Corruption of Champions

Download Corruption of Champions and experience the most famous lewd text based adult game of all time. This game is a fun throwback to the days of the text based adventure game. Only this one has some of the most graphic sex scenes you will ever experience!
a game by Fenoxo
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 47 votes
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Corruption of Champions
Corruption of Champions
Corruption of Champions
Corruption of Champions

I have to say that Corruption of Champions is the kind of game that is not exactly for everyone out there. This is a very naughty XXX game, but what makes this one different is the fact that this is all text-based. That is right, this is a text-based erotic game so if you are the kind of person who is more, let’s just say “visual” this might be a hard sell for you.

You Are The Champion

If you have a text-based game your writing and story better be top rate and thankfully I found the initial premise of the game really interesting. Basically, there is a small village called Ingnam that has fallen on hard times. The reason that it has fallen on hard times is that for a while they have not had a champion.

What is a champion? Well, that is the whole point of Corruption of Champions. You see there is a portal to a horrible demon world that the village is supposed to send a champion through to fight for each year. If they do not, things do not go well in the village. It is decided that you will be the latest champion to go through the portal.

Who Am I?

The character creation aspect is very well done in this game. That may sound strange considering this game is all text-based, but the descriptions are so vivid that you get a real picture in your head when you are bringing your character to life. Another cool aspect of the game is that there are consumables that can greatly alter your appearance, you might get walrus tusks for example! The game does a fantastic job of explaining this to you and painting a real picture in your head.

Click Away

The gameplay of Corruption of Champions is mostly you reading the story. However, this is an RPG. You have to explore, buy items, talk to characters, fight, and get raped on a regular basis…. Yes, you read that right. The game sees you clicking around menus to move things forward. For example, if you want to explore you simply click the explore button. You do not want to get destroyed.

Combat is pretty simple and it starts off very basic with melee attacks. As you progress through the game, magic comes into play and you start to feel more powerful. Most of the enemies in this game want to have their way with you no matter if you like it or not. The writing is very graphic, but it is done is a very concise way that kind of makes sense if you know what I mean.


I have to say that some people will not be into what Corruption of Champions is all about. Having a game that is just all text and having you click a box here or there is not to everyone’s taste. However, if you are a bit more of an imaginative kind of person, your mind will run wild as it is a very creative and kind of messed up world that has been created here. If you do decide to give this a try, make sure you stick with it as it does start a little slow.


  • The character creation aspect is very well done
  • It is a great game if you have a vivid imagination
  • Plenty of crazy monsters to fight
  • The story is very well written
  • It is very graphic!


  • Some of the descriptions are perhaps too graphic for some
  • Some people might not be able to get past the lack of actual graphics

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Today I am talking about a very interesting game, Corruption of Champions! This is a lewd RPG, but unlike other lewd games where the visuals play a huge part of the entertainment. This one here is a text based lewd game, it is very graphic with the way it describes things, but if you are someone that needs visual stimulation to find a lewd game sexy and hot, you may have a hard time getting into this one.

Just Like Dusty Said, “Hard Times”

For the three people that got that, I am a genius and you have a big smile on your face! The setting for Corruption of Champions is a fantasy land that has fallen into extremely hard times. The reason that they are not doing well is that they do not have a champion! What do they need a champion for? Well, there is a portal filled with all kinds of monsters and beasts and they need to send a champion through to defend the land as you have probably guessed, we are that champion!

Create A Wrestler!

Even though Corruption of Champions is all text based, there is a huge amount of depth to the character creation aspect of things here. You can get very creative with not just the design of your character, but the stats and so on. I would have to say that I get major Dungeons and Dragons vibes from the way that you create your character and I mean that in a complimentary way. It is very in depth and can take a while so while I loved it, I can see why for some it may be a bit much.

A Picture Of You In My Mind!

The story plays a massive part of things in Corruption of Champions as you would expect with this being a text based game. You will be reading the story, but the gameplay is all RPG based. You will need to explore each area that you are in, you will have to buy and use items, and so on. One fun aspect of things is the consumables you can get which not only can give you buffs and powers, but change the way your character looks, well is described which I found a lot of fun. I will say that you have to have a vivid imagination to get the best out of this as there are no actual graphics.

Being The Champion!

Combat in Corruption of Champions is something that is simple, but it is fun and there is good progression. For example, when you first start fighting enemies, you will be limited to basic attacks, but you will learn new attacks like magic as you get stronger and progress further in the game. Now, getting banged by the enemies is a huge part of the game and it is very graphically described, it would make the author of 50 Shades of Grey blush.


While I had a lot of fun with Corruption of Champions and I can appreciate what they have done here, I still have to admit that this is a game that is something of an acquired taste. I do have a pretty overactive imagination so I was able to get a good picture of things in my mind. However, I am sure those that need that visual stimulation may find things here a bit boring, even with the very graphic and detailed descriptions.


  • I enjoyed the fantasy story that the game told
  • The character creation is very deep
  • Combat is fun and I liked getting stronger
  • If you like very graphic descriptions of sex, you will love this


  • There are no visuals in the game, only text!
  • A good imagination is required to get the best out of this game

Text-based adventures have been around for about as long as gaming has been. Some of the first games started off as these dialogues screen where you write your adventure. Corruption of Champions made something rather unusual by getting an erotic fantasy adventure into this genre and somehow made it work.

Even though many younger gamers have really no idea what a text-based adventure is, it is still a thing even today. And while it's true that it's more of a niche type of game, it still has its audience. We'll explain what these text-based games are in a moment, but first, let's talk about Corruption of Champions.

About the game

Corruption of Champions, as we previously mentioned, is an erotic fantasy game in the shape of a text/based adventure. The player starts its adventure in exile from its village, with no equipment to defend itself. You are thrown out in the wild to find your way in survival and become the Champion you-re expected to be.

They choose these Champions every year to fight against the evil beings and protect the village. But to become one they have sent you through a portal to a different dimension, where you must choose your path as a champion. But temptation and danger are everywhere, and this champion can end up being corrupted.

Your character playstyle and story are completely up to you in this game, you can be however you want to be.

What are the text-based adventures?

Back in the day before games looked flashy and had amazing art, even back before they had an image at all, text-based games were all the hype. Similar to the old tabletop role-playing games, you were placed in a world, and you wrote your own adventure.

Just as in visual novel games you click on different dialogue/action options, in text-based games you write them up. This can lead to some of the most interesting adventures, you'll just have to put your own imagination at work with this one.

If you tried the genre with this game and liked it but fantasy is just not your thing, the same developer group also has Trials in Tainted Space available. The title is pretty much the same as Corruption of Champions but set into a sci-fi world. Different characters and interactions await you in space this time.


Corruption of Champions is definitely an odd title that takes you on an erotic fantasy adventure, even if you are only reading it. It's very well written, and it's more complex than you'd expect from a community game. Even if you're not playing it for the erotic aspect of the game, you can have a good time and go to the past with this adventure.

And probably the best part of this game is that you can play it right now for free, you don't even need to download it. And don't worry, you can download it and play it for free, the full game.

  • Graphics and visuals: There really isn't much to say about this game in the visual aspect. Since it's a text-based game most of what you'll see will be words on the screen, so yeah, there's that.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay of this game is interesting as it's a little hard to call it "gameplay" at all though. You are going to choose your adventure by typing whatever you want to do in every situation. The game does present many different and varied situations, so you can replay the game many times, and enjoy a new adventure each time.

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