Artificial Academy 2

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a game by Illusion
Platform: PC (2014)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 17 votes
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Artificial Academy 2
Artificial Academy 2
Artificial Academy 2

Artificial Academy 2 is a sandbox eroge game that serves as the sequel to Artificial Academy. The game is a high school social simulator where you build relationships with other characters in a bid to have sex with them.


You start by creating your character. You can create up to 25 student characters for your classroom. These students have their gender, orientation, personal behaviors and mode of interaction.

Your character can make friends with other people and have lovers among them. You compete with others in your classroom in academics and athletics. You also strive to be among the popular students and to have better romantic partners.
The character customization options are good and you can customize a lot of things about the girl of your choice. You can customize her height, eyes, nipples, shoulders, breasts, buttocks, facial structure, hair length, hair color, skin tone, tan lines, and other things. Each character also has customizable personalities. So, you can adjust their temperament, intelligence, social skills, fighting capabilities, gender orientation, sexual experience and more.

Each character is voiced by a different voice actress so there are different voices for all the characters in the game. You can even adjust the pitch level of a character’s voice just like what you have in games like Custom Maid 3D 2. The character voices are very realistic as they are voiced by popular hentai and eroge voice actresses.

For Adults Only

Artificial Academy 2 allows players to partake in sexual fantasies like bukkake, masturbation, sex toys, domination, BDSM, lesbianism, oral sex, cheating, orgies, voyeurism, foot jobs, exhibitionism and more.

You have sex with other students in the school and you can control any of the other 25 characters in the class if you wish. Since the game is a sandbox game, you can explore the school and watch as characters interact with each other. The other NPCs will interact with each other and form relationships of their own. These relationships will sometimes conflict with your personal interests. It takes time for you to have sex with anyone. You need to build a decent relationship with them before you can seduce them. Watching relationships blossom is interesting and it adds a thrill to the game. You get to enjoy the chase before getting intimate with someone.


There are mods for Artificial Academy 2 that uncensors the game further. There are also mods for cheats and there are mods that add assets like hair packs and clothing. There is a mod that adds more personalities and there is another mod that adds more sexual positions to the game. There is a mod that changes the dialogue options and add more audio and subtitle files. There is a mod that adds more camera angles. There is a mod that adds more body shapes and thicker body types.


  • Good high-school setting eroge game with an explorable sandbox
  • Good customization options
  • Lots of mods available


  • Doesn’t make too many changes from the first game
  • Customization of male characters is limited

Artificial academy is an enjoyable eroge game that can be made even better with the mods and patches available. But the game doesn’t do much to improve from the first game. It is quite similar to the first game and it feels like more like an expansion pack for the first Artificial Academy.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Artificial Academy 2 is one of those games that I have been meaning to get around to playing for quite some time. It was a buddy who turned me onto this actually and he asked if I ever got around to playing it. Well, I had some free time over the weekend and I had actually had this on my computer for years so I thought I would give it a try and it was ok. I can see why some people love this and end up addicted, but on the flip side of that, I can also see why it is not a game for everyone.

High School Never Ends!

Hey, remember Bowling For Soup? They were awesome, actually scratch that, they still are! Anyway, Artificial Academy 2 is a game that takes place in a high school type setting and there is no big dramatic storyline for us to play through here, we are kind of the masters of our own destiny as it is all pretty much left up to us. You see, we do not just create one character, we have to create a whole class as well as the teacher!

Being Who You Are

Those who like character creation will no doubt be all about this and the game does handle it quite well. You are able to give each character their own personality and this will dictate how they react to you as an NPC. It is a very interesting premise and one that sounds way too good to be true and sadly it kind of is. You end up hearing the same things over and over again and while making relationships with the characters is what this is all about, with no real storyline to tie it all together, you do have to use a fair bit of your imagination. There is just a real lack of depth to everything.

Working Hard And Playing Hard!

Gameplay wise, Artificial Academy 2 is a pure sandbox style of game, you basically just keep on playing it until you have had enough. You have three different stats in the game and these depelet on a daily basis, but doing stuff like studying, exercising and socializing will improve your stats, these “RPG like” elements do add a bit more depth to the gameplay. Ultimately, trying to hook up with your classmates is what you are working towards here. After spending a few hours with the game, I can see why for some people this is a very addictive game as they no doubt see themselves as the main character.

Let’s Get It On!

Remember how I told you a buddy of mine turned me onto Artificial Academy 2? Well, he told me that the game kind of looked like Persona…. yeah, I do think that is a stretch, but I can see where he is coming from. The characters in this game all have a very anime look and the XXX content is fully animated. I was very impressed with just how much variety there was to the sex scenes in terms of the positions. It was a lot of fun to see characters hook up and the kind of things that they would get up to. There is something a little washed out about the visuals, but to be fair I do think that is more of an artistic choice.


I am glad I finally spent some time with this game and after just a few hours, I can see why some people are really into Artificial Academy 2. If you like creating characters and making up your own stories in your games, you are going to be well and truly hooked on this and have an awesome time. While I did not get super hooked on this, I did have a fun time with it and I would perhaps go back to it again at some point.


  • Creating characters to make up the class is fun
  • The XXX content here has some great animation
  • If you like sandbox style games, you will get a kick out of this
  • The game for some people is sure to be very addictive


  • I wish that the game had more depth in terms of the story
  • For me, even though I enjoyed what I played, I kind of just lost interest in it

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