You Don't Know Jack

a game by Sierra On-Line
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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You Don't Know Jack
You Don't Know Jack
You Don't Know Jack
You Don't Know Jack

People say:


Any game show video game that will yell out and call Cyril (our main art dude) a "chicken $h!t" for not buzzing in during the final round deserves a gold award in my book. You Don't Know Jack is simply awesome. Once you taste lack, you will never want to go back to dry, humorless games like Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune. Heck, you won't even want to play Trivial Pursuit anymore. You Don't Know Jack is THAT fun. Even if you've played the crap out of the PC/Mac versions like I have, this is still worth getting (unless you happened to have memorized all 800 questions taken from the original series...but even that's OK because this version has 600 new Q's). PlayStation YDKJ plays perfectly and is way more fun on a television, with controllers in hand and your human competition outside of your "personal space" (on the computer, three players have to share the same keyboard and monitor...crowded, to say the least). And surprisingly, all the voices, insults and witty remarks come out instantly, without hesitation or load times. This is a fun single-player game and an even better group party game. If you have a sense of humor and can appreciate pop culture references and extreme sarcasm, get this game! And God willing. Sierra will be kind enough to bless us with more console editions of You Don't Know Jack.


If you've played any PC or Mac installment in this quirky quiz series, then you know what to expect here. This PlayStation version is just as wickedly fun, funny and irreverent. Go buy it and invite some friends over. Quick. If you've never played a Jack game, then you're really in for a treat. This is the ultimate party game. The jokes are ripped right from pop culture and geared to us grownups. Heck, even your girlfriend will love this thing.


I was in a real dilemma as to how I should score this...and maybe I'll get some crap from people, but I don't care. "Why did you give it 10? It's just a trivia game (whine, whine, winge, winge.)" As far as this kind of thing goes, I've never played anything better. It's the perfect party game. It's fun, it's challenging, the presentation is incredible and you'll have more of a laugh with this than any other game in your collection. If you're a 'social' It.


If your friends come over a lot for some multiplayer fun, then stop reading this and go buy You Don't Know Jack. Are you back? Then let me tell you what you just bought: The best four-player party game ever made. It's hilarious, witty and will provide hours upon hours of good times. What's more, this PS version feels right on the system--it's not a half-assed port. And if you don't have a multi-tap, go back to the store and buy one of those as well.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One of our favorite PC/Mac games of all time is finally coming to a home console. The hugely successful and wildly addictive trivia game show You Don't Know Jack will be out for the PlayStation this fall. The good news is, the PlayStation YDKJ rocks. The better news is, now you'll be able to experience this fantastic party game from the comfort of your living room (instead of crowding around a lil* computer keyboard like the PC/Mac versions require you to do).

If you're not familiar with this "Irreverent Quiz Show Party Game" (as described by its creators), it's a one- to three-person trivia contest, set up in a game show environment. But this isn't your average Alex Trebek-hosted dealie. This game is truly wild, and it's hosted by a very funny, smart-mouthed and sarcastic S.O.B. He'll tease you. He'll mock you. He'll occasionally force you to answer a question, even when you didn't buzz in. Most of all, he'll make you laugh your head off. What other legitimate game show host would gauge your performance by saying, "Let's see how you did. Well...the word 'average' comes to mind."

The voice work in YDKJ is amazing, and everything streams off the CD nicely (the early beta we received had no noticeable load times at all). Even more impressive is how live and spontaneous everything is. If you guess the wrong answer, the host may point out why you were stupid in picking out that specific response. If you decide to skip the instructions, the host will comment on how impatient you are. If you take too long to enter your name on the high score list, you might hear, "Pick up the pace or else I'm going to do it for you.1' If you still take too long, you might hear, "Congratulations. You are now known as 'Kumquat.'" And sure enough, "Kumquat" will be on the high score list.

This PlayStation version will have 1400 questions (800 from the PC/Mac versions and 600 new ones). It will also have special question types like jack Attack (words will flash on the screen and you have to buzz in when you see a match, like "elephant" with "Babar"), DisOrDat (you have to choose whether the word you see belongs to one category or the other, like whether "Burundi" is a Star Wars character or someone belonging to the African Nation) or ThreeWay (you have to pick one of three items that matches the clue up top, like deciding who among Moore, Connery or Brosnan starred in The Man With The Golden Gun).

If you get one irreverent quiz show party game this year, make sure it's You Don't Know Jack. Trust us. It's a blast.

Oh and by the way, the answer to that question up at the top is joe Rvbicki, deputy editor (don't ask us what that means) of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine. You can find a demo of YDKJ in one of his upcoming issues.

  • MANUFACTURER - Jellyvision, Starsphere Interactive
  • THEME - Miscellaneous

The best party game for the PC is finally making the leap to the PlayStation. An irreverent quiz show, You Don't Know Jack tests your knowledge of pop culture and haute culture with hilarious results. The smack-talking host poses gut-bustingly funny questions, such as stumpers about sexual reproduction that involve Pearl Jam song titles. Picture a wittier, nipper, and sharper-tongued version of cable TV's Win Ben Stein's Money, and you'll get'the idea. Barring any mishaps as the PC port transitions to the console, this game's addictive, fast-paced action should make Jack a PlayStation star.

The irreverent quiz show finally debuts on the PlayStation. Considered a classic on the PC, You Don't Know Jack is a game full of pop culture and trivia from around the world. What makes YDKJ legendary, however, isn't the questions, but its sarcastic commentary and whimsical humor, both of which flow through the entire game. Up to three players can match wits, answering 1400 questions over two discs. Testing your brain power and not knowing jack may prove to be the most intellectual occupation this September.

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