Princess Sacrifice

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a game by Cat whiskers RADIO
Platform: PC (2014)
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 6 votes
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Princess Sacrifice
Princess Sacrifice
Princess Sacrifice
Princess Sacrifice

Some people say that less is more, but apparently, the developers behind Princess Sacrifice don't believe this. This is a pretty complex RPG eroge title with tons of mechanics and hidden secrets to find.

While eroge games lean to the simpler side most of the time, this one's actually more complex than that, so, can this twisted eroge be the thing for you? Well, let's talk about that and let you be the judge.

About the game

The player takes on the role of young Feena, a refugee that's chosen as a sacrifice to the elemental god Demea. The deity explains her about this sacrifice, and how it means that Feena will get an immortal body and the ability to steal the monster's powers. But only by defeating them there's a low chance to steal their powers. She has to be raped by them once they are defeated instead. Now she must gather abilities and powers to defeat the Dark Lords that threaten humanity.

The game plays similar to many old tabletop Role-playing games which involved rolling dices, special perks and points and different classes to choose from. There's only one playable character, and the mechanics are simple, even though there are a lot of them around. You'll have to understand how to use magic and special equipment to defeat some enemies. There's also different job and title mechanics involved which will have you grinding to earn new abilities.

Good RPG?

It's a complex RPG with tons of events and mechanics that are actually well developed, but it still looks like a work in progress due to not-so-high quality UI. Since it resembles so much the old tabletop role-playing games in many mechanics, it's interesting to compare with titles like Corruption of Champions, a text-based adventure. Customization in both games is huge, choosing from different classes that will affect your gameplay and even story development.


Princess Sacrifice is an interesting, dark, and kinda hardcore eroge title. The scenes tend to be ruthless and very intense, so it may not be for everybody. If you're looking for a light eroge game experience, this game is not for you. It's great if you're more into hardcore scenes, with tons of rape and different types of sex. The RPG mechanics and original mechanics are deeply tied to the sex scenes of the game.

There's the possibility to make a virgin run and complete the game without getting raped, but that would mean many more hours of grinding. The game can be a little complicated, and given how intense it is, it's hard to recommend unless it's the type of eroge you're looking for. If you're into this kind of hentai then it is perfect for you. It's nicely developed, and even with all the mechanics it's easy to understand

  • Graphics and visuals: The art is excellent, great quality drawings and nice animations are all over the world of this game. Character design is great too, and the scenes are very explicit.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay, as mentioned before, is reminiscent of those tabletop RPGs. It sets you in a map moving in squares, and throw a dice many times in the game. The fights are nicely done and easy to control.

  • Sound: High-quality soundtrack and great voice acting all around, make for a very immersive experience. The soundtrack complements perfectly the whole fantasy setting of the game.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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