Koikatsu Party

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a game by Illusion
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.6/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 47 votes
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Koikatsu Party
Koikatsu Party
Koikatsu Party

3 Reasons Why Koikatsu Party Is Your Late-Night Game

The eroge genre has always been one you don’t play during the day with other people around, especially without headphones. Koikatsu Party, an eroge game released in 2019, is not an exception to this rule. Koikatsu Party labels itself as the “ultimate anime character maker” where you can create the high-quality eye-catching waifu of your dreams. However, Koikatsu Party sets itself apart from other eroge games by not just being a game focused solely on sex. The developers behind this title put a lot of work into the dialogue and story that leads up to the sex and made sure there is plenty of immersive quality in the game with over forty different voice actors in fully acted scenes. Let’s take a look at why Koikatsu party should be the latest addition to your growing Steam list.

Unique Personalities

People are attracted to different personality types. Other eroge games only have a handful of personality choices between the common tsundere and kuudere. There’s even a personality pack that includes more personality types if you’re not happy with the over thirty different personality types provided. You can create a girl who is completely submissive to your wants and needs, you can create a girl who is a little more reluctant for a challenge, or you can create an aggressive girl who wants you more than you want her. You have freedom over how sensitive they are or their sexual preferences.

A Full Story Mode

There might not be as many options for the male characters, but you can make a young man for the story mode. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t allow the version of Koikatsu Party that has the story mode due to their terms of service but you are able to download the special patch to play through the story mode directly through the Koikatsu Party website.

In the story mode, you play as the young man you create as he navigates his way through an all girl’s school because his parents went to work overseas and the aunt is the principal there. The story mode allows you to fill the school with girls you created (which is better than jumping into a school full of girls you didn’t create) for the best experience. In the story mode, you walk around and ask different girls to join your club, go on dates, and have sex with you anywhere on campus.

One Of The More Powerful Character Creators

Koikatsu Party has one of the better customizable character creators in the game. There are over 300 fully customizable settings. You can give her the body of your dreams. Do you want her to be curvy or have no curves at all? Do you want her to have large breasts or small breasts? Any customizable option you can think of, you can add. You can even change the color of her skin, there’s almost no limit to the waifu of your dreams.


Your experience with your waifu is based on a combination of the settings you apply to her. Explore every setting and see how she’ll react to different situations. Just make sure you’re playing it at night when no one else is around.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

You have no idea how addicted to Koikatsu Party I ended up getting. I had a friend who played this first and he said it was ok. I liked the look of it and tried it out and called him the next day to say that he is crazy and that the game was a lot of fun. What we have here is a game that lets you create your own dream babes and that is always something I can get into and I think this one here is ideal for those of you that love a deep character creation suite so you can get really in depth!

Sex Is The Story

I am someone that always says that story is important in a video game, but Koikatsu Party is one of those rare exceptions to that rule. The reason I say this is that this is a sex simulator and it is not trying to force a narrative on you. It is just about making the girl of your dream (or some freak of nature if you prefer) and then getting it on with them in all kinds of sexy ways. If you like sex simulators, you will feel right at home with what this is offering.

An Addiction That Started Back In 98!

I am one of those people that can lose hours and hours in a character creation suite. If I am being honest with you, that is why Koikatsu Party clicked with me the way that it did. Back when WWF Warzone came out on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, that was when my character creation obsession began. Granted, I did not think I would be making big boobed babes 25 years later, but here we are. There are many sex simulators that offer character creation, but this is truly one of the best.

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

I really do not think I could put into words just how in depth the character creation stuff is in Koikatsu Party. The game has a very anime vibe to it which I like so if you do create, let's say a Scarlet Johansson style Black Widow, she is going to have an anime look to her. That is something I do find very hot by the way. You can morph different parts of the body to get them just the way you want and there are a ton of options at your disposal for what she wears, her hair, facial features, and so on. A fun twist, is that you can give her a personality as well! These dictate the kind of things that she is into as well as the style of voice acting she has.

I Did It All For The Nookie!

Remember when Limp Bizkit was the biggest band in the world for two years or so? good times man, good times. Anyway, as Koikatsu Party is a sex simulator, we do need to talk about the actual sex that is in the game here. There are tons of different sex positions that you can select and the “gameplay” comes from the way you control the sex, you can just watch if you want, but it does let you control the action in a simple way if you wish. You also have different locations that you can select as well which I appreciated.


The more I think about it the more I feel that Koikatsu Party is one of my favorite sex simulator games. I think that it offers you just a ton of awesome options when it comes to creating your dream girls and then it lets you play and fool around with them in a ton of different ways which is just awesome. If you like creating girls and then having fun with them, there are honestly not many games that I feel are better than this one.


  • It has one of the most in depth character creation suites I have seen
  • The sex in the game is epic
  • You can create pretty much anyone you want in anime form
  • I found creating characters to not just be hot, but also kind of relaxing too


  • It is certainly one of the more expensive games of this style
  • The character creation stuff is so in depth, some may find it a bit too much!

Koikatsu Party is the kind of lewd experience that can just suck hours and hours away from your life. I ended up playing this until 2 in the morning and I did not even realize that several hours had passed! It is a waifu creator sim with lots of lewd stuff for you to do with your dream girl. Basically, what we have here is a sex simulator with one of the deepest character creation suits that I have ever seen in a lewd game.

Get Out Of My Dreams…. And Into My PC!

Yeah, that was a weird attempt at a Billy Ocean reference, and am as unpleased with it as you are. Anyway, Koikatsu Party does not really have a story for you to play through. Instead, you are pretty much creating your dream waifu and then you get to play with her and have some fun. If you have played any kind of sex simulator, you know what is in store here. The only “twist” I would say is that you can make your dream girl put on a concert.

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination!

I have played a ton of games, not just lewd games, but video games in general where you have to create a character and Koikatsu Party has one of the most in-depth character creation suites I have ever had the pleasure to play around with. This thing is insane, if you can dream her, you can create her with this. You can make a somewhat realistic looking anime chick, perhaps an anime version of your celebrity crush or even some kind of monster girl.

You can pretty much sculpt her body to your exact specifications and then dress her up just the way you like. One thing that does give this a bit more depth is that you can pick from around 30 personality types for her to have. This does actually make a difference to how she acts with you, what she likes, and so on. It is fun to play around with this and the voice acting in the game goes a long way to making it seem like you do have an AI girlfriend!

Doing The Deed, Indeed

Ok, let’s face facts here folks, we play games like Koikatsu Party for the nookie! The sex in this game is fantastic, there are a whole bunch of sex positions that you can play around with and they are all animated. From banging on the bed, banging in the pool, and on the floor, you can have sex in many different places and you can even control the sex which is basically where the gameplay comes from here. Look, I am not going to say that this is a genre defining when it comes to the sex simulator genre, but this is fantastic at what it does.


I know that some people may see the rather high price tag that Koikatsu Party has and be put off. However, I have to say this is one of the most complete packages when it comes to sex simulators. The character creation options alone put this a head above all the rest and then you have the amazing different sex scenes that you can control. If you want a sex simulator that is going to keep you busy for a very long time, this is I!


  • The character creation options are near limitless
  • There are tons of sex positions you can play with
  • You can pretty much create any character you desire
  • The personality stuff adds a bit more depth to your character


  • For a sex simulator, the game is a bit pricey
  • It could be very easy to end up addicted to this game!

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