Final Fight

a game by Capcom
Platform: SNESSNES
Genre: Fighting Games
Editor Rating: 7.2/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Final Fight
Final Fight
Final Fight
Final Fight

So, yer lookin' for a fight, eh? Well, step into the alley and prepare for a two-fisted Super NES slam-bang slugfest. Final Fight is home from the arcades.

You've read about the Japanese best-seller, now you can beat-up the bad guys in the American version. Capcom's five level, 16-bit head-banger is almost a carbon copy of the fabled coin-muncher, however, this rendition allows for just one street fighter to play instead of two.

Get Physical

Gang warfare is no laughing matter in Metro City, and the local terrorist group, the Mad Gears, just upped the ante -- they've kidnapped the Mayor's daughter, Jessica. If Maya Haggar doesn't meet their demands in 24 hours, it's curtains for Miss Jess and possibly the entire city. Mind your backs Mad Gears'. When Haggar (a former pro wrestler) gets mad, watch out! Metro's gonna' be rockin' and rollin' with punches tonight!

Play as either Maya Haggar himself, a brawny muscle-bound brute (when he sheds his suit), a as Jessica's boyfriend Cody, a kickboxing pro. They're both lean and mean, but take these boys for a test run first, then decide whether Haggard raw strength a Cody's blinding speed better suits your fighting style.


  • Both characters use spectacular spin moves, but it wears out their power. Save it for tight spots and bosses.
  • Use enemies as weapons! Pick one up and shoulder-flip him onto the others.

Punk Patrol

It's hard to keep track, but Final Fight's body count easily reaches triple figures. From "wimpazoids" such as Simons to towering behemoths such as Andore, the creeps run the gamut of vicious fist-flingers, knife-wielders, and death-dealers. The bosses are a real slap in the face, and your chances for survival improve if you enter into a battle well prepared. Chomp down energy-boosting food or seize a sword, pipe, or knife for that extra edge. If it makes you feel any better, you begin with five chances (which can be increased if you earn enough points) and three continues. Good luck!

  • Don't munch edibles until you really need them.
  • Use your spin attack to block rolling barrels.
  • To avoid a trio of flame-throwers, move to the bottom of the screen and smash the first one before he attacks. The other soldiers' firebombs will fall off harmlessly.
  • Give Thrasher the boot with your hold-maneuvers. Watch out when he whistles for reinforcements.
  • Rapid punch Katana, and when he drops his blade don't pick it up! Instead, apply a flying foot to knock him away.
  • Use aerial assaults to weaken EDI-E, and when he pulls out his pistol, move in for a quick body-slam.
  • Try a spin to counter Abigail's mad charges.
  • Run under a Level Five chandelier for a free barbecue.
  • When big boss Belger appears, hit him immediately so he drops Jessica. Then move in and clobber him with the spin move. Do this over and over, each time he tries to get up, and he's road pizza.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A few of the missing arcade qualities, such as the woman warriors, two person game-play, and, yes, even the nasty blood spills are sorely missed in this SNES version of Final Fight, and there is the occasional intrusion of sprite-flicker. A few more levels would have been nice, too, but, hey, we can't have everything. Raws aside, if you're up for a generous dose of amazing animation, rip roarin' music, strappin' sound effects, and just plain adrenalin-pumping fun game-play, seriously consider getting a grip on Final Fight!

Game Reviews

  • Machine: Nintendo; Capcom

Final Fight from Capcom is the single hottest-selling game cartridge in Japan right now, and it's easy to see why. As the mayor of a major metropolitan city, it's your job to keep the streets clean, but when underworld thugs kidnap your girlfriend, it s time to roll up your sleeves and give it the personal touch.

You can play one of two characters: the huge, muscle-bound Haggar, or the slighter, but quicker, Cody. Cody's speed makes the going a little easier, since you're often attacked by whole mobs of enemies and he's able to maneuver around them. On the other hand, Haggar (who apparently was a professional wrestler before he was mayor) has a lot more interesting (and gloriously silly) fighting moves.

Final Fight is currently a popular arcade game in this country. If you're familiar with the arcade version, you'll be familiar with the Super NES version because there's no real difference - the two versions are the same game, pixel for pixel. If we can expect more direct translations like this, we can also expect a lot of gaming excitement.

Metro City used to be a calm place where children could roam freely without harm. That was before Belger and his goons took charge of the biggest crime wave ever to hit Metro City. To top it off, Belger has even kidnapped the Mayor's beautiful daughter!

This incredible version of Final Fight is finally available on the Sega CD! Guy, Cody, and Haggar are all included as well as, yes, two player simultaneous play!

Now, two fighting machines can battle the forces of Belger through the heart of downtown Metro City. All the stages from the arcade have been faithfully redone along with a jammin' CD soundtrack!

Take to the streets and rescue the lovely Jessica in this super translation of Final Fight!

Final Fight from Capcom is of the most long awaited titles for the Super NES. Featuring all of the intense punch and kick action of the coin-op version, this cart has lost very little in the translation. The graphics are virtually identical, pixel for pixel and the sounds are first rate. Pick from either Cody or Haggar and go rescue Jessica from the Mad Gear gang. You must battle your way through more than five different levels of action filled with street punks, wrestlers, and samurai swordsmen. Final Fight is a fighting extravaganza filled with loads of action and challenge from beginning to end.

A "punching and kicking free-for-all" best describes Capcom's arcade hit. Final Fight has been translated to the Super Famicom almost perfectly (it's minus the two player mode). It's no wonder it tops the Super Famicom game chart in Japan.

Choose either Cody or Haggar as you try to save Haggar's beautiful daughter, Jessica, from the Mad Gear Gang. You'll kick some major behind in subways, seedy warehouses, and wrestling rings. It's a good thing Cody is a veteran karate champ, and Haggar is one of the greatest street fighters that ever lived.

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