Happy Heart Panic

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a game by Doggie Bones
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 7 votes
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Happy Heart Panic
Happy Heart Panic
Happy Heart Panic

I love porn side scrollers and that is what we have here with Happy Heart Panic. I do have to say that from what I can tell, this game (as of me writing this) is still pretty far from being complete, but what is here so far is very fun stuff. This is a game that right from the start I could tell that the people who made this knew exactly what they were trying to do and having a clear vision like this really has made a huge difference.

It Is All About A Boss

The story is not quite there yet with Happy Heart Panic, but to be fair, I think that this is by design. Happy Heart Panic has an old school feel to it, kind of like a 90s Streets of Rage or Final Fight style of game. The basics of what are going down here are that Whispy the Fox is being sent out by Sam the Protector to try and fight off the bad guys and save the day. It can be a bit of a fem boy thing going on if you like and that was done very well.

Basic, But Satisfying

The gameplay of Happy Heart Panic is like an old side scrolling beat em up and that is something I think is very cool. The combat is not the deepest, but moving around and putting a beating on characters is satisfying and something that I did have a lot of fun with. The gameplay is simple, but enjoyable and if you did enjoy those classic games I mentioned before you will probably get a kick out of what is going on here. You can change between the two characters on the fly which I think keeps things way more interesting.

Pixel Naughtiness

The pixel art on offer here in Happy Heart Panic is some of the best I have seen in quite some time. The game looks fantastic and when you get caught by an enemy, they get to have their wicked way with you. While it looks great, it also has a little window that will pop up and you get to see an up close/internal kind of camera angle too. I get that this is not for everyone, but at the end of the day, more variety is better. There is just a ton of personality to this game and I think it is great and I can see most people who play this getting a massive kick out of the way that the game looks. So far the game is not complete, but they have been pretty awesome when it comes to releasing regular updates for the game.

If you like old-school beat em ups then you are going to enjoy what is on offer here with Happy Heart Panic. I always love walking around putting a beating on some guys and the fact that there is some amazing lewd content in the game too is great.


I do think that if classic games like Final Fight have not done anything in the past for you, there may not be enough here to win you over. Still, give it a try as it is very well made and I will certainly be coming back to this each time there is a new update.


  • I love the pixel art style of the game
  • The beat em up action is a lot of fun
  • I enjoyed the lewd content in the game
  • They have been quite frequent with the update


  • The game is not yet complete
  • If you do not like beat em ups, you probably will not get into this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I feel that the best compliment I can give Happy Heart Panic is that this lewd side-scrolling beat-em-up would be a fun time even if it did not have the lewd content! I love how these lewd brawlers are becoming more and more common and this is honestly one of the better ones that I have played. The developer has done a wonderful job of making sure that there is not just a ton of high-quality lewd pixel art, but that there is also a strong and solid gameplay here for people to sink their teeth into.

Stopping The Evil

One of the things that I got a kick out of with Happy Heart Panic was how the story was quite minimalistic. It reminded me of the 80s and 90s beat-em-ups I would play where the story was pretty much just there is a bad guy there, go kill a bunch of people and stop them from doing what they are doing. That is the case here as we have Sam and Whispy as they try to fight this evil force and stop them from unleashing their devastating plans!

Two Become One

Man, I will never get tired of using that Spice Girls reference. Happy Heart Panic gives us two protagonists to play as. What I like about this is that they are very different in terms of their design. We have one human character that has a thick design to her and does some great butt bump style attacks. We also have a furry character in the fox who has a slutty furry design. You can change between the characters so you really do get the best of both worlds here.

Putting The XXX In Extreme!

One thing that I was kind of shocked with in Happy Heart Panic was just how extreme the lewd content is. This game pretty much caters to all fetishes ranging from furry to some rather messed up “mummy” diaper changing stuff that I was not expecting. The quality of this very XXX lewd art is just stunning though, as are the animations. I liked how each area had its own theme and that there were plenty of little details to make this feel like an actual real lived in world that you were exploring. I get that the artistic style may not be to everyone’s tastes, but I thought that they did a great job.

Laying The Smack Down

Happy Heart Panic is a damn fine and satisfying scrolling beat-em-up. You walk right and left, dishing out a beating on any enemies that come your way. It is more like Kung Fu Master or Bad Dudes in that you are just on a single plane. One thing that is neat is that the two characters not only have different styles, but when they get banged by the enemies, they have different animations. The game is quite challenging with some tricky bosses and fairly large levels. You can go into buildings, buy items, and so on so I guess there is more depth here than I am giving it credit for. It all controls very well and it is the kind of game that is just a lot of fun to play and is kind of addictive in all honesty as the hitting of enemies feels very satisfying.


I had a great time with this. I love the beat-em-up genre and I love lewd games so getting these two genres together as well as Happy Heart Panic has done is awesome. Even if some of the fetishes it has are not your usual cup of tea, I highly recommend that you give this game a try as the gameplay is solid and it is one of the more addictive lewd games that I have played recently.


  • I liked having two characters to play as
  • The actual fighting feels very satisfying
  • I was impressed with the number of fetishes it catered for!
  • It has some fantastic lewd pixel art


  • Some of the fetishes may be a tad extreme for some people
  • I love the game, but a more fleshed out story explaining stuff in greater detail would have been cool

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