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Sega Genesis Sega Master System

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Game
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  • Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City
    Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City The game played much like other 2D platformers of its time, collecting keys and defeating enemies with a variety of...
  • Tempo 32X
    Tempo 32X Tempo is a grasshopper who lives on Planet Rythmia, the world of music. Unfortunately, the malevolent King Dirge is...
Here are your basic mission objectives: Rid the stage of its enemies and rescue the missing girls.

Karaoke Revolution Party

In this world, there are those who should sing and then there are those who should not. I fit somewhere in the latter.

Karaoke Revolution 3

Karaoke has strange effects on humanity. For some, karaoke is an activity that offers the average Joe a chance to be a super star singer, if only for a few minutes.

Revolution X

Armed with a machine gun and an auto-load multi-CD launcher, you must guide a gunsight around each scene of the six levels of play, shooting everything and anyone that moves and a lot of things that don't move.
Sega Genesis SNES

Spice World

I was expecting that playing this would be somewhat akin to being sent to hell and having my private parts flayed and soaked in vinegar.

Eye Toy: Groove

The petite black camera captures your image live a video camera and sends a mirrored version of it back to your television.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2

I'm working up a sweat as I get down to the Commodores' funk classic: Brick House.

Jungle Book Rhythm N'Groove

Like Disney? Like music games? Then there's a good chance you'll dig Ubi Soft's Jungle Book Rhythm N'Groove, coming in November.

MTV Music Generator

MTV Music Generator is possibly the coolest thing that will ever be released for the PlayStation.

MTV Music Generator 2

Ever dreamt of owning your own production studio? Making music from the comfort of your own home? Ripping a phat beat to the instruction of Funkmaster Flex?

Beatmania 2nd Mix

If you've always wanted to try your hand at dee-jaying, with Beatmania, you can.

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix

Konami's ultra-popular (in japan, that is) dancing game Dance Dance Revolution is headed to the Dreamcast in February.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

It would be hard to argue with the success of the DDR craze as the same basic gameplay has been duplicated over and over with continued success.

Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova

It's hard to believe how popular DDR has become in recent years, at least until you play it anyway.


I'm not certain that I've got the funky beat anymore. I'm pretty sure I left it on a bus somewhere, riding home after a night of playing Frequency and Amplitude.


What _Whacked!_ does offer is highly unique characters like a rabbit who had his feet cut off and made into key chains and an emaciated, narcoleptic guy who competes in a recliner.

New Beat Trancemission

According to Microforum, New Beat Trancemission is "the hyped up music studio that lets you mix and record your own music creations …

Vib Ribbon

Vib-Ribbon is the latest game from SCEI and developer NaNaOn-Sha, the same team that brought us PaRappa and Umjammer Lammy.

Samba De Amigo

OK-get this. There's this posse led by a sombrero-wearin' monkey who like to go around shaking their maracas to the music-anytime, anywhere.

You Don't Know Jack

The hugely successful and wildly addictive trivia game show You Don't Know Jack will be out for the PlayStation this fall.


Stretching the gameplay track out over a road like surface instead of wrapping it inside an octagon has presented some unusual gameplay challenges.

Bust A Groove

Taken on its own, Bust A Groove features excellent character designs coupled with exciting motion-captured dance moves.

Um Jammer Lammy

Have you ever wanted to by a rock star? How about a female animated rock star dog? With an evil twin and mysterious teachers?


The party game is a relatively new genre, and it is unique in that gameplay styles can vary wildly from game to game.

Miracle Piano Teaching System

The Miracle Piano Teaching System is a MIDI keyboard/teaching tool created in 1990 by The Software Toolworks for the Nintendo.
Sega Genesis NES

Bust A Groove 2

To make a music game feel complete, the music has to be good (duh).
Nintendo 64

Planet Dob

Planet Dob is another little discovery we made while perusing the show floors of the Tokyo Game Show.