character wins a ticket to an exotic island in the deep waters of the ocean. The sun warms the yellow and soft sand. The soft waves endlessly arrive and caress his ears. Birds of paradise hummingbirds gather and fly near the beautiful flowers.

And what's out there on the island?

A few juicy beauties await the character. Lonely babes are bored on the beach and now they do not mind getting acquainted. The gamer's task is to appear to be a nice guy and seduce a couple of cute women. To make the girls feel safe, you have to do a lot of things:

  • Courtship
  • Giving gifts
  • Putting on cream
  • Serve sunglasses and spread a blanket

Girls' disposition is earned with every action. Disposition is literally the number of points to be achieved. Each kind gesture is calculated by the number of points. Gradually communicating with each woman, the player goes to the finale - sexual actions with the chosen beauty are opened.

The user takes the mouse in his hands and uncomplicated movement begins to spread suntan oil on the seductive skinny legs. You can blot on a soft tummy, nice shoulders, a thin waist, and a taut back. You can change the angle, zoom in on the camera, or zoom out on the camera. Master your virtual hands to get into the most intimate places. Give a caring massage, earning loyalty points. Buying gifts for a woman is an important business for a gentleman. Buy accessories and clothes for in-game currency.


Sexy Beach 3 is a three-dimensional game that turns you on. Recommended for fans of Artificial Girl 3 and RapeLay.

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