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Negligee is one of the more popular erotic games of recent years. One of the coolest things about Negligee is that the game was already a truly gorgeous looking game. However, an updated version was created using the Unity engine which allowed for animation to be in the game. It may not sound like much, but the animation really does bring that fantastic artwork to life even more.

The Story

The story of Negligee is going to be what makes or breaks the game for you. This is the case with most visual style erotic games. The character that the story is based around is called Hannah. She owns a sexy clothing store and the story is about Hannah finding the right girls to work at the store, girls she can try and “woo” and girls who will make Hannah embrace her more sexual side. If you have played any kind of visual novel style game before then you should know what to expect from a story point of view. I think that the story in Negligee the game is not bad at all. Some of the dialogue though is a bit on the long-winded side. Like most other erotic games, you do have different endings that you can get, including bad ones so there is a bit of replayability to the story.

The Presentation

If I had to pick one stand out feature of Negligee it would have to be the way the game looks. Negligee is just pure eye candy and the animation that has been added to this current version of the game brings it to life even more. The ladies in the game are not just sexy and hot, but they have a certain “cuteness” to them as well which I feel does make Negligee more than just a straight up game about sex!

The dialogue boxes are quite clever in that they hide away the naughtiness if you know what I mean. Negligee does have a fun mode where you can look at the different “images” the game has to offer. This lets you seem them in all their glory, but it is also a handy feature as they are shown in order so if you have one missing, you know that you missed something when playing the game.

The Gameplay

Like other erotic games, Negligee is all about the story more than the gameplay. There is a lot of dialogue to get through in the game and you will be required to pick Hannah’s response when she is talking to a girl. There are a lot of dialogue options for you to choose from and what you say has a real effect on the story going forward. Hannah is a pretty interesting character and seeing her interact with the different sexy characters is kind of fun. You can mess up pretty easily and just a few wrong dialogues choose can make things take a turn for the worst. Thankfully, Negligee does have a quick save option so if you mess something up you can reload pretty quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts On Negligee

Negligee is a truly great looking game and one I am sure many erotic game fans will have a lot of fun with. I think Hannah is a rather shallow character in all honesty and the most interesting aspects of the story are the other girls she deals with in the store. The quick save system does make getting all of the sexy images easier and more attainable and that is something I think is a good idea.


  • Some great looking girls
  • The animation is very well done
  • Lots of dialogue choices
  • Different endings depending on what you do
  • The different girls to woo are interesting


  • Hannah does not have much depth
  • The story is very slow to get going

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