Alien Quest: Eve

Download Alien Quest: Eve and experience the ultimate XXX Metroidvania experience full of shooting, platforming, and banging. With lots of epic sex scenes, this is one sci-fi shooter where the enemies want to have sex with you as much as kill you!
a game by Grimhelm
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 8.6/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 93 votes
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Alien Quest: Eve
Alien Quest: Eve
Alien Quest: Eve

If you are wondering what Alien Quest is, think of Metroid, but with less restraint in terms of making Samus a sex icon. Clearly, the Metroid series, especially Super Metroid was a massive inspiration for this. If you have always wanted to play an x rated version of Metroid, well this is probably as close as you are going to get.

Ellen Will Save The Day

There is a sci-fi story that is part of the game and while it is not exactly what you would call original. I do think that it is kind of neat and as a sci-fi fan I did get a kick out of it. In all honesty, the story that Alien Quest is telling is very, very similar to Super Metroid. The basics of the story are that there is this scientific research base where there is this big brain monster (sound familiar?) that has started running amuck and there are all these smaller creatures too.

The only person that can save the day is Ellen, she arrives with her massive boobs, big butt, and serious ass-kicking abilities to save the day. The game has a cell-shaded 2D look which I think is very well done. Those that are here for the hardcore action will be pleased to know that this is done in the same kind of high-quality art style and there is a gallery where you can view all of the sex scenes that you have unlocked.

Get Em All!

Much like the story of Alien Quest is inspired by Metroid, even more so is the gameplay. This is a side-scrolling 2D Metroid Vania style of game. You will need to explore this massive base, but as you do, you will need to find and unlock new abilities to get past certain areas. There is an XP and upgrade system at play here which I think is actually quite sophisticated. Ellen can do this double jump thing that works similar to the screw attack that Samus has.

The game is fun to play, but the whole time you are playing it you will probably wish that you were just playing Metroid. I am not saying that what they have done here is bad or anything like that. A ton of effort went into this. However, you strip away the sex stuff and you are left with a game that is trying very hard to be a Metroid game.

I think that Alien Quest is a decent enough Metroid clone. It does help that Ellen is a pretty hot character and that the sex stuff while very hardcore does not get in the way of the actual game. I feel that comparing it to Metroid is a bit harsh, but at the same time, Metroid is clearly what has inspired this game so you cannot really have it both ways.

Final Score: 7.5/10


  • The influence of Metroid is very apparent
  • Ellen is a smoking hot character
  • The XP and ability system is deeper than you would imagine
  • I liked the presentation
  • Combat can be fun


  • It tries way too hard to be like Metroid
  • I could have done without some of the hentai level sex stuff

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I am starting this Alien Quest: Eve review with a bang by stating that this is one of the best lewd games ever made! This game is so good that you could take all of the lewd content and this would stand on its own as a fun and epic action game. I have played through this a couple of times as of writing this and I can easily see myself jumping back in here for another play through at some point.

Should Have Called Samus!

One of the reasons that I think Alien Quest: Eve is so good is that the developer was inspired by games like Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion and that is evident in how the story is presented. We play as a woman who is very hot, but she is also super badass as well. She is in this space station that is home to all kinds of intergalactic monsters and she needs to find her way out. It is a fun 16-bit style sci-fi story that I think was presented very well.

It Just Feels Right

When you have a game like Alien Quest: Eve the one area that they tend to never quite get right is the gameplay. This game though, nails the gameplay. It is a 2D action platformer, kind of Metroidvania kind of thing that we have going on here. However, the controls are so tight and precise that you always feel like you are in complete control of Eve. It is just such a satisfying experience due to the great way that she controls and that is just the tip of the iceberg as the gameplay is actually quite deep.

Full Force Ahead

As well as the platforming and exploration, Alien Quest: Eve has a fun action RPG thing going on. She can get access to these different attacks (that the game calls spell) and you will need to use different ones for different situations throughout the game. It just all feels great. If that was not enough, you do have these RPG like elements as there are different stats that Eve can upgrade as you progress through the game. It just always keeps you moving forward and wanting to explore as you never know what you will find.

Something Of An Acquired Taste!

