Download Eroico and embark on a risqué action-adventure! Fight through hordes of enemies, solve intricate puzzles, and experience a story filled with wit and charm. The ultimate cheeky challenge begins – play now!
a game by Kyrieru
Platform: PC (2013)
Editor Rating: 6.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 50 votes
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Man was I blown away by Eroico! This is a lewd action platformer style of game and honestly one of the very best that I have played. I will warn you in advance that this game is hard, like really hard, but that just added to the charm of it for me. It is very well made; has a high level of polish and we just do not see enough lewd games like this if you ask me. This is 100 percent a game that you need to check out, I have played through it three times already and I may just jump back in for a fourth!

Stopping The Demon Lord!

Like most action platformers, Eroico does not have a massive story that you have to play through. We play as a brave little character that is on his way to an evil castle in order to stop this demon lord from ruling over the land. It just so happens that this demon lord also has an army of monster girls at his disposal to try and stop you in your tracks. It is fun stuff and I got a kick out of it all even if it is not super deep.

Fighting Your Way To The End

Eroico has some nice and responsive controls and that is a good thing as the game is very tough. You can block and dash which are two things you will have to get used to. Each monster girl that you come across will require a different strategy to defeat her. The game can feel unfairly tough in some places, but it is all about learning enemy patterns and not always rushing in. There are many bosses in the game too, but interestingly, I felt that the bosses got easier the further I got into the game. It may verge on frustrating for some people, but I loved the way the game feels and even when I died, I wanted to jump straight back into to try and give it another go.

That Pixel Art Monster Style!

The pixel art that Eroico has is amazing! The monster girls are just so much fun and when they knock you down, they are going to bang you and you better like it! It is great stuff and I think that it does make the difficulty more tolerable as you get a little “treat” when you die. As well as having a decent variety of the monster girls and bosses that you will be coming across. I was also impressed at the different levels the game has, granted these are as cliché as you can get ranging from a forest to a dungeon, but they are all done very well.


I had an absolute blast with Eroico, I just wish there was more to it! Even adding some achievements would give me a reason to go back to it. This is one of the best lewd action platformers that I have played. I like the whole premise of the game, but it is the fantastic controls and exciting gameplay that made me want to play through it over and over again.


  • This game has some incredible pixel art
  • The gameplay is tight and responsive and a great deal of fun
  • It is challenging, but in a rewarding way
  • It is so great to see a lewd game that is not a visual novel!


  • The game may be a bit too tough for some people
  • I wish there were more levels or some kind of achievement system in place

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Eroico is an interesting entry into the eroge game world, and it-s pretty different from most of them. Usually, when people look for erotic games they are looking for truly explicit content, and since they are made for specific audiences, it-s pretty common to find them in the shape of visual novels. Eroico goes in for a different take on the genre and goes for a platformer type of game.

Sure, it's not like it's the first eroge platformer, but has Eroico what it takes to be among the best eroge games out there? Let's talk about that here

About the game

In Eroico we play the role of a nameless knight who's in some kind of quest to get to a castle and defeat some evil villain, or at least that's what seems to happen here.

The whole game is a little confusing, especially if you sit and think about what's going on. There are some female monster enemies, who apparently serve the last boss. Once you get hit you are knocked to the ground, there you have the chance to mash buttons fast before the closest enemy comes over and rape you. If it happens, then a sex animation will begin, it's not too detailed, but it's a little graphic and has sound effects.

It won't kill you if you get raped, so you have another chance to get up by mashing the buttons again, the monsters will literally rape you until you die. Then if they beat you, you'll get a game over screen with an illustration of the monster that killed you having sex with you. It's a weird game any way you look at it.

A good platformer?

Platformers have been around for a very long time, and some of the greatest don't even need to have the plot to be a good game. In the Super Mario Bros games, the plot is simple, Mario has to save Princess Peach, and that's it. Simple but clear, Mario made it be the most famous game character around. Eroico is too simple for its own good, lacking even the most basic of details.


Eroico is a confusing adventure that feels just like a development demo of a full game. The non-existent plot is weird as it is, and not even the title makes much sense, we're not even sure if that's the name of the character. What's his quest? Why do these monsters rape you as soon as you are knocked down? Where does this adventure take place? It's a little challenging to play, but very hard to recommend

  • Graphics and visuals: The 2D pixel art looks nice, the sprites are fluid and they all look all right. This is possibly the best part of the game, as it makes it look as if it's interesting and entertaining. The illusion fades once you actually play the game. The illustrations of the game over screen are weird and don't look good. You might think it's a game over screen featuring the sex position you see in the sprites, but it isn't.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay itself isn't terrible, the controllers are simple, and the special abilities are cool. That's when you can get it to work since "mana" is difficult to find and you'll only get some mana by getting into the upgrade stones. There's not a clear motivation as to what you're doing and why. And there aren't real sex scenes either.

  • Sound: Mostly basic platformer music, nothing too special. There are some awkward sound effects when your character's being raped, and that's about it.

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