Ok, so for me, Alien Quest: Eve is near perfect and the thing that prevents it from being perfect is the presentation. Now, this is actually a great looking game, it has more of a 32-bit look to it than a 16-bit one. The animations are smooth and I just love the overall sci-fi look of the game. So, what am I bitching about? The lewd content in this game has Eve getting ravaged by all kinds of gross looking creatures. There are some humanoid characters that have their way with her and these are awesome. However, for me, the whole hot chick banging monster’s thing is not my cup of tea, but this is a personal preference thing.


The more I have played and the more that I think about Alien Quest: Eve, the more I hand on heart feel that this is one of the best lewd games I have ever played. It is certainly the best lewd action platformer or at the very least in the top 2 or 3! Even I, someone that is not into the whole tentacles hentai thing thought it was great! I think that the gameplay is so tight and engaging, that most people will get completely sucked into this game the moment they play it.


  • The main character of Eve is pretty damn awesome
  • I liked how the game had a very Super Metroid aura about it
  • The core gameplay is tight, feels great, and is a lot of fun
  • This really is one of the best lewd games I have ever played


  • I say it all the time, but a sexy chick getting banged by a tentacle monster does nothing for me
  • The game is so good, I wish it was longer

You know, Alien Quest: Eve might be one of the greatest lewd games that I have ever played! This was so great that I kind of do not want to review it and just yell “go and play this right now” at you guys as it is truly something special. This is a lewd action game that has RPG elements and it is something that I feel just fires on all cylinders and the criticisms that I do have of the game are me just being nitpicky and some of the lewd stuff not being too my personal taste.

Aliens Are Never Up To Anything Good

I was quite impressed that Alien Quest: Eve actually had an opening cut scene. It has a very Super Metroid kind of vibe about it and that is intentional as the developer has straight up said that Super Metroid and even Metroid Fusion on the Gameboy Advance were the main inspirations for this game. We play as a badass space chick that is in this weird space lab type place and she needs to fight her way out of it. It is a fun sci-fi setting and if you play and like the Metroid games, you will enjoy this.

What Kind Of Magic Spell To Use?

Now you have that song from Labyrinth stuck in your head all day! Anyway, the gameplay here is just so much fun. You control Eve as she runs, jumps, and dashes around the level. A huge part of what made this game click with me so much was that the controls feel very fluid and like you are always in control. It really does feel like a lewd Super Metroid, right down to the dash jump! You have different “spells” that you can use in the game which you earn as you play and blasting an enemy feels very satisfying as does exploring each part of the map.

A Sprinkle With RPG

As well as the action platformer gameplay, Alien Quest: Eve does also have an RPG style progression system. Eve has different stats that she can upgrade as you progress through the game such as the obvious like attack and defense. However, you also have other stats like luck and strength. I found that luck is where you want to put everything in the early part of the game as this is going to greatly help you not just in the early part of the game, but as you get towards the end of it as well.

Tentacles Slipping Into Every Orifice!

I am the kind of guy that does not usually like the whole tentacle thing or gross alien monsters banging a hot chick thing. That is basically what we have going on here with Alien Quest: Eve. The presentation is great, and Eve looks awesome, but the lewd content is all about her getting banged by these creepy looking monsters. Look, I can tell you that this is incredibly well done, especially because of the phenomenal animation which makes the XXX seem far more cinematic. However, this kind of thing is just something that I do not find hot, but it is a personal preference thing.


I stand by what I said at the start that Alien Quest: Eve is one of the best lewd games. This is an incredible action platformer with RPG elements that just nails the gameplay and if they changed the sprite to look like Samus, this could pass as a lewd Metroid game. I had such a fun time with this, even though I did not find the lewd content hot, I know well done and impressive art when I see it! Make sure you give this game a try, it 1000000 percent deserves your attention.


  • I liked Eve, she is badass and hot!
  • The game has some very tight and responsive controls
  • It is like a lewd Super Metroid game!
  • It is just a ton of fun to play and the progression system keeps you wanting to play


  • The whole alien and tentacles thing is not something I find sexy
  • I wish that the game had full English voice acting, that could have made it a 10/10!

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